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Montana State University Bozeman suspends two fraternity houses because one or two members may have committed sexual assault

October 8, 2013

On September 17, 2013 the Sigma Chi and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity houses were temporarily suspended by Montana State University Bozeman Dean of Students Dr. Matthew Caires because of reported sexual assaults that allegedly happened at the fraternity houses.

According to various news reports one woman said that she was accosted by two men at Sigma Chi. Another women thought she had been drugged and sexually assaulted during a party at Pi Kappa Alpha.

There is no accusation that all members of either fraternity sexually assaulted anyone. At this writing, as far as we know, there is no information to substantiate the allegations and it’s quite possible the two women are mistaken, are confused because they were partying to hard, are embarrassed about having casual sex when partying to hard, were partying so hard they could barely remember their first name the next day, or are in fact the unwilling victims of sexual assault.

Regardless, we do not agree that fraternity members not accused of sexual anything should be punished. Regardless, the fraternities need to clean up their acts so their houses are not conducive to real or fabricated accusations.

There is no forgiveness in today’s society for those accused of sexual assault, not even those wrongly accused; not even those wrongly accused from shame, vindictiveness, revenge, or a slew of other reasons women conjure up for a false abuse excuse. A mere allegation of sexual assault is sufficient to destroy the target.

Consequently, NCFM issued the following student advisory.  Feel free to reproduce it and distribute it far and wide, but no alterations please. People put enough words in our collective mouths to choke an NFL 330 pound offensive lineman dressed in pink. We like the way our letter is… please notice the blue.


You can read the original here too: Advisory letter to fraternities


national coalition for men

Guilt by association a fraternity does not make.

Make no mistake, innocent young people at the fraternity should not be punished when someone makes an accusation.

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One Response to Montana State University Bozeman suspends two fraternity houses because one or two members may have committed sexual assault

  1. Feminist_Nullificationist on October 11, 2013 at 3:06 PM

    Witch-hunting males doesn’t happen only in courtrooms across America. Colleges and universities, especially ones with women’s studies programs, have a long history of vilifying and witch-hunting innocent males. False accusations of rape and/or domestic violence have been used by American women and their scam artist, feminist, victims’ advocates to Witch-Hunt Males from the Canadian border to the Mexican border and from sea to shining sea as shown in “Witch-Hunting Males” at Youtube, and more.

    We’ve long known gender feminists have no respect for the legal principal of “innocent until proven innocent,” now it appears that MSU has joined that vile vermin to further persecute innocent males.

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