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State Representative AND domestic violence advocate Brenda Kupchick arrested in family fight…nah, yes, really, go figure, hey(!), it happens!

August 26, 2013

domestic violenceNCFM NOTE: Domestic violence…well,  “It’s a family matter; it’s personal,” said her husband…”You don’t know anything about the situation,” said Kupchick’s sister Fabrizi… “Every family has occasional disagreements,” said State Rep. Brenda Kupchick, “I will always put the best interests of my family and my family’s children first,” she added… really? Might be considered denial if Jupchick had a penis. As the saga unfolds will the good State Senator be ordered into a 52 batterer intervention program? Maybe a batterer intervention program provided by one of her favorite nonprofits like the Center for Women and Families? Will she have to register as a DV perp? Nah, the DA will find a way not to prosecute. Story will die in a day or two. Though Bridgeport’s domestic violence operatives will surely rally to somehow blame it all on a man? Clearly sister on sister violence is caused by “The Patriarchy.” We are surprised that husband Peter has not heard the domestic violence is no longer a “family matter” since it’s against the public good. We don’t really know anything about the situation other than two women got into a fight, at least one got scratched up, and one was arrested. And, yes, from the scant information it does appear to be a family disagreement, maybe even an occasional one. No suggestion in the article below that anyone got seriously hurt, nothing broken, no blood on the pearls of perfectly coiffed hair. Maybe, just maybe, Kupchick will have an epiphany of some sort after spending a few hours with the “sea of prostitutes and drug addicts.” Maybe she’ll rethink some of the laws she helped pass, the ones the make it easy to destroy otherwise intact families. You know, the ones that have an occasional disagreement, a personal one, the ones where no one really got hurt… you know. Regardless, we sincerely wish all involved the best. We hope that whatever difference they have that family will prevail over the Domestic Violence Industry.


BRIDGEPORT — A law and order state representative from Fairfield was ordered to turn over her gun Monday following her arrest on charges of assaulting her younger sister.

State Rep. Brenda Kupchick, who has supported tougher treatment for domestic violence defendants, had nothing to say following her arraignment in the Golden Hill Street courthouse on third-degree assault and disorderly conduct charges.

“It’s a family matter; it’s personal,” said her husband, Peter, as he put an arm around Kupchick’s shoulders and guided her out a side door of the courthouse following the brief court hearing.

The perfectly coiffed Kupchick, 48, earlier stood out among the sea of prostitutes and drug addicts in the main arraignment court. She was the only one there wearing pearls.

As uncomfortable as Kupchick seemed in the courtroom, many of the court staff seemed equally uncomfortable to have her there because of her support on the same laws she is now accused of breaking. For the last half a dozen years she has worked closely with the regional Center for Women and Families, which counsels victims of domestic abuse.

Standing before Superior Court Judge John Cronan, Kupchick admitted she recently got a gun and has a temporary permit for it. The judge ordered her to turn it over to police.

Cronan also ordered Kupchick to stay away from her sister, 42-year-old Lisa Fabrizi, who was charged with disorderly conduct in the incident.

The next court date was scheduled for Sept. 11.

“You don’t know anything about the situation,” Fabrizi said as she left the courtroom following her arraignment.

Police said Kupchick attacked her sister, scratching Fabrizi’s face, following a family picnic at Kupchick’s Farist Road, Fairfield, home Saturday night.

Police said the dispute briefly turned physical about 10:30 p.m. Saturday as Kupchick attempted to “prevent her sister from doing something not in her best interest,” according to the report on the incident.

“Every family has occasional disagreements,” Kupchick said in a brief statement Monday afternoon. “My sister and I had a personal disagreement as she was leaving my house on Saturday following a family picnic.

“I will always put the best interests of my family and my family’s children first,” she added. “We are appreciative of the professionalism and discretion of the Fairfield Police Department and are working through this as a family, and we hope everyone will respect our privacy.”

Police sources quoted Kupchick family friends as saying Kupchick, a second term Republican legislator representing the 132nd District and her sister had recently been having contentious relationship possibly regarding a third person.

No other details were available.

Kupchick serves on the Public Safety, Housing, and Program Review and Investigations committees in the state house. In the town of Fairfield, she previously was a member of the Representative Town Meeting, the Board of Education and the Parks and Recreation Commission.

CTPost Staff writer Ken Dixon contributed to this report

national coalition for men

Domestic violence is caused by patriarch like cats cause hair.

Regardless of what the DV Industry would like you to believe, women can be responsible for domestic violence all by themselves, in fact they cause at least half of it and some research shows they cause most of it!

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2 Responses to State Representative AND domestic violence advocate Brenda Kupchick arrested in family fight…nah, yes, really, go figure, hey(!), it happens!

  1. greg on August 26, 2013 at 8:49 PM

    If the Laws she pushed for, Destroy her, then their is a semblance of justice.

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