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In the U.S., except for sports, almost everything on TV is for women

January 29, 2013

What is it you don’t understand?

By Prefer My Name Not Be Mentioned,

One thing that I have noticed is that TV is becoming more and more a women‘s media.  In the U.S., except for sports, almost everything on TV is for women—daytime talk shows, soaps, dancing and singing shows, gossip shows, dramas, sitcoms, etc.  Even news programming is now pretty much women‘s news.  Good Morning America has a daily gossip segment.  The Today Show isn’t much better.  Daytime programming on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC uses female anchors and sprinkles the news with segments for and about women.

I’ve also noticed that the evening news programs usually have a report or two for women nightly.  Rarely does one see a report on a men’s issue.  Wednesday night’s CBS Evening News was an extreme example with over half of the segments about and for women.  Reports of a general nature included reports on the debt ceiling, cold weather, gun violence in Oakland, Hurricane Sandy victims living in tents, 2 CBS reporters making the TV Hall of Fame, and giant squid discovered.

Women’s news included women in combat, Hillary Clinton questioned in Congress, General John Allen cleared of misconduct concerning sexual emails, women and smoking, sex abuse in the military, CEO Mary Urdos interviewed in Davos Switzerland, Christine Lagarde’s comments on climate change, Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s grammar school closed, and a woman who runs a santuary for research chimps.

I can see the importance of the first two, maybe three.  Though, I’m not sure women in combat deserved top billing.  But the rest seem to me to be pandering to women.  Women’s health risks from smoking are now very high.  Men’s have been high for decades and we never hear about it.  We seem to hear about sex abuse in the military every week or two.  I’m betting there are very few female economic experts at the meeting in Davos, but if there is one—that’s the one the news must find and interview.  Is International Monetary Fund Chief Lagarde (who replaced Dominique Strauss-Kahn when he was ?falsely? accused of rape) an expert on climate change?  Closing Sotomayor’s school—-really?  Anything to highlight a woman.  The chimp santuary was the human interest story they usually show at the end.  They almost always find a female to highlight for this segment.

Thursday’s CBS Evening News wasn’t much better.  It started with a 3 and a half minute segment on the nomination of Mary Jo White as SEC chair.  I can’t imagine this getting more than a few seconds if it were a man.  The program also included another interview with Christine Lagarde.  Senator Dianne Feinstein’s gun bill received a segment which focused on a woman shot at Virginia Tech.  They even went back to old news—Hillary Clinton’s Congressional interview on Wednesday—to prompt a story on Mali.  The human interest story at the end of the program was an interview of Edie Widder on the team who discovered the giant squid mentioned on Wednesday’s program.  The rest of the team consisted of two men who were not interviewed.

You would think that if the nomination of a new SEC chair received 3.5 minutes at the top of a newscast that the appointment of a new male chief of staff would get comparable news.  Nope.  CBS didn’t even mention this on the Friday show.

At least the NFL playoffs have been pretty good this year.




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5 Responses to In the U.S., except for sports, almost everything on TV is for women

  1. cathie on April 16, 2013 at 1:34 PM

    As a chick I totally agree… I too do not watch most shows that are geared towards women.. Don’t get me wrong I’m a girly girl, however I feel like my brain cells are dying watching this crap: History, Biography, and national geographic.. Occasional fox cartoons… I feel bed for you men, you are totally getting screwed.

    • cathie on April 17, 2013 at 11:46 AM

      err I meant that those are the shows/channels I watch… not that they’re crap.

  2. Ivan on January 30, 2013 at 11:24 AM– — Take a look at this Harry !! This is one of your enemy’s . This little women and her corps father run half of the Media in the World . This little women Sheri Redstone is vicious Feminist bud . This the women who fired Tom Cruise from Viacom . She sad that he felled to connect with American women . Translation – Tom your are not kissing women’s asses enough and how dare you divorcing your wife and how dare you not apologizing for it . Later.

  3. Jerre on January 30, 2013 at 1:00 AM

    And when it’s about normal Sitcoms (CSI, the experts, or any thriller sitcoms), it’s always about bad men hurting, chasing, abusing, raping, killing poor innocent girls… That’s sick. Every night!!!!!

    And if you want a proof that those tv shows are for women, just look at the commercials: 90% of them are for women, proving that the target audience is the women… Showing 3 episodes daily of raping and killing will keep on generating the feeling of insecurity and the feeling that men are bad… I can’t watch tv anymore. It makes me sick!

    • Ivan on January 30, 2013 at 10:22 AM

      That’s why I don’t watch TV !! I don’t have a cable . I watch on line some times the Comedy central and History channel . Everything else is garbage . Most guys are like that . There is so much good stuff on line . Dear Harry send e-mails to all the TV exec. in charge and let them know that they are sexist . I personally left massages on ‘ 60 Minutest ‘ Facebook page and asked them if are they going to do a story on the False Rape case on Brine Banks . The next day my comment was removed !!?? Surprised ? They are the ones they brock the story on the La Cross team rape case .but that was back then when Ed Bradley was still alive . I guess times are changing fast eh ? The truth is that False rape allegation are big Taboo in America and people don\t know how to deal with it . Needs to be reported !!! The Media in the west is refusing to report it . The last I have heard is that 2 years a go the daughter of Sumer Redstone who is a famous Media Baron she took over the Empire and that she is a Feminists so…there is your answer . She was the one pushing her old men to famously fire Tom Cruise from Viacom . last year I’m hearing that the old men realize his mistake to put his Feminists daughter in charge of all those TV and Radio channels . Now they are fighting . Rupert Murdoch is not like that dough. Those TV execs. needs to be reminded constantly how sexists they are and where our organization comes in !!!!!!! Sent e -mails and massages ,attack ,attack ,attack Harry !!!
      Later gays .

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