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Make plans for November 19, International Mens Day!

March 26, 2013

international mens day 2



Reveren Anthony L. Stevenson

Tri-State (USA) Regional Coordinator – 2013 International Men’s Day

Office: (215) 551-2098   Cell: (267) 237-5197



              PHILADELPHIA, PA (USA)17 MARCH 2013 – The International Men’s Day Coordination Committee has announced that Fatherhood Practitioner Reverend Anthony L. Stevenson accepted an invitation to become the Tri-State (USA) Regional Coordinator for 2013 International Men’s Day ( in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.  A recipient of the Pennsylvania Family Coalition’s 2011 Excellence In Presenting Award along with his wife Minister Renee Stevenson, Reverend Stevenson is a Peace Ambassador for the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (“WANGO”); a Double Certified Master Fatherhood Trainer and Facilitator with the National Fatherhood Initiatives (“NFI”); a National Partnership for Community Leadership (“NPCL”) Certified Licensor;  the developer of the universally accepted faith-based ICAN program and curriculum; the Founder of Four Corner Crusade for Life Baptist Church; and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the People’s Unified Resources Center which administers the “Let’s Be About The Fathering Business” I.C.A.N. Program and integrates the ICAN curriculum – a skills-based tool with an effective track record in strengthening fathers and empowering families.  He has served as a speaker and presenter at the National Partnership for Community Leadership’s International Fatherhood Conference and the World Association of Non -Governmental OrganizationsSymposium  on Building Healthy Families as a Foundation for Lasting World Peace in 2007.  As a member of the American Council of Clergy, Reverend Stevenson has forged and continues to maintain working relationships with leaders in the ecumenical Interfaith Community.  Reverend Stevenson is also a Universal Peace Federation Ambassador of Peace (

An Ordained National and Keystone Baptist  minister, member of the Hampton University Ministers Conference, and graduate of the Melvin Floyd Evangelism School, Reverend Stevenson served for twelve years under the renowned Reverend Dr. Charles Walker, Pastor of the 19th Street Baptist Church of Philadelphia.   In 1997, after moving on to Greater Exodus Church, Reverend Stevenson was shepherded and licensed as a minister by its distinguished Pastor, Reverend Dr. Herbert H. Lusk IIReverend Stevenson served as an Associate Pastor at Greater Exodus Church through September 2004.    Shortly thereafter, he was ordained through the Ordinational Council of the Pennsylvania Keystone Baptist Association under the direction of Reverend Dr. James Allen, moderator and member of the National Baptist Association USA.   Prior to joining the ministry, Reverend Stevenson enjoyed a successful 30-year entrepreneurial career as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of three prominent national corporations which promoted and provided clothing industry products and services – Sharkey’s Trunk, Inc.; Stevenson Wardrobe Services, and Things To Come Clothier.

          “Reverend Stevenson is a nationally recognized Fatherhood Practitioner, a powerful voice in the Global Dialogue on Fatherhood, ,a leader in Philadelphia’s Fatherhood Community, and an  architect of the City of Philadelphia’s Fatherhood Initiative Program.  We are honored by Reverend Stevenson’s decision to assume a leadership role in 2013 International Men’s Day as the Tri-State (USA) Regional Coordinator for this worldwide observation in which over 70 nations will participate,” remarked Diane A. Sears, the United States Coordinator for 2013 International Men’s Day, member of the International Men’s Day Coordination Committee, and Chair of the USA 2012-2022 International Men’s Day Ten Year Plan Committee.

International Men’s Day was founded in 1999 by Jerome Teelucksingh, Ph.D., a faculty member at the University of West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago, Thought Leader on Gender Issues, poet, author, and Chairman of the International Men’s Day Coordination Committee.  Observed in over 70 nations throughout our global village on 19 November, International Men’s Day celebrates and honors the contributions and selfless sacrifices that Men make every day to our families, communities, and our world.  It shares a 48 hour partnership with Universal Children’s Day which is celebrated on 20 November of each year and is endorsed by the United Nations.

Individuals and organizations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware that have an interest in participating in 2013 International Men’s Day, should contact Reverend Anthony L. Stevenson, the Pennsylvania (USA) Regional Coordinator at (215) 551-2098 or send an e-mail to:

For further information about International Men’s Day, visit its website at


International Mens Day, November 19 every year!


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