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NCIS new season is anything but fiction considering Pauley Perrette’s war against her ex-husband and millions in public money misspent by LA City & County helping her.

September 22, 2013
pauley perrette

Click on Pauley Pig-tails for more information and to help free Coyote Shivers.

NCIS new season is anything but fiction considering Pauley Perrette’s war against her ex-husband and millions in public money spent by LA City & County helping her.

Television’s most popular show, “NCIS” and forensic lab rat character Abby Scuito, AKA Pauley Perrette, has been busy in real life waging war against her ex-husband. No news there, right? How about this…

Perrette and her well paid, star struck, often ideologically impaired, perjuring complicit crew of co-conspirators, has for the last ten years relentlessly persecuted Perrette’s ex-husband, Francis “Coyote” Shivers — might make a good series. Are you listening CBS?

They; Perrette and crew, committed a plethora of criminal acts and compromised public officials including judges, prosecutors, and police officers. Clownish but effective conspiracies played out like bad B movies linking high-profile attorneys, Hollyweird publicists, and private investigators to the stars. “They” don’t want the truth known; want business as usual, want to abuse without sanction. But now exposed like rats in hidey holes, they are scurrying around trying to avoid exterminators…

Mr. Shivers has had his property confiscated by Perrette and the Courts, been subjected to one false criminal complaint after another, suffered fabricated restraining orders, and endured incarceration over trumped-up and manufactured violations. Yet Shivers stands tall on the truth, again risking incarceration, for no reason other than reporting his horrific persecution to the world. The court has threatened him with contempt if he talks to anyone but his attorney about his persecution… land of the free, pursuit of happiness, free speech, due process, innocent until proven guilty — maybe some other country.

Year after year the courts repeatedly disallowed Mr. Shivers the opportunity to present evidence on his behalf, and ignored his claims of Perrette’s crimes and the crimes of her well paid cohorts. Records were as barren as a 50-year-old Women Studies professor except for the fabrications and contrivances of the villainous war waged against Shivers. No more. The truth is now open to public scrutiny having been included in a court declaration by Mr. Shivers: 130808 Submitted Declaration of Francis Shivers

What Shivers’ Declaration made public was astounding, historic, and hopefully the end of Pauley Perrette‘s reign of terror. That is, after six months of investigation, over 1,000 hours of work, interviewing many people, and reviewing thousands of documents, on July 31st a massive 250 page, four-inch thick, almost five pounds of a public corruption complaint was filed with the Los Angeles County Grand Jury by AVoiceForMen. The complaint comes with a CD storing over 1,500 pages of evidence and support documentation, including audio and video files. You can read the cover letter here: 130731 Cover Letter to Grand re Pauly Perrette complaint. And, it’s just the beginning… Many more complaints will follow. One can only wonder at this point, just how many will fall or go to jail as a result of this sickening circus.

One involved in the investigation summed it up this way, “The combination of the abuse, misuse, manipulation, and exploitation of the restraining order process by Perrette and her cohorts, combined with the compromise of public officials is perhaps the most egregious example of the abuse of this process in the history of the California and should be the catalyst for legislative change and complete reform of the restraining order processes in the state. This is restraining order abuse on “steroids.”

Understand that all this started because accusations of domestic (intimate partner) violence or even a vague “feeling” of “emotional abuse” or “harassment” require little or no proof to secure a restraining order or have someone arrested. Once an arrest occurs or a restraining order issues, the lives of many can be irrevocably changed for the worse, forever, and often ending in murder or suicide. In the process, like in Shiver’s case, the falsely accused can lose everything, family, friends, associates; real and personal property, job, career, reputation, and even his freedom.

Try and keep it in perspective. Shivers ex-wife was bitter over Shivers filing for divorce. Sullied by rejection, Perrette attempted to manipulate the judicial process in a vain and failed attempt to portray her as the one filing the divorce and not the one at the receiving end. She was, and continues to portray herself as a victim; a crusader, and anyone or anything that threatened that image got in her crosshairs with the help of the state and your tax dollars.

Vengeful, Perrette determined to destroy Shivers. She had a public persona which gave her presence, sympathy, and an audience. She had money which gave her power; power to corrupt the less fortunate and those charged with preventing corruption. There is no evidence that she was abused by Shivers. In fact, Perrette originally agreed there was never any physical abuse, and the Los Angeles Superior Court also originally ruled there was no physical abuse or threat of abuse. She clearly suffered no long-lasting debilitating anything at the hands of Shivers as shown in official court records and demonstrated by her ability to keep up her multi-million dollar television contract and relentless war against him.

To think of her as a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Shivers is absurd. Yet the courts, the LA City Attorney’s Office, and police investigators bowed to her every whim. She was able to hire high-priced and less than ethical attorneys, private investigators, publicists, and even people to spy on Shivers, watch his social networking sites, and watch his movements. Because of her money and star power she was able to maintain her abuse of Shivers for a decade. And no one in the “System” stopped her.

Not one public official charged with protecting the public and victim Shivers did so. They got sucked into the star struck mentality leaving rules of law, ethics, and moral obligations behind. Worse, they took everything for granted knowing that no one would notice, no one other than Shivers would care; they felt entitled and even immune from scrutiny. They were wrong.

Every time Shivers was dragged to court or incarcerated, taxpayers picked up the tab for Perrette’s delusional displeasure. Ten years of burning huge amounts of taxpayer money to appease one woman’s vengeful assault on one innocent man. Can you wrap your head around that? And no one, not one public official, raised a hand and said STOP.

Think about it. This out of control public circus cost you, us, the taxpayer well over a million dollars and it isn’t over. Keep it in perspective… one woman’s vengeance… over a million dollars of taxpayer money. How many homeless would the wasted money house? How many roads could have been repaired? How many real victims of domestic violence, like Shivers, could have been helped? Such wasteful malfeasance is inexcusable.

One detective stated under oath that he had spent more time on Perrette’s case than any other, and that Perrette had called him “well over 50 times” trying to get him to arrest Shivers, all after Shivers cut off contact with Perrette and filed for divorce. Better to chase murderers, rapists, and muggers.

Worse, the real criminal or criminals are still free to abuse again. Free to spend millions and millions more of public money persecuting others for no reason other than they can and are encouraged to do so by such poorly conceived and horrifically flawed legislation as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), subordinate state legislation and resulting common law.

Even Perrette knows how horrifically flawed the VAWA was when she detailed a simple plan on how to exploit it, putting it in her own handwriting in developing the script: “Get Restraining Order. Stalk Him, Schmooze Police, Go on TV, Give big donation to charity.”

Every year there are tens of thousands of falsely accused men and women (mostly men), subjected to such persecution at the hands of the State and a disgruntled ex-someone. The odds are overwhelming that the determined ex suffers from a serious character disorder; that is, she’s crazy mad having lost the ability to abuse on a more regular basis. She struggles to regain power and control of the prey she lost, and the sugar sweet public persona she is fearful of losing. She manipulates the system to help her abuse. The State becomes her weapon of choice which she wields with and at her pleasure. It could happen to you or yours; or, maybe it did, or is…

VAWA and similar legislation pays millions of incentive dollars to public agencies and targeted nonprofit agencies for mandatory arrest and prosecution. VAWA prohibits the use of polygraph tests and encourages police and prosecutors to take the word of alleged victims while de-emphasizing the need for supporting evidence. Slyly preaching man bad women good, Feminist Jurisprudence leached surreptitiously into our educational, legal, and public safely systems eating away at fundamental tenants of due process and the value of evidence.

There’s a bounty on Man, Shivers was fair game. All Perrette had to do was wiggle her star power and an already wired to screw men system got wet with anticipation. VAWA targets an entire gender rather than a race. Hence, VAWA and subordinate legislation are a compilation of laws worse than Jim Crow. Anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant, deceiving themselves, on the VAWA dole, or all three. VAWA, subordinate legislation and common laws must be reformed to ensure that false accusers are identified and sanctioned.

Perrette and her crony terrorists should be in jail. Her estate, including future earnings, should be attached to reimburse Shivers and taxpayers, in that order. Well paid Judges, prosecutors, police officers, attorneys, private investigators, and publicists who conspired or were otherwise complicit in destroying Shivers should be in jail, recompense Shivers and forever give up their professional licenses. None should be allowed to retire with associated benefits, including pay. Regardless, Mr. Shivers can never be made whole.

Had Perrette been held accountable early on for her vengeful machinations this story would not have been written. And, that’s all that has to happen to stop such terrorist attacks in the future, hold false accusers like Pauley Perrette accountable early on. That’s it. Unfortunately, VAWA doesn’t pay for holding false accusers accountable, it pays to reward them. It’s time we changed all that, starting with Pauley Perrette and her cronies.

CBS and the NCIS producers are aware of their little lab rats nasty infected nibbling at Shivers. My guess is her contract is secure. Exposing Perrette should play to NCIS’s bottom line. She may even get her own reality show, hopefully behind bars. But she should be kicked to the curb just outside the CBS security gate…


For more information Google “Pauley Perrette” and “schmooze police.” Perrette’s publicity people are spending a LOT of money and doing everything possible to bury this scandal and keep it from being exposed. One thing you can to do combat that effort is follow news stories on Perrette and NCIS by subscribing through a Google alert for “Pauley Perrette” and “NCIS”. Post comments on those stories to include links to NCFM and AVFM articles, like this one, which will counterbalance CBS’s marketing campaign by directing traffic to NCFM and AVFM articles.

The National Coalition For Men has been involved with exposing the corruption above since we first became aware of the problem. If you think such efforts are valuable please go to and show your support by becoming a member and/or making a donation.

national coalition for menPauley Perrette has serious personal issues.

She, Pauley Perrette, is more dangerous and sly than a cobra in a bush.




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6 Responses to NCIS new season is anything but fiction considering Pauley Perrette’s war against her ex-husband and millions in public money misspent by LA City & County helping her.

  1. Janice on September 4, 2016 at 5:23 PM

    Find out where she goes to church and attend for a few sundays. You will find out quite a bit about the cohorts of Pauley Perrette.

  2. Me on September 25, 2013 at 8:34 AM

    Pauley tried to smear me too because I saw AND fell victim her abuse first hand. I even testified against her and for Mr. Shivers this year trying to expose the truth once and for all. Sadly no one cared that she shoved her finger into my chest and made threatening motions toward me and made me feel afraid because I was dating Mr. Shivers at the time. Or how moments after she poked me hard in my chest and screamed at me with her “or else” statements that the police showed up and she proceeded to throw her hands up and cry victim with tears welling from her face. She is a liar, a con artist, an abuser, and a criminal. Anyone who thinks otherwise has only bought in to her bullshit, has never witnessed or been victim of her jilted rage and can be considered a non credible source. The ugly truth is….everyone in Hollywood wants to be associated with a “star”. So much so that one would entertain ludicrous ideas in an attempt to make the said association. Pauley will go as far as to pay your rent for a year in Hollywood if you are willing to go under oath and fabricate the truth against Mr. Shivers. She will even take pictures with you and let you call her your friend until that is disposable and doesn’t work to her benefit anymore. She even tried to get me to say nasty things about him when we broke up. Reaching out to me through multiple cohorts trying with shameless desperation to get another “jilted” girl in line. While Mr. Shivers loved the ladies and would peruse the female Hollywood crowds at night….he was loyal to me and us and never, and I repeat NEVER, showed a lick of anger or rage toward me that would constitute any domestic violence accusation or assumption. He was good to me but we just grew apart as I was young. 10 years later though…he is one of my best friends and I would do anything for him and his new wife. I hope the truth does come out and all the people involved in helping this woman scam system are held accountable.

    • NCFM on September 25, 2013 at 9:28 AM

      Hi Me,

      Thank you for shedding more light on the truth about this wicked woman.

  3. Sandi on September 24, 2013 at 7:04 PM

    I don’t understand. Wasn’t Pauley at this restaurant first? These two sound kind of crazy!

    • NCFM on September 24, 2013 at 10:53 PM

      “Pauley was at this restaurant first?” The article above does not mention the restaurant incident. Might you be one of her cohorts? It’s our understanding she may have been camped out at the restaurant in anticipation of Shivers showing up, so she could call the police and claim Shivers violated a restraining order.

  4. capt. on September 23, 2013 at 6:56 AM

    White gender-feminist “Empowerment” relies heavily on the perversions they get from American law enforcement. Its a perverted / Empowerment /pork bloating / Alliance.

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