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How a one-man-band activist helps defeat elitist feminist lies, NCFM Member Daniel Arp

June 14, 2013

feministNCFM NOTE: People often ask what they can do to help defeat feminist lies, help change the lopsided gender imbalance that disadvantages men in almost all areas of our culture and society. One person can do much. NCFM member Daniel Arp has been a one man band with bunny batteries for years. He regularly speaks at board meetings of various government organizations, colleges and universities. Even though he is not on the agenda, these venues offer a three-minute opportunity for anyone to speak at the end of the meeting. Daniel is a regular three-minute “Here I am again have you heard me yet” advocate who believes so strongly in our cause that he refuses to be unheard. So, if you ever have to ask what you can do to help win the war against men consider becoming a one may army like Daniel, the guy with the powerful sling shot up against a battalion of giants. He does other things too. Here are a few recent examples:


In honor of the Equal Pay Act’s 50th anniversary, I e-mailed over a dozen local and national news stations and informed them how to learn the real truth about it, and provided online references.   Some, I talked to on the phone, and they did not sound disagreeable at all.  So, I thought that was a good way to celebrate this milestone anniversary.  Daniel

NCFM NOTE: President Obama had just release the propaganda chart above. The information is not only bogus but so stale as to have mold. It is pure elitist feminist fabrication with no, let me repeat, no substance; or, it is a lie, and a condescendingly bold one that assumes we as a People are stupid.

I was looking at the news in Houston, MX today when I found that at the hospital where my sister works, a woman doctor killed her lover (nurturing side).

Then I read where at the University of MX where I speak every three months to the board of Trustees (oops, I meant to say U of Houston) a Houston woman killed her professor boyfriend with her stiletto heels in a stabbing (I have always wondered how women walking in public don’t stab sandle-wearing people’s feet with those things when walking around in crowded places).

Also today, a U of H police officer was killed by a motorist going the wrong way down on the freeway.

Lastly, the President has a video today going around talking about the Pay Gap.

So what did I do after reading all of that?  I called the Houston Chronicle and found out the person in charge of taking comments from the public, which I then spoke to.  I requested that she please ask the reporters to identify who the motorist was driving the wrong way (I did not tell her why, but the reason is so that we can know if it was one of our southernmost friends or not).

Finally, I told her that the President’s remarks about the Pay Gap have been debunked for years and gave her good online references.  That’s what I’m talking about!  The only thing that needs to happen for evil (or rumors, like this) to triumph, is for good men to do nothing, (Edmund Burke).


Dear Sirs,

We all remember the drug “assembly” speakers that came to our Junior High and High Schools, along with other activist speakers when we were all younger.

Why don’t we all brainstorm among ourselves or just to ourselves ways we can, in the name of being “concerned citizens” how we can give talks on “date rape”, the Pay Gap myth, child custody, etc., at these schools.  I am going to investigate these possibilities.  In fact, I am going to do my homework and find out what kinds of “assembly speakers” may have been coming to the schools in my area giving talks on girl and women matters.  That way, when they tell me I cannot talk to boy’s and young men only, I will have a good comeback.

I just know that my efforts over the last few years have resulted in Feminists hardly ever coming around board meetings asking for anything.  In fact, I see the colleges shying away from “tooting their horn(s)” about how diverse they are, now that I have repeatedly exposed them in front of the world for profound discrimination against men students.

Those are my latest ideas.  Any nice words of encouragement are welcome.

Daniel Arp

NOTE from NCFM member in the email discussion: “good daniel. it would be more likely to be accepted as a dialogue or debate.”

May 30,

Hi all.  Hope all is well.  I spoke at two boards a week or so ago.  I am going to a fundraiser for one of the college  board members tonight.  If the board member brags about how she works closely with their constituents, I am going to call her on it right there in front of everybody (as tactfully as I know how, of course).  

NOTE from NCFM member in the email discussion: “…think of a way of catching her doing something right–even if you tell her what you would like her to do and let her know you’ll ask a question that will allow her to be acknowledged for that. keep building your network of people who want to work with you.”

Thank you Daniel, thank you for all you do… see Daniel in action: go to .  Click the gray video in the right hand column in the video viewer with the time 19:58, then fast forward to the fifteen minute mark.   Notice that Daniel is well dressed, polite, and prepared.


Elitist feminist lies make bad laws.

Don’t just complain. Become a giant slayer like Daniel.


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One Response to How a one-man-band activist helps defeat elitist feminist lies, NCFM Member Daniel Arp

  1. truthseeker on June 25, 2013 at 12:34 PM

    Excellent. I love that you are exposing the truth in a diplomatic way.
    Thank You.

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