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NCFM Campus Coordinator Chris Thompson in the news re NCFM college chapters

March 16, 2013

montana ncfm

NCFM note: Nice work Mr. Thompson! Readers stay tuned. As some rightly say, “You ain’t seen nothing yet…”


Discrimination double-take


In a 2006 Super Bowl commercial for FedEx, a grizzly bear kicks Burt Reynolds in the crotch. For many, groin shots are lumped into the same hard-not-to-laugh category as farts and people walking into screen doors. But for members of the National Coalition For Men, the commercial is another example of gender discrimination. And, according to NCFM Campus Coordinator Christopher Thompson, there are few places the burden of the Y-chromosome is more realized than at the University of Montana.

According to its website, NCFM has worked since 1977 to end the oppression of men and to resolve “issues which are barriers to progress and freedom.” In an online video, the organization outlines these issues, which range from paternity fraud (the video depicts a still image of a mom with “Lies, Lies” written on her face, while dollar signs appear on the face of the “duped dad”); to male bashing (enter Reynolds’ crotch and the bear’s left foot); to false accusations of sexual assault (the video claims 40 percent of rape allegations are fabricated).

According to Thompson, the concerns of NCFM represent a dangerous cultural and political shift. He says the recent passage of the Violence Against Women Act is the result of a pervasive anti-male agenda in America.

“Society wanted to stand up and protect women and children so we enacted legislation to address it,” he says. “But now we’re protecting our daughters at the expense of our sons.”

Last year, Thompson established a NCFM chapter at Montana State University. While he admits that starting the chapter was “rocky,” he wants people to know NCFM is not anti-women.

“We’re not rape apologists,” he says. “We’re just addressing sexual assaults from the perspective that innocent men are being put in prison.”

Now Thompson is turning his attention to UM. In a recent letter sent to the Indy and posted on NCFM’s website, Thompson wrote about how the federal investigations into sexual assaults at UM created a “hysteria” that “targeted star players” on the Griz football team. He used Jordan Johnson’s acquittal to illustrate the “terrifying reality” for men at the Missoula campus. The letter also mentioned another player who “accepted a plea bargain to escape jury proceedings.” The letter does not mention that former Griz running back Beau Donaldson admitted to rape.

Thompson says his next step is to start an NCFM chapter at UM. He’ll begin by meeting with local fraternities this month.




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10 Responses to NCFM Campus Coordinator Chris Thompson in the news re NCFM college chapters

  1. truthseeker on April 12, 2013 at 1:59 PM


    Like you, I love women and want them to be safe and protected. But like you, I also believe men should be respected and have rights as human beings. Men will be part of the solution if you don’t alienate them from participating.

    This letter is for everyone who is fed up with the blatant censorship of the National Coalition For Men.

    The Independent and the Kaimin are attempting to maintain a strangle hold on the information you read. They are attempting to trick you into thinking everyone agrees with their skewed perspective. Both print articles with the same slant about the NCFM. They carefully show only one side of the story. Both deride the NCFM as misguided, saying it has no place on the campus, and is backward. Both misrepresent those working for the organization. This is censorship, and at worst it is misinformation. But lets face it; all you reasonable and intelligent people know this. You don’t need any convincing from me.

    That is why I come to you with a solution to the problem.

    BOYCOTT all the companies advertising in the Independent and the Kaimin. All human beings that want freedom of speech, let the University of Montana know they won’t get your tuition money until they allow men’s groups to have a voice. Why would men want to attend a university that misrepresents them?
    Let’s face it, we can write logical arguments and present facts until we are blue in the face, and the Kaimin and the Independent will just laugh at us. These newspapers are businesses that think with their wallets. They think what their sponsors tell them to think. So we should boycott their sponsors until the newspapers:

    1. Stop printing misandry, and stop censoring men‘s groups.
    2. Stop skewing facts, and start PRINTING THE REAL FACTS
    3. Represent both sides of the story in a fair light
    4. Welcome the NCFM with open arms
    5. Make a public apology for their misrepresentation, and libel

    If the sponsors know their profits are suffering, they will listen to us, and give men’s groups a fair representation.


    And let them KNOW you are boycotting them, and WHY

    If you do not live in Montana boycott all companies that use misandry in their advertising.

    I am not asking for this boycott because I dislike women. On the contrary, I love women. Women are super awesome. The women I know hate being represented as misandristic victims that are terrified of men. A woman helped me edit this letter, and she agrees with me one hundred percent.

    I am not asking for this boycott because I wish to hurt local businesses. I only wish to hold them responsible for where they put their advertising dollars, and what ideas they sponsor. I wish to show them they are trampling our freedom of speech and our right to assemble.

    Women, take back your power and show the information market just how strong and independent, loving and nurturing you are. Men and women, show them that you are a power to be reckoned with. Censoring men’s groups does not help women. Stand up and say that YOU WILL NOT BE TOLD WHAT TO THINK.

    Boycotting is effective. Remember, YOU have the power.

    Thank you, and be strong.

  2. Ivan on March 24, 2013 at 5:58 PM

    Never mind the commercial guys . Did you see the 60 minuets show tonight on Sunday March 24??
    Brine Banks false rape charges ?? It was amazing . Five years in jail for nothing . The female stupid lawyer screw him pretty good too . She told him to except the deal because he is not going to get a fair trail . What a idiot !! I would never admit to something I did not do . Harry, you guys should post that lying girl picture all over the place . The Voice of Men too. Why Brian is not suing her civilly ? Why ? Why men are soft on women ?
    Cheers from Canada

    • NCFM on April 13, 2013 at 10:58 AM

      …and the DA won’t prosecute, even Mr. Banks says forget it, she’s free to do it again and has enjoyed her hundreds of thousands of dollars in ill gotten gains while Brian languished in prison. We’ve lost our way…

  3. MrShadowfax42 on March 20, 2013 at 10:22 AM

    Hi Nick.

    A few points:
    1) Mindless sexual violence against men is portrayed in the media as a matter of routine.
    2) Most of the time, especially in ads, the perpetrator is a woman.
    2) Feminists and feminism claim that it is the other way around.
    3) The general public seems to agree with them.
    4) If we can raise awareness that as a matter of fact, violence against men is so commonly portrayed that it is almost unnoticed, then this screws with the “whiny problem seeking logic the feminists use”, does it not?

    Also, I’d suggest that your dismissal of the problem as “no big deal” is evidence to me at least that you have the same issue of completely ignoring or trivialising violence against men, too. At least to a certain degree.

    I mean seriously, we have a culture where violence against men is so normalised, and accepted, that nearly half of the victims of domestic violence are ignored. Victims of violence in the media are almost exclusively male, the perpetrators often female, too. And you seriously don’t see this culture as a problem?

  4. Fidelbogen on March 18, 2013 at 3:19 PM

    I look forward to the day when politically pro-male people and groups won’t have to assure the idiot public that they are “not anti-woman”. Maybe it would be clever to say something like “we are pro-male, and we hope that other people are not anti-male.”

    • NCFM on April 13, 2013 at 11:00 AM

      …me too, perhaps we should join in, flip the coin, and start saying feminists are anti-men… hmm…

  5. FunnyFaceKing on March 16, 2013 at 7:56 PM

    can you provide a link to the story?

  6. Greg Crawford on March 16, 2013 at 7:52 PM

    Brian Banks admitted to something he didn’t do.

    • Nick on March 19, 2013 at 8:24 AM

      Are you kidding about the commercial or are you seriously offended? I’m really hoping it’s sarcasm I’m not picking up on. I was ecstatic to find out this group existed a minute ago and then the very first story I read sounds like the same whiny problem seeking logic the feminists use. I watched the commercial just to be sure and it’s a groin kick for the sake of a groin, nothing more. The whole reason we men persist through baffling feminist BS is because we are less emotional and more rational in our arguments, we have logic on our side. What’s next? Are you going to complain that Peter Pan was played by a woman back in the day?!! Who cares? Not only does whining over something stupid and harmless like this commercial come off like a feminism clone but it hurts the true cause. We have much more to worry about these days with beta neck beard idiots holding signs that say “I need feminism because a woman, gay , or transgendered individual’s opinion matters more than mine” (actual sign I saw). Please lets not slip into petty non issues like the femtards have, we’ve got enough real shit to deal with without wasting time on stuff that will ultimately mock the cause and turn people away.

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