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NCFM Member Steven DeLuca, History Class, Women in the military, men paved the way with their lives

June 19, 2013

women in the militaryNCFM NOTE: The observations below about women in the military are in better context if you first read the last two posts. It’s certainly a matter of perspective? Our politicians get in a huff over one reversal of a military conviction, which of course would have never happened had the convicted service member been a woman, that is there wouldn’t have been a political huff but rather a celebration. Mr. DeLuca perspective is one from the battle ground not a soap box. He knows, elitist feminist politicians have no clue and don’t even care as long as the ideology progresses. Don’t care how many get hurt, how many die, especially since most of the wounded and dead have penises. Here, Mr. DeLuca reminds us that men are not much more than guinea pigs. We are the disposable sex and thus treated that way…

Women in the military, men paved the way with their lives

by Steven DeLuca

During history classes and while listening to feminist rants, and even during my military days I never heard about tens of thousands of boys age 8 to 13 fighting in the civil war.  Some ran ammo, others worked in camps, and Boys 12 to 15 were awarded 25 Medals of Honor, many horrible deaths.

Meanwhile girls “had to” stay home and learn mommy skills.

Our military now is telling us women can go into Special Forces because they have proved themselves in battle.  Women are 14 % of those that were or are in Iraq and Afghanistan and while men were 3,500 of the deaths (or more) women were 150.

And I wonder when they tell us that women were 150 on the battle fields how many were really on the battle fields.  We have death from car wrecks, other accidents.  Some were blown up by IED’s but the truth is, if we can help it, we don’t place women in high risk areas.

Few men can make it in Special Forces.  I suspect a few women could without steroids or high testosterone levels, but we shall see. It’s getting pretty weird out there when we keep pretending that anything he can do she can do better…

It’s like saying “FINALLY”; women have shown that they could do as well as men in the astronaut programs.  That was after chimps and men burnt to a crisp or were lost in space testing things to make them reasonably safe for the women who followed.

Men paid that heavy price while are we clamored about women’s oppression.  When the challenger blew up I wrote a letter saying that we knew the next flight would have only men.  Women wrote telling me I was a sexist jerk and that women were “just as qualified” and I might even have had a letter from Sally Ride in the paper because she was – I believe, part of a program for girls in Boulder CO decades ago called “Reach for the Stars” where I was the token male speaker telling kids about being a stay at home dad.  Several women were there.  Politicians and a female in training or who had trained to go into space.  One letter was from a woman trained to do what men were doing and really pissed off that I dare say something like women were not qualified.

I never said that.  What I clearly said was that after that explosion we all know only men would go up next and that’s just they way it went.

women in the military

There is a place for women in the military, but not at the cost of men. Women in the military, all women who reach legal age, must register for Selective Service too, just like men.

There is a place for men and women in the military, but only if fair and fair treatment applies to all regardless of sex.

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