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NCFM in the news! Glendale News-Press Editorial: In defense of the male-only class

July 12, 2014
national coalition for men

National Coalition For Men in the news for helping the city of Glendale, California to give free self-defense training for both men and women.

NCFM NOTE: We just discovered this June 20 editorial by the Glendale News Press! It seems the editorial board, not just the editor, agreed with our efforts in Glendale to give free self-defense training regardless of sex. Mark another one up for the good guys, including the editorial board of the Glendale News Press!

Glendale News Press

News-Press Editorial: In defense of the male-only class

The opinion of the News-Press

8:38 PM PDT, June 20, 2014

A couple of our city councilmen were openly dismissive this spring of the assertion by the nonprofit National Coalition for Men that it was not appropriate that the Glendale Commission on the Status of Women offered free self-defense classes to females only. The coalition’s position is that such gender-exclusive courses violate equal-protection clauses of the Constitution. Although they had to be dragged into it under the threat of possible legal action, the City Council in late April unanimously — if somewhat grumpily — approved a self-defense class for men and boys that’s similar in vein to courses already offered to women and girls. As a result of that action, the first male-only self-defense class was held this week. It drew 15 participants of varying ages, some of whom told our paper they appreciated the lessons because they had long wanted to learn the correct techniques to use if confronted by an aggressor. That suggests there could be a pent-up demand and that, assuming the class is offered again at a later date, more males will take advantage of it. The assertion that females and males alike should be provided these courses is not ridiculous, as some unenlightened people might suggest. All of us, regardless of our gender, might one day find ourselves at the mercy of a menacing individual, whether it’s someone with criminal intent or just a schoolyard bully. It shows wisdom to seek expert help in preparing ourselves — and our young-adult children — for such encounters, and it cannot be denied that the result is empowering. We urge the city to keep offering self-defense courses to all who desire them, regardless of their gender.

self-defenseMen need self-defense training too.

Men need self-defense training if for no other reason than they suffer substantially more assaults than do women.

Both men and women benefit from self-defense training.

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