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NCFM Carolinas submits written testimony to US Senate Committee on sexual assault on college campuses

June 26, 2014


sexual assault

Click on the picture to hear the committee hearing.

We strongly recommend that you watch the hearing on campus sexual assault above. Look at the witness list. What you will hear and see is an absence of anyone representing our views, including the one male victim paraded before the committee. All the witnesses are invited by those who control the committee, and it appears some of the committee members have predetermined outcomes in mind.

That said, the written testimony below while it wasn’t read at the hearing, is a matter of record. To our knowledge it is the only testimony that makes a strong statement about false accusations and lack of due process in the campus hearing process. Without question, this bill is squarely targeted at young college men based on highly questionable data. We are particularly thankful to North Carolina’s Senator Burr and Senator Hagan for allowing our testimony.

[There are two really good websites for more information about the war on men and sexual assault in higher education (1) and (2) ]

NCFM Carolina’s President worked long hours writing the testimony submitted. To him and those that helped, which were many, we extend our thanks. Let no one say the Committee was not made aware of the serious damage existing federal directives re campus sexual assault cause, to include upcoming directives still under the public’s radar.

At 10:00 a.m. this morning the Senate committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) held a hearing on the issue of sexual assault in education. This link below provides additional details in regard to the location of the hearing:

The President of NCFM Carolinas Chapter had previously contacted the offices of HELP committee chairman Senator Tom Harkin and ranking member Senator Alexander and formally requested that the National Coalition For Men (NCFM) be invited to speak and provide testimony to the committee on behalf of college men that have been falsely accused of sexual assault and harmed by discriminatory, biased university disciplinary policies. Sadly, it appears that NCFM will not be invited to appear as a panelist but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be heard by the committee.

This is a great opportunity to be heard on the issue of how poorly equipped and dysfunctional universities have become in investigating and adjudicating sexual assault. We believe our written testimony may help to convince the Committee to recommend removing sexual assault cases from the hands of university administrators and their kangaroo court processes; and, place the investigation of sexual assaults where they belong, in the criminal justice system.

Written testimony must be approved by one of more Senators on the Committee. The Senators of our great state North Carolina are on the Committee. They were understanding and agreed to submit our written testimony below. It will become a part of the Congressional Record and hopefully have some positive impact. Here’s the thank you letter we sent them:

Dear Senator Burr and Senator Hagan:

I want to thank you for providing our organization with an opportunity to submit to your offices written testimony relevant to today’s Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) committee hearing on the critically important subject of the handling of sexual assault on college campuses. 

We fully support a bi-partisan approach to making our university campuses safer for our nation’s daughters and sons while safeguarding proper due process protections.

Attached to this email is testimony that provides an often overlooked but equally important issue to the national sexual assault discussion; that is hearing the voice of students that have been falsely accused of sexual assault and that have had their lives irreparably harmed by the manner in which their cases were handled by the university or college they were enrolled at. Included in our written testimony are recommendations for improving safety, fairness and proper respect for sexual assault victims and for those that are accused of sexual assault. 

Thank you again for accepting our testimony and we look forward to working with you to make our post-secondary institutions safe and secure environments of higher learning for our citizens.



National Coalition For Men Carolinas

140626 Senate Testimony for HELP Committee sexual assault

NOTE: The name of the President of our NCFM Carolinas Chapter has been omitted or redacted, as applicable, because there is considerable concern that in one way or another broadcasting the name could bring harm to him or his family. We do realize it is a matter of public record.

sexual assault

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One Response to NCFM Carolinas submits written testimony to US Senate Committee on sexual assault on college campuses

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