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Women Who Occupy San Diego and Sexual Harassment – Dingos devouring their own after an injury

August 27, 2013

sexual harassmentOne of our NCFM members reported that Women Who Occupy San Diego has a website with a poster, Violence Against Women No More Excuses! Stop It Now! Then it says on their website, “The recent spotlight on sexual harassment in San Diego is indicative of what women endure every day, in all areas of our lives. Women Occupy San Diego kicks off their campaign, No More Excuses. Stop it now! 

The “recent spotlight” being on San Diego’s can’t-keep-his-hands-to-himself ex-Mayor Bob Filner. It’s the juxtaposition that’s intriguing. Violence, by definition, “the use of physical force to injure somebody…” Here, then, for the Women Who Occupy, sexual harassment is violence even in the absence of the use of physical force to injure — another assault on the lexicon of human behavior.

Really? Wow, who knew? Every woman everyday is sexually harassed! That has to stop! Thank you Women Who Occupy. I guess they would know. From the pictures on their website it appears most of these ladies are retired living the good life with nothing better to do than band together, sing, and wave banners after finding a parking space for their Beamers. I don’t know about you but I think each of these women should sue somebody for emotional harm. Or, maybe they did, sue somebody, which is why they are happy, singing, and driving Beamers all paid for by their six figure settlement. Regardless, thank you for what you do; sexual harassment can be devastating, even if it doesn’t happen to every woman every day…

These stalwart women are also “dedicated to creating an equitable economic system.” Please, help them help us. Women now occupy over half the workforce, they own over 50% of small business, control 2/3 of America’s wealth, spend 85% of all disposable income, consume 85% of all toilet paper (environmentalists for sure), and as a minority group with over 50% of the population in America women qualify for federal set aside contracts (freebies worth billions); and, they have all that free time to sing and protest. So, thank you ladies, thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do for the under-served and oppressed — men. And, may I say, it’s about time you did something for us.

It’s a good thing violence and sexual harassment against men is nonexistent. But if there were any violence and sexual harassment against men, I’m absolutely certain these women would be equally concerned with economic and social justice for men too.

Bless their little hearts…

AFTERTHOUGHT: Mr. Filner’s aberrant behavior is indicative of many things, including a character disorder. However, throughout his political career which spans more than 20 years he has voted for every social reform conjured up by radical feminists. The National Organization of Women supported his mayoral campaign yet fell silent when accusations of sexual harassment surfaced. In true fashion, when facts and truth won’t suffice, here again come those who profess concern for social justice with nothing more than the ability to exploit a friends demise to promote feminist fantasies, it’s not even good spin. Dingos devouring their own after an injury… disgusting as are Filner’s peccadilloes.

national coalition for men

Sexual harassment is not murder.

Regardless, sexual harassment is wrong.

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