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NCFM Member Gary Costanza says, “These feminists never saw me coming…”

April 12, 2014

NCFM NOTE: Gary caught these feminists by surprise. Mr. Costanza is a dedicated MRA with a long track record of successes. Here, he shows how going into the lionesses den is the best way to skin a cat, even a big one. Effective lessons in activism…


feministsFeminists dumbfounded!

“They Never Saw Me Coming! – A New Tactic?”

Take heart my friends. While those “protesters” planned their disruption of the recent Fiamengo lecture  at the University of Ottawa (and due to the ridiculous tolerance of the disrupters, were successful; see the video at A Voice for Male Students.

I covertly FTSU!

I waltzed into a feminist hornet’s nest, camera in hand, unannounced and unexpected – definitely unexpected, as these feminists rarely/never hear an opposing view – and upset their cozy world of smug arrogance and bigotry. I love doing that. Hundreds of these feminist propaganda events happen in every college campus with nary a contrary word until now.

I attended the screening of the documentary “The Education of Shelby Knox” as part of a feminist film festival, with the subject of the movie in attendance to lecture and answer questions. I filmed the whole lecture as well as my reactions to her speech, feminism and men’s rights in general – SHE WAS SPEECHLESS! I blasted feminist BS such as the patriarchy, “rape culture,” and the war on women’s reproductive rights.

I plan to attend one or more of these feminist film discussions, enjoying lunch on them, so expect some more FTSU!

Here’s the video:

Gary Costanza

nprThe feminists in the room seem to lack sufficient words.

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