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NCFM PR Director and Executive Director for Attorneys for the Rights of the Child announces ARC newsletter for the anti-circumcision movement

January 2, 2014



We are pleased to announce publication of the 29th issue of the ARC Newsletter, our Fall-Winter 2013 issue. This 44-page issue, produced with the expert collaboration of Newsletter Editor Jonathan Friedman is packed with features including: 1) Eyewitness accounts by ARC Legal Advisor Peter Adler, Aubrey Taylor and I – as well as a photo spread – of the groundbreaking Charleston, South Carolina pediatric ethics debate between myself and representatives of the AAP; 2) an article by John Geisheker on forcible retraction cases in which he has been involved; 3) an article by the UK’s Antony Lempert regarding progress being made at the United Nations; 4) my eyewitness account including a photo spread of Genital Autonomy’s outstanding conference held in the UK in September; 5) A piece by Matthew Young about being an intactivist medical student; 6) a section summarizing the numerous recent positive developments in Europe; 7) several eyewitness reports on important grassroots events; 8) news reports; 9) my book review of a fascinating new book about problems with the profit-driven US medical system; 10) a reprint of my invited article in the National Post, one of Canada’s top newspapers; and more… Steven Svoboda

national coalition for menBotched circumcision causes thousands of injuries and deaths each year around the world.

How many boys must have their genitals mutilated before people realize that the decision to circumcise should be left to the individual after they reach the age of majority.

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