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California Parents File Federal Racketeering Lawsuit against Family Court Judges; Charge Criminal Extortion, Bribery, Abuse of Office

August 27, 2013
family court

Click on the picture for more about this saga.

CaliforniParents File Federal Racketeering Lawsuit against Family Court Judges; Charge Criminal Extortion, Bribery, Abuse of Office


August 20, 2013 — San Diego, CA – In its continuing campaign to end the harassment, fraud, and abuse rampant in California State Family Courts, a parents’ rights group, the California Coalition for Families and Children, has filed a lawsuit today in federal court charging the San Diego County courts, social workers, divorce attorneys, and psychologists with federal criminal racketeering.

“The abuses of parents and children by Family Courts, social workers, and family law attorneys have harmed parents and children for far too long. We intend to end that abuse.” says CCFC President Colbern Stuart. “Family court is designed by its makers to be probably the most dangerous life event parents and children can endure. It enables and profits from every inhumane instinct known to man—greed, hate, resentment, fear—resulting in abundant cash flow for the divorce industry and a fallout of parent and children’s misery.”

“And behind the curtain of this machine of misery we’ve uncovered its cause—the multi-billion dollar divorce industry, populated by judges, attorneys, and a machinery of tax-dollar fed “judicial administrators,” social workers that George Orwell would marvel at.” “We’ve been delivering that message kindly for years now, yet the tide keeps rising on families in crisis. We’ve appealed to the county courts, state and local politicians, state judicial oversight bodies, United States Representatives, and just plain old human dignity, but the harassment and abuse of parents and children has only increased. A resort to federal court intervention in the widespread criminal collusion in state government was the next logical step.”

“It’s time to recognize Family Court for what it is—a corporate crime ring raiding parents and children of financial and psychological well-being, and devouring our children’s futures. And its not just divorce lawyers—its judges, “judicial administrators,” psychologists, cops and prosecutors—people we should be able to trust—in a modern day criminal cabal using county courtrooms and sheriff’s deputies as the machinery of organized crime.” Say Stuart. “Since state officials’ hands are too deep into the cookie jar to stop their own abuse, we’re seeking the assistance of federal oversight.”

CCFC has been active in past years uncovering fraud and abuse of families and children in state courts, including the consumer fraud case of Dr. Stephen Doyne, the most notable child custody elevator in San Diego. “They not only let Doyne run wild for years, they actively protected his abuse of parents and children. In my mind, the industry is a godless abomination” says Stuart. “One of our parents who challenged Doyne and lost was ordered—by the same court that employs Doyne—to pay Doyne’s attorneys fees—over $380,000—for calling out his undisputed fraud. It’s outrageous, and its going to stop.”

CCFC’s Complaint details both civil and criminal charges. “We’ve alleged over 34 specific federal crimes in the complaint, and we’re turning our evidence over to the F.B.I. and U.S. Attorney for further investigation.” Says Stuart.

The Complaint is available online through its facebook page at details.


“The present-day suffering of so many parents and children has and is being wrought within a larger system characterized by a widespread institutional failure of—indeed contempt for—the rule of law.”“California legal institutions such as family courts and the legal community, professional institutions such as the state bar and psychology boards, and criminal justice institutions have in the recent decade gradually combined to cultivate a joint enterprise forum in which widespread “family practice” exceptions to the rule of law are not only tolerated, but increasingly encouraged. Professional behavior that would only a few years ago be recognized as unethical, illegal, or otherwise intolerable by American legal, psychological, law enforcement, or social work professionals has increasingly achieved acceptance—indeed applause—from institutional interests which benefit from a joint enterprise enforcing the unwritten law of “who you know is more important than what you know.” “In this lawless behavior’s most crass infestation, California Superior Court Family Division judges are regularly heard to announce, in open court, “I am the law” and proceed to act accordingly with impunity, indifference, and without shame.”

“The effect on parents and children seeking social support within this coalescing “family law” forum has not been as advertised by courts and professionals—a new healing—but instead a new affliction: an ‘imposed disability’ of de rigueur deprivation of fundamental rights in the name of ‘therapeutic jurisprudence’ funded by converting college funds into a bloated ministry of the bar leaving families and their children with mere crumbs of their own success.”

The case centers on the April 15, 2010 assault of CCFC’s President, Cole Stuart, at the San Diego County Bar Association meeting of family court judges and attorneys. Stuart was attending the meeting of family court judges and attorneys on behalf of CCFC. SDCBA recognized Stuart as the President of the Parents’ Rights group and ordered fifteen armed bar association security to tackle him, handcuff him, and throw him out.

According to Stuart, around ten CCFC parents and children attended the seminar to advance their reform efforts and send a message of “doctor, heal thyself.” The San Diego County Bar Association meeting of judges and attorneys chose a theme critical of their own clients: calling them “Litigants Behaving Badly.” CCFC chose a counter-theme: CCFC parents and children carried signs stating “JUDGES BEHAVING BADLY; if YOU don’t follow the law, why would WE?”

“Judge Judy may be entertaining daytime television for some, but that indignity has no place in our justice system—even in what they consider to be “low-brow” family court. Yet many family court judges regularly administer such obnoxious ‘renegade’ justice every day, in open defiance of the rule of law. ‘Sober as a judge’ these days has a whole new meaning.” Says Stuart—“I’ve been a successful lawyer for 18 years and seen both excellence and failure, but I’ve never been ashamed of my profession until the days I walked out of family court.” “I decided then that this lawless rolling train wreck of shame to my profession and harm to my community must stop. And for that inspiration, they sent me to jail.”

CCFC and Stuart are suing SDCBA and the dozen judges and lawyers who organized the seminar. “They were well aware of our intent to be present at the Seminar–and had fifteen Sheriff’s Deputies and a paddy wagon waiting to welcome us when we arrived. We had been in court to seek sanctions against them in the morning, then they assault me that very evening.

According to the CCFC Complaint: “Family Courts, including judges, blame “Litigants Behaving Badly” for harms enabled—indeed largely manufactured—by the Domestic Dispute Industry’s own longstanding predatory commercial practices. CCFC saw the “Litigants Behaving Badly” theme as part of the self-delusional propaganda engaged in by so many [divorce industry] members who, rather than recognizing the harm their industry enables and “healing themselves”, instead blame their own clients, who, quite true, do regularly abuse process, their loved ones, and even themselves—in perfect compliance with [divorce industry] instructions.”

The lawsuit alleges that divorce lawyers illegally conspire with judges to steal from parents as part of a racketeering criminal enterprise—and brings over 30 claims of federally-indictable crime. “Civil rights violations, fraud, and obstruction of justice are federal crimes—even for judges.”

The lawsuit seeks to hold judges and courts personally responsible for overseeing the crime committed by the attorneys and social workers in their courtroom. “Judges have a legal and ethical duty to ‘ensure rights’ under the judicial canons of conduct. It’s just not possible that intelligent lawyers like judges don’t understand exactly what goes on in their courtrooms, yet they allow it to continue. In CCFC’s opinion, this judicial collusion is far more serious crime than even the fraud of divorce attorneys themselves” says Stuart.

CCFC has filed a motion for a protective order preventing the San Diego Defendants from harassing them “Since they’ve known about CCFC and its reform toward the more humane family dispute resolution solutions we offer, they’ve treated us as enemies of the state. When we thought we’d be welcomed, or at least heard, we’ve instead become targets of prosecution and terrorist threats–They assaulted me, harassed our members including threatening “gun cock” and death threat late night phone calls, attacked our businesses, professional licenses, and threatened to jail and extort us with further crime. It’s outrageous that our own government allows this to happen, and we’re asking the federal court to protect our members as we pursue the civil and criminal charges against the courts.”

A complete set of filings and exhibits is available from CCFC’s Facebook page at

About: CCFC is a nonprofit organization of parents-both men and women-who have experienced marital dissolution proceeding in San Diego, Orange, or Los Angeles Counties, Our members are professionals or others who are highly motivated to improving governmental and justice system process addressing domestic relations, parentage, custody, and abuse.

CCFC seeks to promote the health and success of all families–parents and children equally and alike. We perceive that parents and children presently lack effective and independent advocates within government and the civil and criminal justice system, and as such their rights and interests are regularly compromised in favor of the institutionalized interests of others, including government, private attorneys and professional service providers, and the enormous domestic dispute industry. CCFC organizers, officers, and affiliates are professionals dedicated to improving social, governmental, and justice system processes concerning domestic relations, child rearing, parenting, constitutional law, child custody, and domestic violence. Many of CCFC’s members are mothers, fathers, and children who have withstood abundant hardship resulting from the current practices of what is generally described as the “Family Law Community.” These injuries and insults include fraudulent, inefficient, harmful, and even dangerous services; an institutionalized culture of indifference to “clearly-established” liberties; insults to the autonomy and dignity of parents and children; extortion, robbery, abuse, and more, delivered at the hands of eager operators within the divorce industry.

Click here to read the entire complaint: CCFC V. SDCBA VERIFIED COMPLAINT AND COVER SHEET FOR FILING-signed-redacted 5

national coalition for men

California Family Court Judges have more trouble on the way… stay tuned.

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72 Responses to California Parents File Federal Racketeering Lawsuit against Family Court Judges; Charge Criminal Extortion, Bribery, Abuse of Office

  1. Andrew Canpas on November 14, 2019 at 8:58 PM


    My name is Andrew Campas, I am 41 years old. I have a beautiful precious daughter that is 4 years old, her name is Victoria Rose. I have been fighting the decisions by the family law court in California, County of Riverside. That are tat the request of my child’s mother just to be allowed my god given right to be involved in my child’s life. I have never been physically violent to the mother nor my child ever. I have never been abusive, neglectful, or a voluntary absentee parent to my daughter. I have no dependence issues with alcohol or any illegal drugs of any type. I am not nor will I ever be a gang member. I am not on parole or probation and I never have been convicted of a felony. I have had all of my rights to my child taken away from me me by a out of control and unethical Superior Court system. My daughter and I have been going through this for 4 years, ever since my daughter was 6 months old. I have heard of the horror stories from family law prior to having my child. So when at 3 months pregnant, when my daughters mother first stated to me “you will never get to see your child”. I was proactive and started documenting EVERYTHING!  I have an abundance of evidence that strongly supports my claims. That first my child’s mother has stated that I’d not be allowed to see my child. Second, that there has been a bias towards the mother by the judicial officers. Third, that transcripts have been doctored. Fourth, that evidence has been allowed to be entered that was literally just handed to me by the other parties counsel at our court hearing despite my objections. Then the same Judicial Officer did not allow my evidence to be entered when I filed it on a Friday, for a hearing the following Monday. Fifth, that the mother has used false allegations that were proven to be false lacking merit for the sole purpose to get a decision in her favor. Sixth, that my fundamental constitutional protected rights and equal protection, due process as underlined in the 14th amendment have been trampled all over by multiple judges that have sworn on a oath to protect these very same liberties. Seventh, that multiple Judges have come out in open court arguing the other parties position and essentially cross examining me in open court. Eighth, that a judicial officers had ruled opposite of the family courts own mediators recommendation, stating absolutely zero lawful or legal reasons for the judicial officers decision for doing so. Ninth, that the opposing counsel has coached the mother from the very beginning on how to “bait and bash” myself into getting what minuscule “evidence” that the other party needed in order to get a judgment in their favor. Tenth, that frivolous police reports were filed by the mother that the officer reported on and stated that the mother advised him that she was “getting ready for a upcoming hearing”. And in the same report the police officer stated that he saw nothing wrong with what I stated and there was nothing violent or threatening in what I stated that the mother felt it was absolutely necessary and insisted that a police report be filed. Eleventh, that a domestic violence restraining order was ordered for 2 years because after the mother would not allow myself to see my child after 30 days I told her “I’m going to write a letter to your boss and tell her what your doing to our child”. And that a second DV restraining order was ordered for an additional 5 years because I stated that I was going to protest the mother and her actions that she has bestowed upon our child and myself. And our child has been listed as a protected person on this very same DV order since day one for absolutely no reason whatsoever other then to make any future contact with myself kept to a minimum. I have it all, there is so much I have documented it’s a spoil of riches in all honesty. It’s an absolute shame what has been allowed to happen in this case. And the kicker is, I was the first party to file with this court. In that motion I was seeking to establish parentage and asking for visitation. My fist motion and every motion I filed, has never been malicious in intent. I have never asked for anything unrealistic or that would be unfair to our daughter or her mother in any way. In the first motion I was requesting that the mother have 100% sole physical custody of our daughter. All I was requesting was for joint legal and for visitation as the court saw fit as our daughter was only 6 months old at the time. I have never tried to or asked for sole physical custody and tried to take our daughter from her mother EVER. Another thing is, as I stated I have numerous documented videos and audio recordings that supports my claims. But they have been of absolutely no help, because both of our judicial officers in this case have not allowed myself to present any of it. It’s like this court has made it a point to go out of their way to make sure that my voice doesn’t get heard and has placed a block on public access block to ensure that nobody has access to anything that has been filed in this entire case. And when we have our day in court the judges always call our case last. Getting all the potential wittinesses out of the court room. Even if the other cases on the docket for that day were pro per litigants with no representation. When in every other court they will call the cases that have attorneys present first before the cases that litigants that do not have legal representation present with them. Also one of the judges has chose to not hear one of the witnesses I brought forth at a hearing stating that the Supervised Monitors testimony is irrelevant. When the mother was making false allegations of stalking that she stated took place proceeding my visitation time with our child. When this supervisor was a retired police officer that assisted in writing how DV calls were handled back when the DV statutes were first entered. It’s so egregious and unbelievable, I could never make this up. I’m not a good physical writer. As I excel and do my best work in the non-fiction section. (my attempt at humor). I have provided the courts with over 3 years worth of positive Supervised Visitation reports that have all been a beautiful display of the type of Father I am. That is loving, caring, a hands on father. That has never hurt or abused our precious daughter . And I have done everything that the courts have asked of me completing a 52 week batters prevention program. And by staying completely away from the mother, not one single phone call, not one text message, or personal email sent. I’ve stayed completely away from her, never showing up anywhere she might be at. Including attempting to seek her out on any social media platform. I called off our engagement after about the third time she threatened me that I would “never get to see” my child. I was completely faithful, always home and even turned my mancave into a beautiful nursery for our daughter. That included hand made pieces of furniture that had custom made accents pieces specifically for our princess. I have done nothing that would or should warrant this type of treatment. And the only thing I am in fact guilty of is choosing the wrong individual in which to procreate with. My daughter and I have a beautiful relationship and have a special connection. And she has been prevented the opportunity to be loved on and experience her other half of her extended family. I am extremely close with my family and I am truly blessed to have such an amazing amount of caring and compassionate family members with numerous cousins, aunts, uncles, and second cousins and so on. This has to be remedied, it cannot and should not be allowed to continue any further. This is a clear case of, it’s not the justice you deserve but how much justice you can afford. As the mother has spent upwards of $80K to this point on her dreamteam of unethical unscrupulous liars, I mean lawyers. I feel that they have taken this case personally as if any or all of the lies and half truths that they have made up has in fact happened and it happened to them personally. Maybe that is a side affect of being the producer of the made up fantasy stories the tell. I don’t know, all I know is that I miss my daughter. And that I need her in my life just as much as she needs me in her life. And I have been deprived of my  fundamental constitutional protected rights unjustly all for profits. Benjamin Franklin one said, “true justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who were directed affected by this injustice. And by that I will never stop shouting from the tallest peaks and mountain tops and will never be silenced. This needs to end, not just for me, but for everyone even future generations. Our children deserve a equal chance in having both parents be as big of a part in their lives as they are willing to be. This is so much bigger then any single story of this endemic abuse of power and discretion. How many more children have to grow up with out there fathers in their lives. Why is this ok, how can we continue to turn a blind eye to this same story that keeps repeating itself. Whatever it takes, I’m all in 100%. This is my passion and will hopefully be my resolve…

    Thank you for taking the time to read my story..

    Andrew R. Campas

  2. Danelda Robbins on May 29, 2019 at 11:50 PM

    Anyone wishing to email me who have had problems in orange or la counties please do. Or anywhere in CA or USA as I am also involved with a group called govabuse that is Nationwide so I can put you in touch with others in your area

    The orange and la. Ountues are where my own nightmare has existed since 1992 and maybe before. I am hearing a lot of similarities with my case.

    I’m curious if anyone has has experiences so bizarre that even you question whether it really happened or if you were going crazy or perhaps found yourself in a situation that has or had a domino effect starting with circumstances totally beyond your control.

    Well contact me please.

    • John Oral on June 7, 2019 at 5:02 PM

      what was the outcome of the lawsuit against California family courts anyway in 2013?

      • NCFM on June 8, 2019 at 7:11 PM

        It may be still pending, but the principle attorney and driving force behind the lawsuit mysteriously died.

      • Randolph lee jones on July 29, 2019 at 3:54 PM


  3. alain smithee on October 27, 2017 at 10:41 AM

    My state routinely charges more than the 6-percent interest rate allowed under Federal law [42 US Code 654(21)(a)] on child support arrears.

    It took walking into court with a photocopy of this Federal statute to get the courts to recalculate the retroactive child support that I was ordered to pay to my now ex-wife and her …paramour.

    Her Honor is also unhappy with me because my sharing this information with other noncustodial parents is reducing the gross amount of ‘child support’ collected in her court, which then reduces the kickbacks that states receive under the Child Support Performance and Incentive Act for collecting ‘child support’.

    It seems that Her Honor is more concerned about increasing the gross amount of ‘child support’ collected in the interest of profit for the state than she is about increasing the percentage of parents who are sharing the responsibility for providing for their chidlren’s needs.

    • Jaemine mulroy on September 21, 2018 at 11:35 PM


      • Jesus' Child on May 3, 2022 at 11:02 AM

        add Judge Allison MacKenzie to this campaign….she is the exact same terror!st in a Black robe stripping Black children from Mothers to support the abuser.

  4. Alicia Henson on October 11, 2017 at 4:24 PM

    Can someone help lead me in right direction to sue opposing counsel and Judge for taking my kids without due process and extorting all my money and more than I make over the last 4 years. I am so wronged. This is in IL but i live 400 miles south in MO and I need help getting my girls back from their abusive father as they took them again without due process, and gave kids to an abusive man. I have no criminal record but the father does. The second judge in IL as first one recused himself, has taken time, money and more from me every time and i have to appear in court every month for 4 years now. I need help and quick. I tried to recuse him, but it was denied, he ordered me to pay 3500 to opposing counsel as well after his own order sau d u did not have to appear, but then he put me on contempt and made me pay. I have no job now, but he said I should have been fired, but I was told to quit by my boss because they couldn’t keep dealing with me going to court . They couldn’t rely on me, but the judge ordered I still pay the outrageous amount that was over t0 percent if what my net was even though IL law is supposed to be at 28 percent of what I netted. The main thing is o want my girls back, but o do want to put them in their place, but I want to make them come here now. Friday the day before my wedding reception they are trying to put on a new parenting plan, taking again more time away from my girls. Please I need help. My rights are violated.

    • Jesus' Child on May 3, 2022 at 11:03 AM

      I pray that you received help with this matter. I am a mother in California dealing with the same judicial malpractice. I have a few ideas for you if you want to email me.

  5. law on September 27, 2017 at 3:42 PM

    The petitioner and mother is being openly threatened in court I was there with Media we saw it happen. codes 18 USC 241, 242 245(b)(2), 1589, 1590, 1581, 1594(b)(c), 1584, 1593, 1593(a), 1594(a) and 42 USC 3631. Have been repeatedly violated. They allowed a commissioner to strike a motion under 170.3 from the records without judicial review and then continue to retaliate against mother making open threats in court and out.

    Court Watchers in Alameda County were heard claiming there are far too many good fathers out there to allow lawyers like Dominic Porrino to continue to hold children for ransom in California’s divorce and custody cases. Porrino , much like family law attorneys Debra Crawford, Bradford Baugh, Nancy Perkovich , Paula Salinger, Keri Evilsizor and Stacey Stevens. Appear to subscribe to the philosophy that more money can be made when certain litigation tactics are employed. Quite simply these tactics would never be tolerated by real judges in civil or criminal matters as they include:

    #1 – Making false claims, which are rubberstamped by family law judges .
    #2- Claiming a former spouse is insane and requires an “evaluation”
    #3- Asking the court to declare the other parent vexatious
    #4- Making irrelevant attacks on parenting
    #5 Retaliating against people who file complaints with: The Commission on Judicial Performance , The State Bar, The Court Reporter’s Board or the Psychology Board.

    Most of these requests made by a select group of lawyers appear to be rubberstamped by corrupt or incompetent family law judges, , when one client is willing to pay to drag a divorce case out.

    Matthew Laycock appears to be one client getting his money’s worth. Laycock, who is represented by Porrino, is reportedly using the money he earns as an employee for Apple , Inc. to beat down the mother of his children in an Alameda family court.

    The mother, who has not been able to afford a lawyer herself is now fighting her ex to avoid being declared vexatious. The mother has reportedly filed State Bar Complaints, CJP complaints and complaints about less than ethical or qualified persons who are acting in a custody matter involving children under 10 years of age. Laycock is reported to be trying to have the mother declared vexatious and ordered to a psych evaluation , while Judge Morrison, the presiding judge is well aware that the mother is facing retaliation for speaking out against the gross unfairness of family court proceedings and specifically the corrupt Commissioner Hendrix and Judge Vilardi, who have had multiple complaints filed about them for decades.

    In 2016 Laycock reported he had only paid $6500 in legal fees and that Porrino earned merely $300 an hour. By 2017 Laycock had paid Porrino sufficiently to try to declare his former wife insane and vexatious , as multiple Alameda Judges assist in retaliation for the mother’s efforts to file complaints against judges and dirt bag lawyers like Porrino. .

    Laycock, called an “arrogant little prick” by court watchers, not only gloated at beating up his former spouse in court, he seemed to have no problem threatening and attacking reporters who tried to bring media attention to Alameda family law cases.

    Laycock was so arrogant following a hearing before Judge Chatterjee, that he and Porrino insisted that three bailiffs escort them to their car, as if they were as guilty and worthy of media attention as O.J. Simpson, Bill Cosby, or Peter Sandusky. .

    $6500 seems like a deal, where Laycock is concerned. Brad Baugh, a Santa Clara family lawyer, declared he charged Oliver Garbe $65,000 to have his former wife declared vexatious. Garbe of course had money as the step son of Sean Connery , and after the Sixth District Court of Appeal allowed Garbe to keep $100,000 he and his wife had been given by Sean Connery and Garbe’s mom as a wedding gift.

    Stacey Stevens, a pro attorney skilled at using false DV and Mental Impairment claims against moms in divorce and custody cases, boasted in a public court that she had been used by Brain Krippendorf , who uses computers , resources and money he makes while working at the big law firm of Wilson, Sonsini , Goodrich and Roasti, to declare the mother of his children vexatious and subject her to pay for supervised visits with her children no more than a few hours a week, and where Stevens mislead the judge to believing the mother had a mental illness.

    Craig Molaug is reported to be a bad dad too. Male court watchers in Contra Costa claimed Molaug appears to just “stink as a person” , based on his repeated attempt to pin his former wife with a faux mental illness in order to justify getting more than 50% custody time. Molaug has only 26 friends on Facebook and used the money he earned from Golden State Flow Measurement to have a court just make up an order that his ex had a mental illness, despite no mental health professional making that determination.

    Employers such as Apple and Facebook are starting to note Silicon Valley family courts are bad for business. Most of the worst cases have seen judges routinely violate the law, and retaliate when complaints to administrative agencies are made. Silicon Valley employers admit that family courts are corrupt, that judges aren’t following the law and that family law attorneys have gotten too greedy and too willing to bend the law for their personal use.

    One Apple employee made off record comments that show Apple is adjusting to the disruption in productivity when people like Laycock are spending all their time in court, or beating up on members of the press to keep a public issue, secret.

    It has long been reported that big firms are providing social media moles, tips and even funding to get family court judges recalled.

    ” Family Court is bad for business , ” described one Apple employee who wished to remain off record.

    A Key component in cleaning up California’s benches involves the state mandated audit of the Commission on Judicial Performance, which got a boost this week after the Auditor filed her declaration explaining why hiding, or redacting, the names of judges who are the subject of a complaint makes an audit impossibly impotent.

    Personal fights going on in divorces have seeped out so far and wide that most court clerks, court reporters and judges have no idea how to control conduct that belongs under the pond scum.

    The final area needed to clean up family courts is action by the State Bar. The auditor already exposed many of the flaws of the Bar, which simply put : Fails to Protect the Public

    Looks like the media is going to have to do the job judges and ethical lawyers should have done years ago.

  6. Mother of 5 on August 10, 2016 at 5:50 AM

    The not so great state of North Carolina, Greene County, Snow Hill Eighth Judicial District Family Court is another good example of this type of misconduct in Family & Criminal courts. The judges decide when and whom the law will apply while breaking federal laws at-will. The worse part judges covers three districts so they get to be buddies with a vast group of attorneys then claim impartial.

  7. Dave on January 3, 2016 at 5:47 PM

    Family Courts in California turn children over to female sex offenders and hold male victims of rape/statutory rape, responsible for child support. There is no right for a biological father to defend himself in court which means no chance for a fair hearing. You can read about my experiences in family court on my blog, Freedom in America is dead, justice is gone!

    • Marie on January 7, 2017 at 11:37 PM

      The Court system in Orange County,Ca turns our kid’s to people who are liars, who has the most money, rapist, unsafe household and they start blackmailing our children at a very young age along with the person’s who brainwash our children. I have a girl who was very close to me her mommy then the paternal grandmother never liked me so she worked very hard to break up our family. She bribed her lawyer and had people following me for year’s until her son my ex slipped up and told me. My daughter doesn’t speak to me or look at me, she blames me for our broken family. What she doesn’t know is her dad also took a financial bribe to leave me and help take my child from me. So many thing’s were fabricated, and my motherly rights &civil rights were taken from me. I’m at the point of sueing the O.C. court system for not listening to me allowing these evil people to basically kidnap my child legally along with severe parent alienation. I have severe panic attacks and was diagnosed with a disease do to severe stress. I realize I don’t write well but if you have had bad Judges, lawyer’s that just took advantage of you or sent you to 2 or more 730 evaluations lets some how find away to sue this family court system in Orange County CA.
      Thank you!

      • mary on April 23, 2017 at 3:27 AM

        you got my attention when you said people following me. My son was already taken from me based on lies and a lot of provocation and dirty illegal activities with the assistance of court but i never thought i would hear so many comments that sounded just like parts of what is now happening to me. it sounds like this is an old tactic or we could say program used by the legal profession and all that entails, to the courts, to their investigators, to the people on the opposing side etc etc. thanks to reading all the comments from this website the whole thing sounds very familiar and this is in Los Angeles county. I think the push is now to declare me incompetent or something to that effect! at the bottom of it all is monetary gain and notoriety. anyway i will come back to this site over and over in the future and today was really an eye opener. i guess i knew this all along but just couldn’t control my anger and outrage that people (on the payroll) along with the father would attempt something so brazen, outrageous, and ridiculous but now i know different. i can’t reply to all comments i read however, please post another comment; i know you are stressed and exhausted but as i found the hard way that is part of these clowns’ game and this stretches to courts, to adult services, etc. all investigating you instigated by the other parent full of half truths, stretches of the truths to just plain lies. I don’t worry, i have my days but i always know in the end i win and believe me i have had the kitchen sink thrown at me. keep heart and take care.

    • Marie on January 7, 2017 at 11:53 PM

      Does anybody know of any other people are going after Orange County CA family courts. They have horrible Judges that don’t want to listen to a good parents, they label you from the people who are trying to hurt you then they send you to 730 Evals who are in your favor but they don’t even read it after it’s been court ordered. Or you even have the social worker speak to all involved and you actually have the truthful paperwork in front of them but they are jut as dishonest I can go on but I’m mentally drained.

      • Mark on October 10, 2017 at 6:46 AM

        Hi Marie, I have primary custody of my two boys. I am being bullied into a 730 evaluation. I have everything on my side but am starting to hear the nightmare stories. I met with Dr. Bussey the evaluator and there are MANY things that aren’t adding up. I have already communicated with several people that have gone through a 730 with Busset and his “colleagues” Please feel free to contact me. Maybe we can work together in ferreting and exposing the truth.

  8. Madhu Sameer on August 20, 2014 at 4:51 PM

    I came to this site because I am researching about filing a lawsuit against san Jose the other party, the Judges and attorneys for conspiracy, aiding and abetting, and yes – racketeering. If there is anyone with similar experience in San Jose area
    who can help me, or file with me, that would be great.

    My email is Please feel free to contact.

    • Nicole on November 15, 2015 at 10:27 PM

      I don’t no if you are talking about regular court or family court, but been looking for the same thing to expose san jose court system especially family court so if there is anything I can do to help or anything I can sign let me no thanks.

      • Trisha on April 20, 2016 at 9:11 PM

        Everything I read completely inferioriates me. I’m a mom that has been in the Orange County family court system. It was nothing that turned into something huge. Due to a payed off Lawyer, a ex boyfriend that was bought off by his mother and finally the time my child had been through 2) 730 evaluation only making that Doctor bank account a little bit bigger and me without anything to help my child or myself.( $3000× 2 plus 2 evaluations ) The paternal family had always hated me and my biggest fear came true. At 13 she stopped talking to me or seeing me. Her grandmother told her she was old enough to mske that desicion. They changed her cell number, alienated me, told her tons of lies about me and my side of the family. The Court order didn’t protect me and my civil &parental rights were violated. She is still not 18 & she is in contempt of a court order. But who’s going to help a hurting,.alienated mom. I also found out the dad had social services called on him 2xs & I was never told. Someone was bought off again. Her dad moved out into his girlfriends house when my daughter was only 12& she was making decisions due to pressure from her 75 yr old grandma she is living with. She is a very entitled girl. A new car, clothes, vacations anything any kid would want but I think it must be empty in some ways. Thanks for hearing me out. If you need a signature or help with a lawsuit against O.C. CA family court system I’m in. I’ve been alienated and hurting to long.
        Thank you, Trish

        • C on April 21, 2016 at 9:49 AM

          Hi Trish I am in the OC and would love to have some email correspondence with you. I’d like to talk with you some about your story if that would be alright with you email me at p4cfoc* gmail;*c-o*m

          • Trish on June 3, 2016 at 2:34 PM

            Yes you’re welcome to contact me via email. Trish

          • Trish on September 17, 2016 at 5:16 PM

            Please email me I’m interested in want you want to say or ask. Thanks, Trish

            • Marie on October 4, 2016 at 4:01 PM

              PLEASE EMAIL ME!!! I tried emailing you but I’m assuming you didn’t receive it. I’m interested in want you want to talk about. Looking forward to your email. Trish

              • Trish on October 4, 2016 at 4:06 PM

                I apologize Marie came up I use my middle name sometimes. Trisha Marie. Please email me I’m interested. Thanks again. Trish

      • NO GMO on March 28, 2017 at 5:51 PM

        Nicole, I’m currently doing battle in San Jose Family Court and am outraged. I’d love to hear your story. I will not be silent about what is going on. Sabrina –

    • Nicole on November 15, 2015 at 10:29 PM

      Wow I just realized how long ago u posted this .have u had ne luck

      • NCFM on November 25, 2015 at 10:19 AM

        Not yet. We’ve heard there are now three RICO lawsuits filed against family court systems but we don’t have the details.

        • Madhu Sameer on April 7, 2016 at 5:21 PM

          My case is with the appellate Court. There can be nothing in Superior Court, as First Amendment Rights are sancrosanct. The only Court that can hold the right of child Support superior to First Amendment Rights, is the Supreme Court.

          These are just intermediate steps one is forced to take.

          My RICO case is against 13 parties, including 12 attorneys, 2 corporate entities and one corrupt Judge.

          My case is in fifth appellate district. So I have some hope of justice. Sixth Appellate district is just a part of the overall mafia….

  9. SG on March 15, 2014 at 3:10 PM

    Anyone interested in please helping me file a similar case in Westchester County New York. I have all the necessary proof from court transcripts and court orders to prove the collusion between Law Guardian, Forensic Evaluator, Judge and the attorney’s please help.

    • Christina on January 8, 2016 at 5:28 PM

      Where in westchester ? I am having a problem as well ?

      • Jessica on September 25, 2016 at 7:11 AM

        Having the same problem here in Sullivan county NY.I am trying to find out if I bring criminal charges against the judge can he take my child for reporting him?

        • NCFM on September 26, 2016 at 9:47 AM

          There are any number of ways a Judge can order a child removed from one or more parents. It is decidedly possible that if you file a complaint against a judge that she will retaliate in one way or another, including, perhaps, removing your child from your care under the color of law.

  10. Wayne Sikes on September 14, 2013 at 10:46 AM

    Saturday, September 14, 2013
    You hit it on the nail head! Anybody want to get together and sue the State of Maryland, Montgomery county Bar Association, circuit court, Child Support, DHS, with me! I think we would do better using the constitution amendments (equal rights under the law) as the basses for our argument. Example: If you don’t pay your child support than you go to jail, but if you are denied visitation then there is nothing the government doe’s except say “get a lawyer”(court official).
    Thank You,

    Mr.L. Wayne Sikes Jr.
    Washington D.C. (NCFM) – Liaison – Head Project Lead

    National Coalition for Men,, or

    Join NCFM on Facebook at – and pass it around so others can join too! Don’t forget to say that Wayne sent you!

    • amelia on July 13, 2014 at 8:31 PM

      I want to sue state of Maryland, all employees by that corrupt court house that was involved in my child custody case for the last 6 years..

  11. Ginny Edmunds on September 14, 2013 at 9:00 AM

    I have also had several recent ridiculous experience with Robert Trentacosta. I have the written proof he abused his office by ignoring 4 requests in letters, by stating a document didn’t exist when it was file stamped and in the file, and by denying my prefiling requests saying they were incorrect, although they state exactly the reasons he said they were incorrect for not stating. I am studying law, have started law school.
    My requests were in “Legal Research” for almost 4 months, delaying my cases.

    My case was placed in the Clerks Transcript without any of MY documents in the Clerks Transcript. Designation of record was ignored for my documents. I was told the court had no record of it. I had to send them my file stamped copy to get them to put case back on calendar.

    I tried to take care of it in the clerks office. I was verbally assaulted by Greg, then I was surrounded by 10 deputies that were obviously confused as to why they were there. I am 98 lbs, 49 yrs old. I do not yell. I am now afraid to go in the clerks office. Greg did apologize later after I asked for his supervisor.

    I would like any information on any followup to this story you wrote. I can also offer evidence to help with their suit.
    Can you put them in touch with me?

    Ginny Edmunds 619-851-8236

    Helping Americans Navigate the Courts-nonprofit 501 c 3

  12. Ivan on September 12, 2013 at 9:59 PM

    Guys I don’t mean to rude but that is one useless lawsuit . Its going to be dismissed . Its not even in the media . Time way passed for this kind of stuff . They will only react if we take it to the streets . Remember the LA . riots ??!! That’s what we need . We need to get angry . I’m ready !!

    • NCFM on September 13, 2013 at 7:44 PM


      You aren’t being rude, just a bit short sighted. It matters not if the case is dismissed. The probability is, as you opine, high that it will be dismissed. However, the case was filed. It’s now a matter of public record. It’s been released to the public. It’s be discussed on the Internet. And, you can bet your back side it’s being discussed by people of influence who have begun to realize just how disingenuous if not corrupt is our family (in)justice system. Hats off to those who spent thousands of hours bring this case to fruition. They are men and women robbed of their children by a well organized system which made them pay for the theft and profited from the corruption. Sounds like RICO to me. Glad to see somebody making some noise… the press will follow, don’t be so pessimistic…

      • Rap O'Reilly on September 13, 2013 at 10:28 PM

        Real victims are people who have truly been victimized by the wrongful and wilful conduct of another person. It’s a DISGRACE to our so-called Land of Freedom. This is nothing but a form of CHILD ABUSE in our country. For God’s sake and for our Children’s sake this child abuse must be stopped and the correction needs to begin with our Legal and Family Court systems first. The BIG question is WHEN? email:

      • Mark on September 19, 2013 at 3:32 PM

        My federal lawsuit against my ex-wife,the GAL and my ex-wife’s attorney was also dismissed, but it was on the record, and when my kids are of age, I will tell them I fought for them, and did not abandon them. I went to school to become a Paralegal just to bring suit, to learn procedure, the laws and how to represent myself in court. Also, and I did not know, but the other side can sue for legal fees in a case originating in Federal court, back in Family Court. The court sided with the above named to the tune of approx. $27,000 (where it had only cost me about $800), but left no mechanism to collect. No court order to pay back or under contempt go to jail. So I lost, but won. It cost them $27,000 for a federal court challenge.

      • Sharon on March 27, 2016 at 7:17 AM

        Fill a tort claim against yiur state. Yes while having an active cps case. I use to be a resident of Washington State. I haven’t been for 1 1/2. I’m still just across the river. And its 6yrs and i still have an ongoing cps case in washington state. I took my daughter who was placed with my abuser, and my son who is still a foster child, across state lines. I had to, I had no choice. Not after my son is assaulted by 3 different grown adult men. My son is gang affiliated, and bc he has had to survive. He has criminal charges, and can’t join the marines, my 10 yr old was constantly telling me her father only cares bout his girlfriend and her daughter. My son, more than twice. Everyone ask, how are you not in prison for kidnapping? I say, cps and it’s organization can’t afford to have a criminal judge ask me, do I have anything I like the court to know before my sentencing. Because it opens up pandora box, and some other court actually doing there profession, legally. Now, living through the experience and I have Google and researched washington state law , federal, family, and medical law. And cps staues and protocols. Im confident and totally qualified and completely competent to file suit on behalf of my family and other families. All we have to do is google, Google names which are on are on court documents will pop up if state employees and attorney and judges have been in any state litigation or a civil suit gone to trail, a family court appeals or negligence case against a child. I totally agree, it has taken me 6yrs to locate an office, which a secretary in the Attorney General office, shared similarities. Family. Single mom. And just being a parent or parents have the most difficult time with the most simply decisions. In your state, who DO you file complaints against state agencies and it’s employees.
        This is what I did first, being that my choice in careers was, certified medical assistant. REQUEST YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS, if one thing the smallest is omitted, mislead, any doubt contact your medical quality assurance commission. They will know who is qualified or just never existed , more than likely they are padded. Read read read everything. Google any search for attorneys filling suits against your state. Read those, because if the case went to trail, its public records. Document document. Keep any pieces of paper, notes, post its. Keep everything given. Even if you have to rent a safety deposit box at a bank. Make several duplicates. Read everything before you sign. Who shouldn’t care if your family takes up every one else’s time in court. You must ask questions. Please. Download any application on phone to RECORD WHILE CALLING. On an active call. Video record anything everyone who you have a thought of doubt. Also. This is something we as parents shouldn’t be forced to question. Are own family members, friends, and the attorney paid by the agency who remove and refuse to return. Even when I have COMPLETED COURT ORDERED SERVICES. And if you have your own insurance. Be sure to make sure the agency you receive services, uses your insurance. Do not accept services paid to evaluate, treat or seek therapy. Demand what you need to get your kids back. Read and re-read paperword. Because. One document can contradict itself in the context. Demand your records. And make complaints against any department when you are getting what your entitled to. Barriers not addressed for reunification.
        Last but make it your first. ASK FOR YOUR REUNIFICATION PLAN. CAN’T START WITHOUT A PLAN TO FINISH. BECAUSE IT’S JUST IMPOSSIBLE WHEN, CULTURE, DIVERSITY, STATUS, AND WHO YOU KNOW TAKES AND HOLDS TOGETHER THE THIS FUCKS DOING a job they are overly under qualified to produce any facts. Anything longer than 30 days for fact finding, is room to fabricate facts or request information from primary providers, to build a cps case around you. Hell my mother was at a state mental hospital. YWCA Promoted my birth mother from cleaning bathrooms and stalking ass wipe, to working with children who witness abuse. Smh. There she slipped through a crack and she was on SSI for dipolar, schizophrenic, manic depression. 2015 she assulted my nephew who was an infant. Oh. My half brother gets a cps case. Except they dropped his, when they moved out. Damn. Yet his first child is still in cps custody.
        We all have the same last names. And she did all the allegations. P.s. handwriting must be legible to be valid.
        My goal is to bring down an entire department. 2013 same worker and same judge. Susan serko, for an appeals court in tacoma washington. A litigation against the state and the investigator. Heather Lofgren. And Susan serko. Wtf. Both criminals are on Public record. I uncovered the federal law, RICO. I’m so pissed. I have he there Lofgren in 2011 except in seattle. But I have Susan serko as my judge in seattle.
        Yet the calmness came when I called the judge first because my attorney 2nd attorney, hadn’t returned one fucking call. 35 days.
        She fake worked. Then I decided to call them out. I read. I read it on google. 2 is a pattern, but to continue with intentions. Is a criminal crime. So.
        I called Susan k serko. I said your caught. I caught you and I’m telling you. You are in violation of the RICO ACT. I’M LAUGHING at same time. Because. The more the back tracking to fix what there on contracted mandated reporter was incompetent or legally sane enough to do. My mother was my abuser. And they involved California state. Cali asked me. Why didn’t they just ask us. I said. Because it organized crime. Yet the service provider the contract with, they are not using his recommendations. Which I’m means. Those recommendations are clearly in my favor. To the point my SW isn’t my sw. Laurel Homestead is CFWS. Oh. She was to bridge the housing barrier or gap. Especially since not having a reunification plan was never filed. Fire fire fire any attorney that miss one court appearance. Last. Ask for your state risk management. Call the United states attorney’s general. Any agency recievING federal funding can be complained with the justice department.
        Call your state attorney general. They can give you the agency that simply sues the state and it’s kids aka departments. Also. Tell these state fools though they don’t care as long as they go to a house each night. They don’t get rest at all bc they have nightmares.
        If you don’t have a relationship with your gentic relatives. No problem. That’s conflict of interest.
        They have to speak w ppl who know your family. The parent (s) and your children. Teachers doctors. Period. And forget religious labels. My grandparents are pastors. And they abandoned my children. Bc my birth motger is a narcissistic sociopath who worked in a state subcontractrd agency. God for strength. Bc you won’t get your kids if you don’t have the strength. Get medical records. Bc the medical board will address your complaint.

        • Deborah Parrish on January 13, 2017 at 8:03 AM

          My daughter begged me to go to Washington state because her husband would not help her with my grandson so that she could apply and find employment or even to take a shower. He was an addicted video gamer. She finally succeeded in getting his attention away from the computer to ask him to take care of their son. He said that he would. So she explained that she was putting him in the middle of their bed. She then went to take a shower. She said when she finished and was walking out of the bathroom, she heard muffled cries and it was at that moment that he got up from his chair at the computer and went to take care of the baby. My grandson was 3 months old. After she begged me to come help her, for the next 9 months to go stay with her I agreed. I really thought that maybe she was not communicating well to him. I went to stay with them and have recently found out, (after 4 and 1/2 years that he cut her off from all intimacy as soon as I moved in) and I told him when I arrived that I was there so they could renew their relationship. That when they wanted to go out or spend a weekend together that I would take care of the baby. I cooked. cleaned and cared for my grandson. For over two years I reminded him why I was there. Every time my daughter asked him if he was interested in going places with her, he declined saying that he was playing some game on the computer and was not interested in the offer. After two and a half years he had not taken her out. He never gave her birthday, anniversary, mother’s day cards. Not even Christmas cards. Let alone a gift. He never took her out period, not even for special occasions. He never had time for his son unless somebody asked him to see him. Then he played father of the year. As my grandson got to the toddling stage he became a nuisance to my daughter’s husband. He ignored my daughter’s pleas for him to be a more active father. He actually raised his voice at her many times when she tried to talk to him about it. Usually he would yell “So now I’m a bad father huh?” He intimidated my daughter every time she tried to have a private conversation with him about their marriage and his fathering. She did not go at him as if he was the only one that needed to change and offered to seek help if he would also. He insisted that he didn’t have a problem that she was the problem. Unfortunately she waited on him hand and foot before the baby came and I guess he expected that to continue after the baby came. She took his meals to his computer as he would not go eat with her. My grandson would run or play to loudly and he would speak harshly to him to make him stop. He spent maybe 15 minutes per WEEK with my grandson. My daughter asked him to not expose my grandson to violent shows and games. He ignored her. One year my grandson got some Legos for Christmas and wanted his father to help him put it together. When it was done, my grandson, (as all 3-4 year olds do) knocked it down. His father yelled at him and said “That wasn’t very nice, I’m not helping you do this anymore”! I saw that my grandson could not even be a child while around his father so I started to take him on outings when my daughter was at work and his father was home. I went to Washington because my daughter wanted a divorce and I was going to try to help her fix the marriage. By the end of 2 and 1/2 years, I told my daughter I was not going to say another word about her staying in a marriage that was only hurting her and my grandson. She was always faithful to him and took care of all of his needs as well as making sure that my grandson got to the doctor, made sure he had clothing and haircuts and all of his other needs. His father did not have a thing to do with his care. I told her to try marriage counseling. She found one and her husband would show interest while at the counselor’s office but made very little effort at home. My daughter told him that the counseling was the last thing before she was to divorce him. This was the end of the 3rd year I was there. For two of those years, when he refused I went with her and we took my grandson with us. All of a sudden when we made plans to go somewhere, he acted all butt hurt and invited himself. When he went with us, he always started an argument with my daughter and spoiled the entire night. I finally refused to go out if he was going with. But then he was back to not wanting to go. After the neglect and emotional abuse an old male friend wanted to visit. By this time my daughter was vulnerable and when her friend showed up, a week later he made advances toward her and she succumbed. Her husband caught her and kept her up until 3am, telling her that if she left him that it would not turn out well for her. Two days later he wanted “a family meeting” me, my daughter and him. He wanted her to shame herself to me. I told him she was an adult and I did NOT want to know what happened. After numerous insistence that she do so, He said that this guy is not welcomed in this house again, and he was serious, at which point he pulled a handgun from under his butt and said “and this is how serious I am!” I tried to convince my daughter that we should leave before it escalated. Two weeks later she and I packed up ONLY personal items and not marital possessions. He caught us in the process of moving and again he had my daughter in a 2 hour conversation. We filed a restraining order against him and in retaliation he filed divorce papers. His parents owned a house and could afford to get an attorney for him. I’m on Social Security and strapped for money. In court the judge dismissed the restraining order (because we were no longer living together) the next court appearance was for temporary orders. My daughter was not even allowed to speak for herself and her son. His attorney had the floor through the entire process. Her husband got 6 days every two weeks and she was not allowed to make decisions for his medical or educational needs without the father’s approval. He had never taken an interest all through the child’s life! He was informed all through the child’s life what the doctor said and the care of the child that was needed. In court he claimed that we “kept him in the dark about what was going on with my grandson’s medical needs! In court he also claimed that I was an abusive grandmother! That my daughter was on drugs, and then he got the neighbor (that did not like my daughter and myself because we would not give her the “right” to park in our parking space in front of our garage door) and said she could hear me every night beating my grandson! Needless to say that her now ex-husband was forever browbeating her and accusing her of all kinds of things at the exchange. Washington does not allow video or audio recordings in a divorce. So my daughter did not have a leg to stand on. In court she offered to take a hair follicle drug test if her husband was to pay for it. The court ignored everything she said and took for gospel everything his attorney said. They never confiscated his handgun and was allowed to “give it to his mother” She is stuck in Washington because of the law. And now she doesn’t even get a full week with him as the weeks are broke up. He works six days per week, and my grandson is in school now. It is not even in his best interest for him to go from one home to another when he is in school. But the laws in Washington are set up that both mother and father have equal rights to a child regardless of a parents behavior and input in that child’s life. Unfortunately I have dealt before with the laws regarding children many years ago, when my daughter was molested by a “man” while in the care of my girlfriend in Spokane Washington. By the time I found out it was 4 years later, and I filed an intrastate warrant for his arrest. I got a letter back saying they were dropping the charges in behalf of my daughter because there were two other cases pending and mine was not need to convict him. He got his hand slapped and was let off free and clear. He married somebody that looked like my daughter. His sons have girls and they don’t know about their father’s history. He didn’t even have to file for the sex offenders. I do not think that Washington is a good place to live if you have children. They do not care what is best for the children! Only what is best for the man!

        • Meloney Dollar on October 1, 2017 at 1:34 AM

          ASAP I too have all the same situation in WASHINGTON STATE.

    • udin on May 15, 2014 at 10:27 AM

      Few realize this is the only option we have left. When the courts are corrupt as they are in the u.s. there is no way one can even come close to getting justice.

  13. Joel Johnston on September 7, 2013 at 9:41 AM

    Mike Davis – spoken like a true member of the Bar Association. Name Calling “This Clown” is the first demonstration that you know what they have filed is accurate, even if it runs against the “Norm” of how the Bar feels people should behave against them.

    Title IV-D of Social Security act is what drives this abhorrent behavior, and it appears you may be one of the beneficiaries.

    When a dog protects its children, its seen as natural. When a lion protects its young, its seen as natural. But when a father or mother tries to protect their young in Court, they are seen as clowns. Try to understand that one – which can only be seen in the Circus we call Court.

    • Sharon on March 27, 2016 at 7:28 AM

      Right. This sw said my high school diploma means nothing. I said I’m a certified medical assistant. She says that don’t matter. It wasn’t in th e investigation. I said bc yall aren’t qualified to do detective work. Besides. Your detecting for your cps cause. Stealing kids, false imprisonment extortion child trafficking. I, said bitch. You keep continuing to use these padded medical records. Fluffed. Ok. I will seek criminal charges if my son is hurt one more time.
      This bitch tell gives my child a verbal punch to his face, minor child. Your grandmother is moving back to South Carolina bc she can’t care for herself. This same woman was recently a mandated reporter. My entire case was documented and filed soley on her word coming out. Which I’m sure made no sense bc the sw is narrating herself, refer to herself the sw in 2nd person and me the mother in 2nd. she recently assaulted my infant nephew and cps gave his parents a case. They dropped it. Once they moved out her house. They have to max my son out to 18, hoping my son, daughter and my bond will shatter before then. So, what. They think I’m gona not sue they ass. Bs. I’m taking this to a different level.

  14. Chris Hupy on September 7, 2013 at 8:52 AM

    A federal civil complaint of criminal misconduct has to be addressed by the DOJ, if they decline to prosecute the door is opened for the citizens to bring criminal charges against that person or persons. The DOJ is required to provide support for that prosecution as well.

    Many states have similar statutes, Washington for example if a local County Prosecuting Attorney fails to bring charges then the victim can (if within 2 years) bring the action against the perpetrator in the name of the State and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has to provide necessary support.

    Mr. White brought up the issue of Custodial Interference which in Washington is a Felony but yet our Law Enforcement agencies refuse to investigate much less charge or arrest someone for it, unless of course it involves interstate travel and only the because if they don’t the FBI will.

    I for one have fought hard to change, I have not filed any legal actions but I have served a summons and complaint against a sitting Family Law Commissioner (Jacquline Jeske KCSC) which resulted in the pending protection Order being dismissed against the father and stirred up a huge mess for the Judiciary to clean up or more aptly conceal.

    Actions against the system however ill conceived should and must be supported by all those aggrieved, and I am not saying this lawsuit is ill conceived.

    Chris Hupy
    Superior Court Judges Association

    • Sharon on March 27, 2016 at 7:54 AM

      Wonderful. Judges have an Association they are affiliated with. Mk. Thank yiu. I’m more than happy to tell them also what I told judge Susan K serko. Your in trouble. Your caught. I caught you. 2 is a pattern and with her and Heather Lofgren negligence records. And ongoing repeated behavior. Judge Susan k serko is judge for appeals court tacoma wa. Litigation against state and it’s employee Heather Lofgren are in litigation in 2013 from a negligence case started in 2008.
      Both these germ warfare nukes are on my 2011 cps case. I said you are in violation of the RICO ACT.superior court Judge Susan k serko, is the acting judge in appeals court questioning Heather Lofgren about the 12 medical professionals who are putting this child literally back together. So, with these facts. I left susan a voicemail. Your are engaged and active member or the leader of government organized crime. 1 mistake. But both these bitches. My ca see should’ve been throughout due the the facts from a clear case of the litigation case with Heather Lofgren as investigation sw. Should have questioned the validity and credibility of Heather Lofgren. Yet. I see several judges and commissioners signing court docs. Yet christal Davis GAL Singles out Susan k serko in reference to my son going before her, if he runs away again. She will place him before judge susan k serko. The state of washington and there cps departments and gal and whomever contracted service providers. Don’t need to even remotely need to fake a job they simple don’t qualify for. Who’s the states parents??, we’ll these kids cheated through school. So start from PRE-K “BILLY MADISONS” and do your own work.
      I hate the state of washington. I don’t know what’s worse. Being raped by a state employee. Or raped over 6yrs, by state agencies, but without the penetration of an actual penis.

  15. Chris Hupy on September 7, 2013 at 8:40 AM

    Whether this action gets summarily dismissed by the US District Court or not it is a good effort, the system must change.

    Realistically I could change a few names and file this in King County (Seattle, Washington) the problems that have been detailed are the same, will this break the camels back? don’t know but at least it is a effort.

    Fathers don’t run away from “Fathers rights” groups, most victims of the system listen to their lawyers who say things like “we can’t do that because it will make you look like an abuser…” or “calling attention to the private providers or Judicial Officers is not how we do business…” or “don’t worry DVPT is like counseling and we all could do with some counseling right?” and with their parental rights in jeopardy they follow the advice.

    If change is going to happen each and every father (or mother) who is abused by the system must take some steps to hold those responsible accountable and this is NOT the other parent! In my case as with many the other parent suffers from a mental illness (BPD, Narcissistic, Sociopath) the responsible parties are the Judges, the GAL’s, the Private for profit providers, the BAR members, Law Enforcement.

    If every parent who do something, file a complaint, file a lawsuit, sue a Judge change would start to happen.

    The Ivory tower these Judicial Officers sit in is NOT without access, you can sue a Judge few do this because it is very hard to sue for monetary relief because this is what absolute and qualified immunity protection provides. Nothing protects a Judge from Declaratory Judgement or Injunctive Relief. Prevail in a Declaratory action and that Judge loses their retirement package.

    None of this is easy, often even your supporters will criticize the effort but change has to start somewhere.

    I support these efforts by the CCFC.

    Chris Hupy
    Superior Court Judges Association

    • Rap O'Reilly on September 12, 2013 at 8:30 AM

      Why is our Legal system and the Courts turning a blind eye towards false allegations of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse? A Domestic Violence charge and Child Sexual Abuse charge is far too serious to be trivialized by false allegations, which are rarely prosecuted on the flimsy ground that prosecuting false accusers would deter real victims. Real victims are people who have truly been victimized by the wrongful and wilful conduct of another person. The Law Enforcement physically forces someone out of their primary residence and forces them to be prosecuted and threatens with imprisonment for a crime they did not commit. It’s a DISGRACE to our so-called Land of Freedom. We need to take care of this very important form of CHILD ABUSE in our country. For God’s sake and for our Children’s sake, let’s stop this and do something to correct our Legal and Family Court systems. email:

      • amelia on August 10, 2014 at 10:19 PM

        I want to assign up to help, why can’t s we sue our state, If we can prove the corruption, which i can regarding my case,i have all the evidence.. please email me,

        • Meloney Dollar on October 1, 2017 at 1:54 AM


    • Sharon on March 27, 2016 at 8:16 AM

      Please tell me. I was thinking since these sw are asked in a singular pronoun directed at them. What are your responsibilities as the sw in this case. The individual is questioned. These idiots answer with. The responsibility of the “DEPARTMENT ”
      omg. And it was 12 no’s Heather Lofgren answered to the medical doctors who cared for adin. His father is sentenced to 25 yrs. Ok. Heather Lofgren actions caused further damage to a child with an open case already. A doctor calked and she what. Was too tired tobgetbout her safe pillow top memory foam bed. Why the hell does she have immunity from a crime committed for a job she went to college for. Oooo. Point me to the government benifits line. Cuz that’s basically what social human services means to me. I don’t want these angelina jolie pitt Wana be groupies trying to be humanitarians. Join the peace corps.
      Oh. You couldn’t handle the truth. Hard work perseverance and
      Social human services certificate with accumulated credits. Wow. Associates degree aka general degree. 2 more years at community college equals an accumulation of credits getting a master in general studies. WelL. Danielle Terry from GREATER LAKES MENTAL HEALTH confirmed this general degree of college classes. Not career specific credentials. Does any if these sw have and early childhood development, or English 90 because. I’ve red marked up the investigator Heather Lofgren report. She is narrating herself as the social worker. And her dates ain’t yea ain’t in sequence… 1,2,3,4,5,6, And Really. All the Scarecrows in all of the WiZARD OF OZ OR WIZ MOVIES had NO FUCKING BRAIN no thought no comprehension and was smarter than these impersonators. All the characters knew they had to see the.

    • Sharon on March 27, 2016 at 8:27 AM

      Thank you. So. File individually against this public service employees. Can I file a restraining order and protection order. My son has tried to shot himself. My son is sixteen. Sw says he has the right to say where he want to live, yet. I’m asking for an interstate transfer and an expedited hearing. Why these bozo the clowns aren’t even acknowledging im still alive. They know I know. They know I’m not being nice. They know I’m getting more vocal. Especially when I cross state lines. I’m so desperate for a different state. Sorry. But my resident status is here Pdx. Oregon . They encourage me which helped my self esteem. Especially when everyone to afraid to out the person who made the allegations. Bc they will become a target of debra commandest.

  16. Marisa Ringel on September 5, 2013 at 1:33 AM

    Very well written press release. Hats off to Cole Stuart and the California Coalition for Families and Children (CCFC) for their care, courage, commitment to ethics, and perseverance.

  17. jameswhiteforgovernor on September 4, 2013 at 8:32 AM

    I have spent the last 16 yrs trying to get help in Washington State. I have only seen my son 3 times in the last 9yrs even after I have proven custodial interference which is a felony in Washington. I had my son kept from after confronting judge George Bowden of snohomish county in Washington state about calling the sheriff and telling him to stay out of my case. I have had my second ammendment rights taken away without ever being charged with a crime. I have testified infront of congress and even wrote a bill which sits and collects dust and when all of that failed I ran for Governor of washington state so people could hear the about the corruption in family courts and the blatant constitutional violations that occur on a daily basis and yes I have this all documented. This is just a brief summary of the hell I have been through trying to be a good father and no I do not have a criminal record,no I do not drink or use drugs, and no I have not threatend or used violence and yes I have lost faith in our judicial system.
    James White

    • Rap O'Reilly on September 12, 2013 at 8:09 AM

      Why is our Legal system and the Courts turning a blind eye towards false allegations of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse? A Domestic Violence charge and Child Sexual Abuse charge is far too serious to be trivialized by false allegations, which are rarely prosecuted on the flimsy ground that prosecuting false accusers would deter real victims. Real victims are people who have truly been victimized by the wrongful and wilful conduct of another person. The Law Enforcement physically forces someone out of their primary residence and forces them to be prosecuted and threatened with imprisonment for a crime they did not commit. It’s a DISGRACE to our so-called Land of Freedom. We need to take care of this very important form of CHILD ABUSE in our country. For God’s sake and for our Children’s sake, let’s stop this and do something to correct our Legal and Family Court systems. email:

    • Sharon on March 27, 2016 at 9:36 AM

      James white for governor. I’m not trying to be rude. I took both my children across to Portland. Yea. I did a parental interference with the state. my daughter wants to run away from her dad’s because she said she isn’t loved. My daughter can express neglect from her father. And she can draw pics i find randomly she leaves behind after she visuts with me and feels love and nuture and safety with mommy. My son is 16 yrs. I’m sure after 6 yrs running away to get back to mommy. So no physical abuse still not acknowledged still by both chikdren. The trauma and severe intentional abuse is soley the actions of state employees blanketed by the state of washington. No comment. Yes I took my children. And I’m going to get them again. My daughter is not going to be a pregnant 12yrs old. My son, I’m not going to burry my child bc of an accidently overdose bc he is self medicating with drugs n alcohol. I raised my voice but it wasn’t directed at him. as expressed my explosive anger and pain. I know what it is to self medicate. Why be surrounded the mother who fucked me up physically mentally emotionally and the aunt who kept standing beside her sister at western state hospital in lakewood washington or the grandparents who are christian pastors at canty memorial church in sumter south carolina. Why do i have to, who should i accept abuse and live unhappy all the time. Debra never stopped. She stopped once i had no children. She assumed im not a mommy bc i dont have what she cant see. I have what she could never feel. The capability to form healthy bonds which build relationships. My children are my unconditional love. I was abused by my mother who worked as a mandated reporter for 16yrs for cps YWCA womens domestic violence shelter and legal services. And the HOPE CENTER on 19th and sprauge . Hilltop washington. I was avoiding them tracing my daughters metro phone. I fucked up and panicked when my Obama phone died and called from my baby girl metro number. O well. Thomas the train always says. Try try try. I think I can I think I can. I’m going to. This time. I’m coming from behind them and will be waiting on my turn for my claim to be addressed yet not promised the risk management department will accept my tort claim.
      I really would like to know if and why the state of washington didn’t arrest me for kidnapping. I’m don’t think I’m charged. I’d have to be in prison right?
      I’ve lost faith. I’m looking to a better future. TaKing my American money and becoming a canadian citizen.
      Unless mr. White, you are who and what you really need to be for your boys. you have to prove. Because I’m telling you. I refuse to vote anyone else in any government state office. . Sucks huh. The state just don’t do shit. But does plenty to ruin generations.
      Power is in numbers. Self awareness and factual information is imparative. Detrimental.
      And no one should be forced to just accept, when everyone can be, is, willing. Typically communities are uninformed. And cultural heritages place barriers indirectly with what they heard or were told. Not what they had read for themselves or experienced themselves. We have to take this all the way Mr. White. When gaining trust of any community who is a target for illegal criminal activity.
      Visual aids. case numbers replaced names and with faces similar faces of families of success cases or litigations… Everyone needs to see what we all see in a reflection of a mirror. Someone we see who look like us. We have to relate. I’m biracial. It always gona be an issues. My iwn mother discriminated me because my skin wasnt BLACK ENOUGH, MY HAIR DIDNT REQUIRE A CHEMICAL RELAXER. My mother believed id have a better life and better man, bc my skin complection is only shades lighter. Im brown still. It shouldn’t have to continue to be about color. But it is about cultures. If we acknowledge the culture and cultural heritage we will have a more productive community which produces an effective society.
      Knowledge is so powerful. It caused everyone to be ” silent bob” continue to cover up, bc, they broke the law. And on my case. Susan k serko, christal davis, laurel Homestead, supervisor lisa winters, tracey Munger attorney, delores SANDROS idk. Her name isn’t legible. NONVALID. REVOKED RETURN for LEGIT READABLE SIGNATURE. TRY AGAIN
      A society that we are leaving either way, cannot be left to burden our children’s childrens future generations of my, yours, theirs and our children and families being, billion dollar payments. And replace child administration with ppl of our communities. Who work with children who want children who have children, have their grandchildren. Just like jury selection for a criminal trail.
      I’d love to be actively involved in politics something just as meaningful as having a gift to have healthy children

  18. Lisa Brown on August 29, 2013 at 6:34 PM

    Judges need to be elected, not appointed, and certainly NOT tenured. Family court is obviously no better in CA then it is in NJ, or any other Lifetime Alimony state, where the state profits from the wages garnished.

    • udin on May 15, 2014 at 10:36 AM

      judges in nc are elected and as equally corrupt. The fact is no subject matter juridiction there is no need for the court to hear the case.

    • Daniel Siebold on September 21, 2018 at 11:45 PM

      Lisa brown, youre quite the one to talk….. JUDGE LISA BROWN FAMILY COURT DEPT T…. your day of reckoning will be here soon for you are one of the corrupt systems BIGGEST criminals… daily take kickbacks from crooked evil attorneys whos clients are the abusers and the innocent child you take from the protective parent and give them to the sociopathic abuser who is only fighting for the child due to their narcissistic injury of the good parents exposing them

  19. Bruce Eden, Civil Rights Director, Dads Against Discrimination, on August 29, 2013 at 1:10 PM

    Specifically, you should focus on the worthlessness of purported safeguards, these being, for example, reargument/rehearing/reconsideration motions, motions to vacate for fraud, motions to disqualify and for disclosure, requests for oversight by supervisory judges, mandamus/prohibition proceedings, appeals, federal lawsuits, complaints to the Commission on Judicial Conduct and attorney disciplinary bodies, complaints to the Chief Judge, Chief Administrative Judge, and to the Inspector General of the Unified Court System, complaints to the state’s Attorney General and his “Public Integrity Bureau”, complaints to district attorneys, and to U.S. Attorneys and the FBI, etc., complaints to other public officers – most importantly, to state legislators and state legislative committees, as, for instance, the Assembly and Senate Judiciary Committees – entreaties to the press, to academia, to bar associations, etc.

    They put all these worthless safeguards into place to replace private citizens from suing judges for monetary damages. None of the safeguards have worked or currently worked. In fact, the US Supreme Court ruled that judges can act maliciously, fraudulently and corruptly, and still maintain absolute judicial immunity. This is absurd, if not insane. Why would we Americans allow public officials, who take oaths to uphold, support & defend the US and respective state constitutions, and allow those same public officials such immunity to violate people’s rights that these public officials swore to uphold. Violating constitutional oaths of office constitutes felony official misconduct, pattern of civil rights violations, and warrants impeachment of any and all public officials (e.g., specifically corrupt, fraudulent and malicious judges) and forfeiture of their pensions to those whose rights have been violated.

    • harold w. mullins on January 11, 2014 at 7:19 PM

      check mar. of mullins ca superior court san diego d523959/ds33307 cd copies available (619) 829-6954

  20. Ralph Scott on August 29, 2013 at 1:03 PM

    It was only a matter of time. Take note Anti-Family Court personnel: Your days of corruption are numbered.

    Been devastated by Anti-Family Court decisions? We want to hear from you! Tell your story now at We’re going for 500 stories by Dec. 31st of this year. Then it’s off to some very high profile journalists. Don’t be left out. TELL YOUR STORY NOW.

  21. Lee Kallett on August 29, 2013 at 9:51 AM

    The unjust laws across the country need to be changed. Judges have too much discretion. More guidelines need to be put in place. This is my alimony horror story. In the no fault divorce state of Florida, the ex had many adulterous affairs with other women (while pregnant with the second and last child) and including her incestuous relationship with her own 20 year old cousin later. She gets rewarded for this and her changed sexual orientation with lifetime alimony by the Hillsborough County Court (Tampa Case No: 05-DR-013627) and I get punished financially. How is this right and just? It certainly isn’t and the time to fix such an injustice is now. The duplicity continues and she blogs and writes as well as conducts her day to day life under an assumed last name, only using her legal last name on the driver’s license and to cash the hefty checks I write. If you are outraged about this avaricious hypocrite, please get involved to fight the unjust alimony laws around the country. There is no reason why a judge can’t order her to return to the workforce. She is a four year university graduate. The children are adults. There’s no reason why an able bodied, healthy, educated woman can’t be instructed by new law and guidelines to fully financially support herself. Elvina and Lee Kallett of St. Pete Beach, FL – Pays lifetime alimony to woman unable to remarry

    Lee Kallett of St. Pete Beach, FL – Pays $4K in permanent alimony to lesbian ex-wife
    This is Lee Kallett and Elvina Kallett. He pays permanent alimony to a woman who left the marriage because she chose to live a lesbian

  22. Mike Davis on August 27, 2013 at 9:02 PM

    So,,, This clown from the CCFC thinks filing a civil complaint is magically going to produce a criminal prosecution? And this circus act — which will be summarily dismissed for lack of standing — is somehow newsworthy to you?

    No wonder most sane fathers run the other direction rather than be seen anywhere close to so-called father’s rights groups like yours.

    • NCFM on August 27, 2013 at 10:16 PM

      Those involved in this case have some legitimate concerns regardless of whether the case will be dismissed or not. Those concerns range from excessive fees for custody evaluations to custody evaluators falsifying reports and lying about their qualifications while the court system turns a blind eye. If nothing else making this information as public as possible causes the judiciary to consider their behavior which left unchecked, unchallenged, closeted, and behind closed doors gives license to abuse. No one in their right mind with any experience at all with judicial systems thinks judicial officers are Gods, except perhaps those dependent upon them for their livelihood. Frankly, it’s no wonder more fathers, sane or otherwise, don’t run to organizations like these. And, if you look at our website you will see that NCFM is not a Father’s Rights Group, it’s a Men’s Issues Group. However, fathers rights is certainly one of our issues. You are right though, the case will probably be dismissed. After all why would any judge diss their own when there’s so much money at risk…

      • Sharon on March 27, 2016 at 10:26 AM

        I agree 1,000,000%
        It’s public record once filed. Being filed and then dismissed. Is worse than never possibly existing
        Thank you
        For your community support
        I support your cause
        Need more support groups for Men
        these issues attack men for truly caring and loving themselves
        We have to love ourselves
        To understand what it feels to show love
        Actions louder than words.
        The systems says what an entire manual considered all forms of abuse. Yet there actions are RICO ACT VIOLATIONS
        Especially when my own insurance is bullied out of its purpose intended. For yet again another state facility posting a payment also known as BRIBERY. For services already recievING prior to allegations. And still no facts.
        Insuring myself as a consumer and a human, with rights to health care and living a safe and healthy lifestyle

    • Tony Thompson on August 29, 2013 at 3:05 AM

      What are you doing about the crisis Mike Davis? I for one, am a father running in the CCFC direction since being made aware of the lawsuit. It’s great news for me, and bad for the system, citizens demanding effective government, what a consept huh?

    • Jane on September 9, 2013 at 1:20 PM

      Mike Davis; the civil rights movement started much the same way…with ignorant comments from “clowns” with interests to protect.

    • Sharon on March 27, 2016 at 10:08 AM

      Mike Davis or michael.
      You should really go post on FACEBOOK you fatherless man-boi. Why do you get pleasure attacking men for what women typically get irrational for. Dead beat dads… your just as ignorant and stupid for what? Because, you lack empathy, sympathy, possibly a child of your own. Bottom line your jealous. Only an abandoned boy, would reach out and use a for real fake name. Damn. You tried too hard. Really. With a comment like that, first and last name. I’d totally bully a person so. Vein and shallow. Where is your wife. How bout girl friend. So your a defect. Yet. We can’t send yiu back to your father’s nut sack. Because you feel you just down right, entitled to your child.
      Wait l, do have children? And where are your children. Ok. Your that dad, your own children don’t want to be any where near. Your an embarrassment to sperms donors. Sperms donors still want their rights to their child. And your the insane one, and all the incompetent dad’s like yourself. Hang with favars who are only favars.
      It takes a real man to be a daddy. Cuz u have to get dirty to play with kids.!!!
      Also, you ReTard, enough is going to be enough. Yes, it will become enough.
      1+20 = 21. Keep adding.
      It becomes TRIPLE digits.
      Make enough noise, enough daddies and mommies.
      So delete your goofy looking pic you chimo. Because you just disrespected you mother and father. O your own abandonment is with your own daddy.
      Quit whinning, your too soft. That’s why you can’t hang with this all men’s group. Mike davis

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