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NCFM fax to US Representatives and Senators encourages them to seriously reform VAWA…or dump it

February 9, 2013



Here’s a sampling of how men are protected from domestic and sexual violence through VAWA:


  • denied basic due process
  • denied a presumption of innocence
  • denied equal treatment under the law
  • denied the right to a fair trial
  • denied the right to confront accusers
  • denied the right keep fire arms
  • denied the right to testify on their own behalf
  • denied the right to present certain evidence
  • denied security clearances often causing loss of employment
  • denied representation in related civil (family court) actions
  • denied standing in immigrant applications alleging violence
  • denied their children
  • denied welfare and healthcare benefits
  • denied their personal and real property
  • denied careers in the military or law enforcement
  • denied other benefits associated with a military career
  • denied entrance into professional fields



VAWA is unprecedented, unnecessary and dangerous.

If you care about the people you represent, care about your love ones, your neighbors, friends, associates, now and for generations to come, you must not allow VAWA to be reauthorized without serious and substantial reforms which help rather than destroy people. Help not just some of us, but all of us.

VAWA should no longer be allowed to fund efforts which have little or nothing  to do with protecting anyone, but have much or everything to do with promoting harmful sex based stereotypes and political ideologies.


130207 ltr faxed to Reps and Senators men denied rights

130207 ltr faxed to Reps and Senators men denied rights





Fix it or dump it!

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4 Responses to NCFM fax to US Representatives and Senators encourages them to seriously reform VAWA…or dump it

  1. Ron Collins on August 17, 2013 at 2:58 AM

    1. Re Title IX, 1972 Education Amendments Act, to what extent do VAWA-funded federal agencies or any of their grantees practice discrimination regarding education, on any basis, including but not limited to sex?

    2. Re US Constitution, Amendment I, how does the 19-year total body of VAWA case law, in all jurisdictions, represent these protections against abridgement of religious, speech, assembly, press, and petition-for-redress freedoms?

    3. Re Amendment II, what are the legal doctrines and precedent rulings that guide the removal of and restriction from firearms, in cases involving a VAWA-related charge?

    4. Re Amndt IV, how is “reasonable” defined in VAWA cases, regarding what is or is not reasonable search and seizure?

    5. Re Amndt V, to what extent have VAWA defendants been compelled to self-incriminate, or in other respects be denied equal protection of the Law?

    6. Re Amndt VI, to what extent have the rights to trial, jury, defense, witness confrontation, counsel and impartiality been upheld by VAWA-influenced law enforcement, prosecutorial and adjudicative practices, and to what extent not?

    7. Re Amndt X, to what extent are federal/State laws and procedures under VAWA acting from within a Constitutional framework, and to what extent not?

    8. Re Amndt XIV, sections 1,2,3,4&5, to what extent are the multiple provisions in this Act of Congress applied Constitutionally, and to what extent not?

    9. To what extent are all US government programs, agencies, grantees, contractors, sub-contractors, and their employees and interns associated with VAWA, in compliance with multiple federal and state anti-lobbying statutes, and to what extent not?

    10. Re question 9 this inquiry, to what extent does the Citizens United v Federal Election Commission decision by the US Supreme Court affect these activities?

  2. STEVEN on February 20, 2013 at 7:09 PM

    I have endured the loss of almost EVERY ONE of these RIGHTS! I have started making plans to actually visit Washington DC—cause—it is the RIGHT thing to do-actually the only thing — I should have listened to George Gilead of St. Paul, MN. when he told me 7 years ago that it was hopeless and beyond my comprehension to the depths that the authorities would go. Every one!!!!!

  3. Feminist_Nullificationist on February 10, 2013 at 2:29 PM

    Currently VAWA is more concerned with “Witch-Hunting Males” than it is with ending domestic violence as shown in the video of the same name at Youtube.

  4. Clarence Maloney on February 9, 2013 at 6:14 PM

    Absolutely. I have been falsely accused by my former wife but didn’t make an issue when she hit me often. We are waiting for equal treatment under the law as supposed to be guaranteed by the Constitution.

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