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NCFM Member Girlwriteswhat address to the NY Libertarian Party Convention explaining the destructive aspects of misused feminism

May 1, 2013

feminismNCFM NOTE: Below is a speech crafted by Girlwriteswhat. Regardless of your political views, the speech is one of the best pieces of writing ever developed about the destructive aspects of misused feminism. Absolutely amazing and we are more than pleased to share it with you.

My address to the NY state libertarian party convention

Hi, everyone. Firstly, I want to thank Gary for inviting me to speak here, and thank all of you for being open to the different perspective I’m hoping to present to you.

Some of you–maybe all of you–might be asking yourselves, what on earth is an anti-feminist gender theorist doing speaking at a libertarian party convention. What the heck does gender, or feminism, have to do with libertarian politics and philosophies? The answer to that question is at once extremely complex, and very, very simple.

The simple answer is this: Gender influences everything. Including the size, scope and decisions of government.

And now, to complicate things a little.

In the microscale, gender affects the way men and women think, how they feel, how they process their interactions with the world, what motivates them, what influences them, what is important to them, what incentives are going to affect their behavior, and how. It affects how we perceive other people depending on whether they are male or female. It impacts on what we feel is appropriate, regarding both the behaviors, responsibilities and roles we expect of others, and the behaviors, responsibilities and roles we feel are appropriate for ourselves. It affects what roles and vocations, on average, a given person will find themselves suited to or interested in.

On the macroscale, gender affects the way society feels about people, depending on whether they’re male or female, what expectations society has of them, what obligations society is prepared to place on them, how, and how much, society cares about them. It influences whose voices society is prepared to trust on what issues and in what situations. It affects society’s willingness to punish or forgive, who society is interested in holding responsible and accountable for wrongs done, who society is prepared to devote resources to help or protect, and who society is prepared to cut loose.

So gender is kind of a shortcut societies and governments use when sorting priorities. Who is deserving of our help, support and protection–socially, legally and governmentally–and who is less deserving, or perhaps not deserving at all? How should that help be implemented, and how should it not, how much are we willing to spend, and how much institutional power and scope should government have to involve itself in the lives of citizens?

To demonstrate these effects of gender I’m talking about, I’m going to make a few statements, and I want you all to pay attention to how you feel when I say them. They’re statements I’ve culled from published books, newspapers, or the speeches of politicians, though you’ll notice I’ve flipped the genders for effect:

Men can do anything women can. And do it better. And do it with one hand tied behind their backs. –Barack Obama

When a woman strikes a man, she strikes all of society. –Hillary Clinton said exactly that about violence against women.

Women CAN stop false allegations of abuse and rape. –The “Men can stop rape” poster campaign is making an appearance on campuses across the US and Canada.

It cannot be assumed that women are bound to be an asset to family life, or that the presence of mothers in families is necessarily a means to social cohesion. –This gem, about how unnecessary fathers are, is from UK equalities minister Harriet Harman. She might be forgiven this sentiment if it wasn’t grossly inaccurate.

A mall roof caved in yesterday, killing 23 people and injuring more than 100. Tragically 4 men and one child were among the dead. –all right, that’s from any newspaper story about any tragedy. We hear about women and children because that makes a tragedy more tragic.

I want to see a woman beaten to a bloody pulp with a workboot shoved into her mouth like an apple in the mouth of a pig. –Change woman to man and workboot to high heel, and you’ve got second wave feminist Andrea Dworkin’s attitude.

Or even this: “It is an amazing thing to see in our city the husband of a laundress, or a fishwife, or a housemaid dressed in velvet with chains of gold at the throat, with silver buckles and boots of good value….and then in contrast to see his wife washing the clothes, chapped and bedraggled from the day’s labor, poorly dressed…. but whosoever considers this carefully will find it reasonable, because it is necessary that the gentleman, even if low born and humble, be arrayed in such fine form for his natural excellence and dignity, and the woman be less adorned as if a slave, or a little ass, born to his service.” –And this is perhaps the most interesting of all, since a gender-flipped version of it was written by Lucrezia Marinella, and published in her book “The nobility and excellence of woman and the defects and vices of men” in the year 1600.

Feels kind of weird, doesn’t it? These are statements you would NEVER hear or read in mainstream culture as I changed them–not even in the year 1600–some of them because they’d be repulsive to us, and others because it would just never occur to us to think or feel in those ways. All because of the way we as humans perceive, and have always perceived, men and women.

And while feminism claims to have worked very hard to dismantle all of these individual and society-wide assumptions about men and women, if you scratch the surface of their ideologies and their efforts, what you find is all of those assumptions human societies have always held, dialled up to 11. Not only has feminist activism manipulated and exploited all of these age-old perceptions about gender, for political, legal, economic and social gain, it has only amplified them in the cultural zeitgeist.

It is very much a case of, “Say hello to the new boss, even more sexist than the old boss.”

Go to to read the rest of this amazing piece of writing…


Feminism has been misused.

Complacency has allowed those of ill will to take over what could have been a great social movement, Feminism.

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5 Responses to NCFM Member Girlwriteswhat address to the NY Libertarian Party Convention explaining the destructive aspects of misused feminism

  1. Imdefender Mra on May 2, 2013 at 1:41 AM

    God I love that woman

  2. Ivan on May 1, 2013 at 10:52 PM

    Well done !!
    Look Harry ,what are we discussing in Canada ?! – — What are Females doing in the Male Locker room ?? Any reporters !! We can’t do this women . Those guys need their privacy for God sakes . Don Cherry is right . Privacy ,hello . Coaches are not doing there job .
    Letter to the NHL is in order Harry . Gary Batman needs to know . He is the commissioner of the NHL.

  3. Brian on May 1, 2013 at 11:36 AM

    Excellent well done!

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