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NCFM Northern California Chapter helps with Fatherless Day Rally in the State Capitol

June 19, 2014

2014 Fatherless Day Rally

June 15, 2014, State Capitol Building,Sacramento, California

NorCal Chapter Report

Fatherless Day

The Fathers’ Rights Movement California (TFRMCA), Grandparents’ Rights Association (GRAUSA), Bay Area Fathers’ Rights Support Group ( ) organized this effort with NCFM NorCal members helping out.

While we hoped for a turnout of 100+ people to come, the actual number of people was no more than 50.  There were speeches made as planned from 8 speakers with equipment/supplied donated by Assembly Member Tim Donnelly, a supporter of father’s rights.  The rally even elicited some interest from a local TV station.  All in all, the event organizers viewed it as a good first attempt and plan to repeat this effort next year.

fatherless day

We plan to help with more Fatherless Day Rally’s in the future.

Fatherless Day Fatherless Day Fatherless Day Fatherless Day Fatherless Day
Very bad for our children who need their fathers.

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