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ScienceDaily reports that A Man’s Occupation Linked to Time Spent On Housework

August 15, 2013


NCFM NOTE: Thank you NCFM Baja Liaison Robert Yourell for referring us to this article… also, as far as I know single Dads have been supporting families and doing housework regardless of studies, though this study is interesting was it worth the $$$.

A Man’s Occupation Linked to Time Spent On Housework, Study Finds

Aug. 13, 2013 — A woman’s work is never done — or so the saying goes. Though women still do about two thirds of household chores, the division of labor may depend on what her mate does for a living.

New research by University of Notre Dame Sociologist Elizabeth Aura McClintock shows that when married or cohabiting men are employed in heavily female occupations — like teaching, childcare work, or nursing — they spend more time doing housework, compared to when they are employed in traditionally male jobs. In addition, their wives or partners spend less time doing housework, compared to when the men work in heavily-male occupations.

Examining data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics for the years 1981-2009, McClintock also found that when married or cohabiting women work in traditionally female jobs they increase the amount of time they spend on housework, compared to when they are employed in heavily-male occupations, while their husbands or partners decrease the amount of time they spend on this type of activity.

“Importantly, occupational sex composition is largely unrelated to housework for single men or women, suggesting that occupation influences housework through interactions and negotiations between romantic partners,” says McClintock.

McClintock will present the study, “Gender-Atypical Occupations and Time Spent on Housework: Doing Gender or Doing Chores?,” at the 108th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association.

American Sociological Association (2013, August 13).

A man’s occupation linked to time spent on housework, study finds. ScienceDaily. Retrieved 


Housework, chores, work, it’s a man’s life.

Housework is true male privilege.

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One Response to ScienceDaily reports that A Man’s Occupation Linked to Time Spent On Housework

  1. Partridge on August 15, 2013 at 4:37 PM

    The reason women generally do more housework than men is because they always believe more housework needs to be done. A man might feel that the vacuum cleaner is needed only once a month (once every two months if he lives alone), whereas his female partner would have it out at least twice a week, otherwise the place would be uninhabitable. And the reason for this is because women are more house-proud, and always have been, ever since humanity lived in caves and bamboo huts.

    Female privilege has always required that women live in opulent luxury and safety whilst their men’s lives are put at risk in dangerous occupations to protect and provide for their women. This still goes on today, the only difference being that women claim the safe easy jobs as their own, while expecting men to the housework in addition to all the hard dangerous work. They claim to be oppressed, whilst claiming ever more privilege for themselves as of right.

    The day of reckoning is near, ladies.

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