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NCFM Award Winner Cathy Young article “What About Men’s Rights”

August 15, 2013

men's rightsValley Advocate Guest Column: What About Men’s Rights?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

By Cathy Young

Never mind the “war on women:” according to growing numbers of activists and authors, it’s men's rightsmales in modern Western society who are under siege and whose rights need defending. Is this the next frontier for gender justice or a woman-hating backlash? Men’s advocacy raises worthy issues that often draw unfair ridicule. Unfortunately, it is also prone to toxic rhetoric that subverts its valid points and alienates potential supporters.

To many, the very notion of men’s issues or men’s rights seems laughable. But if women were dying in 90 percent of workplace fatalities and three out of four suicides, would we not see such numbers as troubling—and as legitimate women’s issues?

Unlike racial profiling of minorities, the disproportionate targeting of males by law enforcement gets no attention (women account for more than a third of illegal drug use, but fewer than 15 percent of arrests). And, while men are often presumed dangerous to children, actual female molesters tend to get lenient treatment. Attempts to restrict abortion are decried as patriarchal control over female reproduction, yet there is virtually no recognition of ways in which current policies treat paternity as a public resource. Men coerced into unwilling fatherhood must still pay child support. Even those tricked into supporting children they didn’t father find little recourse. On the flip side, divorced fathers often feel they are treated more as wallets than as parents.

Even when imbalances that disadvantage men or boys —such as male academic underachievement—become the subject of concern, such concerns are often viewed with suspicion as potential attacks on women.

men's rightsMany feminists (of both sexes) claim that the answer to men’s issues is feminism. Male adversities, they argue, stem from patriarchal norms that feminism opposes, including the stereotype that women are better parents or the stigma against men showing weakness. Feminist battles against sex discrimination have sometimes focused on the rights of males, from equal parental leave to benefits for husbands of female veterans. Yet, with few exceptions, feminists have balked at any pro-equality advocacy that would support men in male-female disputes, acknowledge that women can mistreat men, or undermine female advantage.

Is a men’s rights movement the answer? Unfortunately, any movement championing one gender seems doomed to devolve into victim politics and demonization of the other sex. Some leading men’s rights websites such as A Voice for Men offer a steady diet of vulgar woman-bashing that discredits any valid points they may make.

Perhaps what the 21st century needs is not a women’s movement (which was once essential to secure basic rights) or a men’s movement, but a gender equality movement. The problem today is not a “war” on anyone, but rather biases that limit and hurt both sexes in different ways, and the challenges of adapting to new rules and new roles. Men and women, we’re all in this together. Let’s act as though we know that.•

Cathy Young is a contributing editor at Reason magazine and a columnist at The Boston Globe.

Vote Men’s Rights! Vote Men’s Rights! Vote Men’s Rights!

men's  rights

Vote Men’s Rights! Vote Men’s Rights! Vote Men’s Rights!

Vote Men’s Rights! Vote Men’s Rights! Vote Men’s Rights!

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5 Responses to NCFM Award Winner Cathy Young article “What About Men’s Rights”

  1. Acid Kritana on May 15, 2020 at 2:46 PM

    I am a an MRA. I’m doing some research on different aspects of Men’s Rights Activism and would like to know your view point. Here’s some questions: What do you think about men in general? Straight men? Gay men? Trans men (Female-to-Male)? Anything else?
    Also, I’m trying to start my own Men’s Rights Group. What should I keep in mind?
    I will also be making a Men’s Shelter (for men, boys, and fathers with children who have been domestically abused), so what should I keep in mind?
    Thanks for your time.

    • NCFM on May 16, 2020 at 8:33 AM

      We don’t distinguish between men based on sexual identity or preference.
      If you would like to start your own MRA group good luck. If you become a member of NCFM we may be able to help you start a chapter depending on who you are, where you are, and if you have the proper motivation and skills.
      Good luck starting a shelter for men and boys. It’s easier now than ever but still difficult to get government funding, although not impossible. Easier if you are independently wealthy and use your own money.

  2. AttilaTheHun on October 10, 2013 at 7:58 PM

    What am I missing? She somewhat acknowledges that there is a gender bias and a problem, but then discounts AVFM and all other sites because some of the writers are pissed at the women and legal system that screwed them. Cam up blame them? I guess the pissed off writers are just supposed to take it an not complain. She sounds sorta like a feminist to me.

    • Yarbles on May 8, 2014 at 10:37 AM

      “Sorta sounds like a feminist to me”
      McCarthy died in ’57, so this cliche is at least 60 years old. Trollin?

      • NCFM on May 12, 2014 at 6:18 PM

        When Cathy received our award AVfM did not exist. Regardless, it would be extremely difficult to put her in the feminist camp. She has been fighting for MRA’s longer than most people in the movement.

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