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NCFM Montana Chapter Founder Chris Thompson on Obama and his administration’s war against men

January 28, 2014

Praying to their deity.

NCFM NOTE: Chris pioneered NCFM’s first NCFM group recognized by a major state university, Montana State University at Bozeman. He has been deeply involved with the current administration’s misandric policies since his administration turned the safest campus in the nation to the most dangerous, a campus where few sexual assaults occurred to being demonized as a rape capital. The entire initiative is based on ideology and advocacy research with little or no scientific substance.Thank you Chris for all you do. We need a thousand more Chris Thompsons —  Harry Crouch, President.

Obama and his war against men

By Chris Thompson

Recently, President Obama issued a “Renewed Call To Action To End Rape And Sexual Assault”, praising his efforts such as; “revised definitions of rape”, his reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and the Department of Education working with Vice President Biden to help schools “understand their obligations”. This has manifest itself in Montana as the DOE’s “Dear Colleague” letter converting the “safest campus in the nation” to the “rape capital” within a matter of months by removing the presumption of innocence for those accused while lowering the evidentiary standard.

These actions effectively created a “rape culture” using “rape hysteria” to alarm the public as occurrences of sexual assault skyrocketed under the new standards. The Department of Justice then entered to investigate the sudden surge in civil rights violations and, finding substantial evidence to substantiate the claims, issued a “blueprint” to be applied to campuses nationwide. This “blueprint” required many things but most notably it dispersed federal funds to create propaganda to further institutionalize this “rape culture” mentality on campuses nationwide.

After $300,000 was allocated to pay the Women and Gender Studies Department at the University of Montana to create the PETSA program, forcing Jackson Katz’s radical, feminist ideologies on both faculty and students, many began to inquire about this “blueprint”. The DOE responded “the agreement in the Montana case represents the resolution of that particular case and not OCR or DOJ policy”, yet similar language was enacted in federal law via the Cleary Act, a portion of the reauthorized VAWA.

We watch helplessly as the disaster spreads to the only other university in the state, Montana State University, where the Dean of Students recently punished hundreds of students for the alleged infractions of a few. Meanwhile, the University of Montana reports an “enrollment problem” as enrollment plummets following the federal intervention and we will undoubtedly see something similar at MSU as another “rape culture” is constructed to frighten our children from pursuing an education. As Obama’s War On Men rages on, we lament and watch as he creates another epic failure for the annals of history…

Author’s note: My eldest son plans to enroll at Montana State, my alma mater, in pursuit of higher education in just over a year but, given the current environment, I must recommend that he pursue his education online. I pray that President Obama will realize how he has failed our sons and immediately enact a White House Council On Boys And Men to allow my youngest son the vast learning experiences acquired in pursuit of higher education.

Christopher J Thompson
PO Box 1504
Bozeman, MT 59771

ObamaHow come Obama has a White House Council for Women and Girls but not one for Men and Boys?

How come Obama doesn’t advocate for programs for men like he does for women?

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