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NCFM Adviser Michael Conzachi … With all the current and past negative history coming out of Duke University, some very good men shine through.

May 23, 2014

duke universityWith all the current and past negative history coming out of Duke University, some very good men shine through.

With the ongoing and past negative history coming out of Duke University and the false rape, manufactured criminal charges, and disbarment of corrupt prosecutor Mike Nifong, I thought I would take a moment to report on and convey a very positive story coming out of Duke.

It is a reminder that not everything that happens on college campuses is bad and that sometimes, good men; very good men shine.

Duke University star Lacrosse player, 29-year-old Casey Carroll, is a graduate business student and is in his last year of athletic eligibility.  Carroll is hoping that Duke makes it to the NCAA Finals which will be held on Memorial Day.  Casey does take some light-hearted ribbing from his teammates for being the “old guy” but takes it in jest.

What makes this situation special and worthy of recognition is that Casey Carroll is dedicating his season and hopefully an NCAA Championship to former Duke Lacrosse player and Army Sergeant Jimmy Regan who was killed in combat operations in Iraq.  Regan’s old jersey hangs proudly near the Duke locker room.

What is unusual is that Casey Carroll never met Jimmy Regan, but was so moved when Jimmy was killed in Iraq, Casey, who was an undergraduate at the time decided to enlist.  He did and volunteered for the Army’s prestigious 75th Ranger Regiment, serving four combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Casey returned to his Alma Matter to pursue his MBA on the GI Bill, and just graduated.  He will soon take a position in Charlotte North Carolina.

Casey married his college sweetheart since 2007, Erin in 2010 and they have two young sons.

To dispel some of the usual rumors and stupid remarks we often hear from many in the main stream news media, academia, and some political leaders, here is what Head coach John Danowski said,

“In some ways, Casey is the healthiest, emotionally, of all of our young men because lacrosse isn’t that important, in the big scheme of things.  He has witnessed and seen things that, you know, he may never speak of again, and he lives a very balanced life.”

That sentiment is repeated by his teammates who look up to Casey for calm leadership, judgment and maturity.  When he speaks, his teammates listen with respect.

Casey hopes his team will reach the finals next Monday which will be a fitting tribute not only to a fallen American Hero, but to the level of honor and respect that has been demonstrated by Casey Carroll and many other men and veterans in our college campuses.

The next time one of these feminist lunatics screeches “rape culture” refer them to the story of Duke University Lacrosse players, graduates, and U.S. Army Hero’s,  veterans Jimmy Regan, now deceased, and Casey Carroll.  They would not be able to screech “rape culture” if not for the efforts of these men and many others like them.  Some of these extremist “rape culture” fanatics are not worthy of carrying the jock straps of these men.

With so much negativity on our nation’s colleges, we sometimes need to be reminded of the good guys in our midst.

 Jimmy Regan and Casey Carroll; I SALUTE YOU!  And so should the rest of America. You exemplify the best of men.

About the author:  Michael Conzachi is a former U.S. Army veteran of the elite 82nd Airborne Division and a retired three decade Homicide Detective in Southern California.  He serves on several Men’s Rights Advocacy Group Boards, and is a frequent contributor and writer.

divorce corpDo you remember the “Committee of 88” at Duke University? If not you should.

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