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Feminism Is Responsible For The Rape of Women

December 21, 2013


NCFM NOTE: Here’s an interesting view of feminism harming women. A view of how one size fits all ideology goosestepping tramples responsible sex workers. Vivica Liqueur operates the blog The Vivifier. Vivica is a recovering feminist, MRA, Life Coach, Artist, and Burlesque Performer.

Feminism Is Responsible For The Rape of Women

by Vivica Liqueur


In Burma, now called Myanmar, sex workers have been terrorized by the feminist movement. Kthi Win, a sex worker and creator of a national organization of female, male and transgender sex workers in Myanmar stated, “We live in daily fear of being ‘rescued’.

Feminist organizations have coupled with their police and encouraged the ending of brothels with the mentality that all sex workers are just sex slaves created by men. Feminists believe women cannot be consensual sex workers and make no distinction between those who are actually being sex trafficked and adults who chose their profession. Thanks to feminists supporting police in closing down brothels, the women were raped in the raids, their children taken away and then they were imprisoned.

In Cambodia these poor defective women have been put in rehabilitation camps to reform them from their clearly messed up ways of thinking and being. Here the women are raped, abused and have poor nutrition and lack of proper medical care. Way to support forcing women into ‘rehabilitation’ camps feminists. Oh, but wait, you stand for women rights, right?

According to ‘Feminist Current’ written by Meghan Murphy:

“It doesn’t take involvement in the sex trade to know that prostitution and violence against women in prostitution is the result of a very effective combination of racism, poverty, and patriarchy.”

Hmm, well darling looks like you’re part of it all. When you take brothels away you force sex workers into the streets into very dangerous conditions, into concentration camps for the sexual woman and at the mercy of officials of whom they cannot escape. With less work and no work they cannot care for their family so you have driven them into poverty, you have also taken their children away with the mindset that such sexual women cannot possibly be good parents. And love how they just throw the term ‘patriarchy’ in there. Your mythical ‘patriarchy’ had nothing to do with this so stop blaming this ‘patriarchy’ for all of the nonsense feminism does.

Meghan Murphy also goes on to say:

“We know that it isn’t feminists who are perpetrating violence against sex workers. We also know that feminists don’t blame the victim, meaning that this is not a debate about the morals of women in the industry. Why are progressives obfuscating the perpetrator by blaming feminists and misrepresenting the abolitionist movement?

Feminists are not the enemy. Rather, it’s men who treat women as disposable objects who are to blame. It is both unproductive and dishonest to claim that feminists advocate to criminalize prostituted women, as one of the few things feminists and those who advocate to end violence against prostitutes can agree on is that decriminalizing prostituted women is key.”

Clearly another completely detached feminist who lives in a bubble and knows nothing about her movement. Feminists are the ones treating women as disposable objects who are to blame. By their own definition, feminists are the enemy indeed.

As for feminists calling themselves abolitionists? Their masturbatory praise repulses me. Abolitionist is a powerful word saved for those who free slaves not those who keep sex workers enslaved to the law enforcement system. In her comments Murphy continues to say that prostitution exists because of ‘male power’. Prostitution has been around since Ancient times. Priests and Priestesses, practiced and taught Sacred Sexuality sharing the healing art of Tantra with those who sought them. They worked in Temples, many even ranked highly in societies and had much political power. In India these workers were highly revered at one time as well.

I was an Escort, Stripper, with a soft core self pleasuring video, I’m a Dominatrix who instead of sessions now teaches courses and all of this of my own volition and passion. I am a very sexual woman and that is my pleasure and not because male power made me do it or the evil grand patriarchy. I traveled and worked in Guam and had the time of my life as a stripper. There, as opposed to the states, we were accepted as a plus to the economic system along with other sex workers. The business brought to their island because of this was not only welcome but celebrated. There was no shame there in being called a sex worker. In my days as an Escort I was always treated so well by the men and never had a bad experience. It was actually through working in the sex industry that I was able to see men for their true selves. I was able to see men as the joyful people they were not allowed to be anywhere else but in my profession. When I would see these very men in daily life they seemed so muted so caged that it upset me. Why aren’t men allowed to be themselves fully in society?

Feminism continues to vilify male sexuality however the reality is see male sexuality needs to be celebrated. The sexual man that I have professional and personal experience with is one filled with joy, kindness and love of play. If feminists were not so sexually constipated themselves, they would be able to see the fun in male sexuality and actually see women as the sexual beings they are. Of course, they cannot see women as sexual due to their own fears of such sexual expression so then they project this on to all women as if we are victims of male sexuality when in fact we are humans and very sexual beings as well.

As a Dominatrix I found myself correcting a lot of damage that women who had disdain for men and claimed my title of Dominatrix did thinking it was a way to make a quick buck. I share this to show a view into the sex industry itself. We are not victims, we joyfully do what we do. I am no longer an Escort, as stated, I teach I also perform Burlesque. This does not mean I have forgotten those who are escorts men, women and transgender who are continuously hounded for choosing a profession where they joyfully share their sexual energy.

As sexual shame became the norm, sex workers suffered. Do I deny there are those who are sex trafficked? No, I do not. I also know it is not just one gender. Boys are also often sold into sex slavery or labor or for organ trafficking. These horrors must end. The problem with feminist agenda is they do not distinguish between those who are actually being sex trafficked and those who are consenting adults who decide to be sex workers. Feminists have taken the title of enforcer and are globally harming sex workers. In Arizona it was a female journalist that provided information that shut down the Sacred Sex Temple and had women and men arrested for having consensual sex with clientele. I do not have evidence to prove that woman was a feminist. I also do not have evidence to prove that she was not.

Humans are all sexual and feminists can’t seem to stand that thought.

As for feminist’s major claim to stand for women and support their human rights, they have ultimately failed at that as well. Feminism stands for no one.…x-workers/…x-workers/…statistics

national coalition for menDo-gooder Feminism?

Feminism spelled backwards is Msinimef. Makes no sense does it?

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12 Responses to Feminism Is Responsible For The Rape of Women

  1. Gerry on February 7, 2017 at 4:50 PM

    That a husband has a right to have sexual intercourse with his wife, and his wife with him, does not mean that either has a right to use brutality and violence. Each is obligated to live up to the duty of marriage at the option of the other. Each must be reasonable. When she is having her period, or has a physiological problem (small checks/tears in the vaginal lining are normal but should be given time to heal. Behave as if you love one another and problems in this area will be few.

  2. ProfessorTweetington (@DarkCityUK) on December 31, 2013 at 9:23 AM

    The fact is feminism is responsible for the rape of women by encouraging women to not take responsibility for themselves. Feminism tells women, you should be able to wear slutty outfits, you should be able to go out drink alone, you should be able to go home with a stranger and not get raped. Well just because you should be able to do that, doesnt mean its a great idea. Thanks to the denial of personal responsibility, women are told, they are not responsible for the rape they experienced and its all 100% the rapists fault. The rapist is culpable and he should go to jail, but she IS responsible for putting herself in the position where she got raped. And that was because she was listening to all her feminist friends. The majority of rapes occur when the victim was drinking alcohol and going home with strangers. Feminism is directly to blame for those rapes by ushering in an age of irresponsibility.

    • vivicaliqueur on January 6, 2014 at 8:08 PM

      Rape would minimize if there was a higher level of self responsibility for sure. We cannot control everything so no matter how cautious a person is they can still fall into the hands of a psycho. That being said, yes, the possibility of this happening would greatly diminish if women were able to be sexually conscious. Nothing wrong with dressing slutty if you don’t mind being treated like a slut. Know that dressing slutty will bring men who are interested in sex and not be offended when a man makes an offer to play. Or when you press your butt against a man’s crotch then don’t get pissed when he grabs it. Also, dressing like a slut and then getting wasted is very unconscious, very high possibility you’re going to do something you regret and will then call rape. Or put yourself in very dangerous situations. One woman said this so very clearly, she said ‘Women, you need to stop raping yourselves.’ I’ll never forget that line because it’s true. These women do not care about respecting their own boundaries, slowing down and seeing what they really need to feel safe. Instead they throw themselves in situations and knock themselves around for the sake of playing the ‘liberated woman’. I agree that feminism is directly to blame for the rapes of these women.

      There seems to be a misconception that dressing like a slut instantly makes a woman sexually empowered and that is untrue. A woman can be sexually empowered fully clothed. This whole slutwalk is ridiculous. It’s a bunch of women dressing the part of sluts but not wanting to have sex and being insulted when approached…what? The ‘slutshaming’ is ridiculous. Being told your ass looks good in a dress is not shaming, it’s a compliment well, to a real slut anyway.

      • vivicaliqueur on January 6, 2014 at 9:19 PM

        I will add that these women do need to take responsibility for their actions instead of start a mantra of ‘feminism made me do it’. Feminism may support wretched behavior but each individual who acts it out is fully responsible for their actions. Instead of staying victims they need to ask ‘what the hell was I thinking’ and step into being responsible adults and grow up.

  3. Chibiabos on December 23, 2013 at 9:07 PM

    “We live in daily fear of being ‘rescued’ In reality it’s not really funny to be stuck in a Re education camp. But that really made me laugh.
    I have also never read a article by a Dominatrix. It’s good to see they don’t really hate Men.

    • vivicaliqueur on January 6, 2014 at 7:49 PM

      Nope, we don’t hate men quite the opposite. However, there are many who call themselves Dom’s but actually use BDSM to hide the fact they are abusers. That is a real problem and the BDSM community works hard to ween out those who are unhealthy.

      • Chibiabos on March 19, 2014 at 5:52 PM

        I think i will stick to sex on a non community level but that’s good to know. 🙂

        • kristalgarcia on March 21, 2014 at 12:48 PM

          BDSM does not equate community sex. BDSM itself is a community where people teach and learn. A BDSM Convention does not look like an orgy but booths of learning and teaching and sampling BDSM skills. That does not include sex though some people may get turned on.

          There are many monogamous couples and teachers as well as poly so how BDSM play looks is up to each person.

  4. vivicaliqueur on December 22, 2013 at 3:56 PM

    What’s interesting is the response of women to this article. First of all, most of them are so blocked in their self righteousness they don’t even read it. Then they go on to defend feminism with their own projections onto the Sex Industry. What a load of shit!

    These women in Myanmar and Cambodia are asking for help and are terrified of being ‘rescued’ by feminists because of the abuse they endure. The asshole response I’m getting from women is really, really ignorant. They are too concerned with being ‘right’ about feminism being so amazing – alas, we know that is a load of shit- than actually HEARING the suffering these women are going through!

    How more hypocritical can feminism get than being actually responsible for the rape of women?!

    It’s like I’m in a really, really insane reality where it’s opposite day every day. What’s it going to take for people to wake up to truth and facts?

  5. James on December 21, 2013 at 10:50 AM

    Most oppression of females is engendered by religions and the moral codes they impose upon others’ behaviour. It is the subordination of women – by women no less than by men – that is the crime. It leads to oppression, criminality and rape. Marriage has been described as ‘a licence to rape’ and ‘legalised prostitution’. Sex is natural and if somebody wants to sell sex or buy it, that is as natural as giving sex for free. Adults should be allowed to decide what they do about consensual sex without intervention by religious or secular laws. The laws should be reserved for those who abuse, not those who use, consensual sex as a natural part of their lives.

    • Benjamin on December 26, 2013 at 1:55 PM

      Just as feminists blame every problem on patriarchy, some folks blame everything on religion.

      Same fallacy.

      Please stop the folly. Religion does not subordinate women to men. Physics does.

      Religious tenets (like “thou shalt not steal”, even if you are physically stronger than your neighbour) do not create any subjugation. They lift it off.

      Modern western laws subjugate men to women. But religious tenets (the ones to which you refer) simply describe the penalties for those who break the oldest and most important contract between the sexes: “I waive my privilege of sexual autonomy to you, for life; and you agree to provide food and clothes and housing to me, for life.”

      That’s the oldest deal in the book, and it is the only one that works in society, for 90+% of the people. Religious writings (the Bible) provide guidance toward that one contract that really works. And, it describes the proper penalties that will keep the deal working, if one man decides to horn in on another man’s “contract”.

      I particularly love this hogwash about “legalised rape”. Rape is a word that means “to carry away”; it is the same word as “raptor”… a bird that swoops down and carries off its prey. The word “rape” means “kidnapping”; and it is often accompanied by the unlawful carnal knowledge of a female. But no husband in the west has ever “raped” his wife/woman. He didn’t carry her off. She came along willingly, and said “Yes”… in many cases, “I do”.

      We must begin to beat the drum over and over again: Yes means “Yes”.

      • landofstorms on May 6, 2017 at 5:33 PM

        If you read Miss Murphy’s blog, you will understand that she does believe that sex work is empowering — for the individual woman. The privileged woman in sex work who ‘chooses’ from her safe socioeconomic status, such are yourself, and the woman in poverty who is able to feed herself and her family and avoid more miserable circumstances for lack of alternative professions that pay as well.

        That sex work is the only profession where women are paid more than men illustrates women’s most valued position in society- as the sexual playthings of men. While women who accept this position are rewarded in the patriarchal hierarchy for not rocking the boat by catering to the desire for dominance over women as objects that men claim as their birthright, sex work is not a choice for the trafficked and many other women who have survival sex or find the sex work they do to be degrading and unpleasant.

        Believing that closing down the brothels is what caused rape is misandrist. Is male sexuality “joyful” when permitted to be uncaged by sex workers, but violent when not permitted this outlet? Patriarchy conditioned men to feel entitled to sex and bodies. If the social theory is not true and some biological determinist theory is the reality, then you are calling men defective. Clearly the problem was not the evil feminists- please permit the men you protect some agency over their behavior.

        Abolishing sex work is just part of dismantling the patriarchal construct. Men need to be resocialized to not see women as objects to take by force or by trade.

        You yourself are living in a bubble of privileged sex work if you can’t see the difference in conditions that third world brothel prostitutes are working in or the role of the rapist in the equation. Perhaps in addition to shutting down the brothels, the dangerous customers should have been given a curfew enforced by armed feminists, but perhaps they gave the men who feel entitled to women’s bodies too much credit.

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