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NCFM MSU Chapter President Nevada Thompson, “Protecting My Sons”

April 9, 2013

bear and cubs 2Protecting My Sons by: Nevada Thompson

In response to the Montana Kaimin article about establishing National Coalition for Men groups at campus universities across the nation, I would like to thank Bjorn Bergeson for the neutral and informative perspective. Sadly, I was disheartened to read Ms. Phenocia Bauerle, Montana State Diversity Coordinator’s comment about our message being “problematic” and Brent Hildebrand, UM Men of Strength’s comment that the information we disperse is “misleading”.

I am the President of the National Coalition for Men – MSU (NCFM), I am a woman, I have four boys, three of which are teenagers; therefore, I appreciate rights, privileges and protections that I receive due solely to the nature of my gender, however, I would like to take a moment to clear the air about the NCFM “message”.

Being a mother of four boys, I do not agree with some of the “costs” that my boys may have to endure to ensure my continued protection and support, therefore, I have agreed to take on the role of President of the NCFM – MSU to help “level the playing field.”

Let it be known that we are not women haters, rape apologists, abuse justifiers, or anything of the sort; in fact we are striving for true gender equality, believing education and accountability are the keys to success.

When I first came to MSU I saw that it really catered to women, which is great for me. However, thinking about my children, I noticed that they had nothing to support, grow, enhance, and educate men; hence, the beginning of NCFM-MSU to offer support, education and guidance to the men of our community.

There has been legislation drafted that is obviously violating human rights and it is our duty to protect them, is that not what is being said about women, we must protect their fundamental rights? The Department of Educations’s now infamous  “Dear Colleague” letter is unquestionably harmful to men and has therefore been on many people’s minds. However, it is not our only focus and we are not saying that rape does not exist, nor that it should go unpunished. We are saying that education of responsibility needs to take place and both sexes need to be protected; this is our simple goal, protection without supplanting fundamental civil rights of others.

Watching the President of Kappa Sigma initially supporting NCFM’s message, then flipping hours after Ms. Bauerle’s and Mr. Hildebrand’s statements were released, it became clear the Montana University System is teaching students what to think; no longer instructing these emerging professionals how to do so.

I welcome any input on this topic as it is imperative this discussion take place to preserve safety for all on Montana campuses.

In conclusion, today I noticed that HB 240 is awaiting Governor Bullock’s signature to allow students to carry handguns on college campuses to protect “helpless women”, clearly a reaction from a father striving to protect his daughters. Laws have already been enacted to remove the presumption of innocence in sexual assault cases, effectively creating “rape prone cultures” where women are afraid of being assaulted at every turn. A woman in such a hyper-emotional state could easily misinterpret a situation, resulting in the unjustified death of one of my sons, how do we protect them?

SEE: NCFM MSU in the news for wanting to cure rape hysteria…



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6 Responses to NCFM MSU Chapter President Nevada Thompson, “Protecting My Sons”

  1. Susan on April 11, 2013 at 8:29 AM

    Seriously? So you’re basically saying it’s the woman’s responsibility to a) not drink, b) not dress in any kind of revealing or suggestive way, because “men can’t help themselves”. That’s not gender equality. That’s basically saying, men are allowed to experience any kind of natural, biological sexual tendency and act upon it, if triggered, and the woman cannot complain if she gets raped. There are tons of sickos and psychos out there who would target a woman wearing a giant tent around herself reading a book in a library. It has everything to do with the fact that people–women and men here–should not rape anybody. You’re right, you are not rape-apologists, nor are you rape-sympathizers or justifying abuse. What you are, are completely delusional to the world. You think that women bring this upon themselves? That a girl, SOBER, walking to her dorm after class at night is begging for a man to rape her? Who the hell cares what she wears? Men wear swim trunks, or tank tops and shorts around campus and you don’t see them just getting pummeled and attacked by women because the way they dress brings an inescapable sexual urge for a woman to rape him? You’re basically saying rape is warranted if the woman in question is being provocative in any way and that we should help men out because it’s not always their fault. Isn’t there a quote about beauty is in the eye of the beholder? So basically you could wear anything and if someone finds you slightly attractive, oh well. You’re not leveling any playing field. You’re giving an advantage to men by lessening the seriousness of rape, by saying that a) it apparently doesn’t happen as often as we like (which is utter crap) and b) because it’s unfair for a man to be stigmatized as being a rapist. Well, how about this: don’t stigmatize women into believing they are asking about it, and probably the most important one, DON’T RAPE. There you go. Jesus you are an insult to the female population by ignoring the realities of your gender to support your husband.

    • Elena on April 12, 2013 at 9:22 AM

      Those are all good points Susan but you have to admit that so many women lie about Rape and use it as a weapon in custody cases and to get buck to EX that is becoming a joke in America . No one believes it anymore . You are not one of those idiots that believe the Feminists propaganda that women is Raped every 6 minutes in America do you ?? How could it be . Yes, in some Ghetto poor areas in US ,crime is high . African American single mother are to blame for that . They are out of control . I thing we need a mandatory parenting classes in schools and a license to have a baby . Seriously !! I work with a lot of young ,troubled mothers .I have to be honest ,they are the ones who are making the chose to get pregnant while broke and poor and no father . Young single mothers are the one who are doing a lot of drugs and partying while pregnant .Women are in total control of their body’s . Total . Its discousting and you know it !! Who is going to address those issues ,Obama ? Ha ,ha . There is no leadership in America when it comes to social problems . Obama is a populist . He is afraid to criticize women .They get their votes from Females …. He has two daughters . Look at the prisons in America . 2 million men ??!! Very easy to get 20 years sentence in US. Very easy. The girlfriend calls the police a few times ,cops find drugs at the house and he is done. She sad that he touched the kids and he is done . Easy . What happened to DNA testing ? What happened to Rape kid testing at the hospitals ? What happened to democracy Susan ? Its a travesty !

  2. Marc on April 10, 2013 at 11:51 AM

    Is there a link to this?

  3. Elena on April 10, 2013 at 11:20 AM

    Those fathers with there daughters eh ? Raising princesses. Spoiled , needy . Everybody knows what I’m talking about . I have one to. My daughter works and goes to school . She knows not to go to party’s half naked and get drunk like a sailor . Of course alcohol and teens should not mix !! Partying ,making out with a guy , teasing the boys , hormones are all over the place and alcohol on top of that . I’m not saying girls should ware burkes but ….no alcohol and don’t dress like a slut . What the hell do you people think is going to happened there ? We are basically asking boys to be superhuman . That’s not reasonable at all !

  4. NCFM on April 9, 2013 at 6:20 PM

    Thumbs up for another courageous women standing tall for her children.

  5. Feminist_Nullificationist on April 9, 2013 at 6:13 PM

    Thank you Nevada for what you are doing.

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