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NCFM complaint helps remove Judge McCree from his bench

April 22, 2014

mccreeIn December 2012 NCFM filed a formal request for an investigation with the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission concerning Judge Wade McCree, Jr. AKA Judge Creep. McCree was barely hanging on to his judgeship after sending a nude picture of himself (waist up and buff) to his female bailiff. Her husband complained. Judge McCree was censored. Then McCree along with Jerkessa Geniene La’Shay Mott played sex games in McCree’s chambers, got pregnant, and conspired to send Mott’s ex husband to jail for failure to pay child support! You can read the rest here:

The response dated April 17, 2014 included the Commission’s findings and resulting “Order” by the Michigan Supreme Court. McCree was removed from office and conditionally suspended without pay for six years beginning January 1, 2015, with the suspension becoming effective only if he is reelected to judicial office in November 2014. He was also ordered to pay costs of $11,645.17.

NCFM is pleased to have helped the good people of Michigan.

Click here to read the Judicial Tenure Commission letter and “Order” of the Michigan Supreme Court. 140417 ltr from Michigan Judicial Comm re judge McCree

wade mccreeJudge McCree should have lost his license to practice law too.

Judge McCree’s downfall Geniene La’Shay Mott should have gone to jail for conspiracy if nothing else.

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