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NCFM Carolinas launches a discussion group for falsely accused college students and their families

July 23, 2014
ncfm carolinas

NCFM Carolinas chapter helps launch support group for victims of Department of Education policies and procedures that protect false accusers of sexual impropriety. Another NCFM first…

NCFM NOTE :  As our colleges continue to adopt horrifically anti-male policies being forced on them by the U.S. Department of Labor, more and more students, primarily male, will be falsely accused of sexual impropriety. Such accusations are, without question, life altering, to include depression, anxiety, ridicule, suspension from school, suicidal ideation… Such accusations disrupt, devastate, and challenge entire families along with their friends and social networks. Thus far there has been no centralized venue for victims of such false accusations, no place for them to share their stories among friends, no place for them to gather and discuss things, no place to help them heal. Now there is, thanks to NCFM’s Carolinas chapter. The official announcement follows. Please spread this information far and wide. We know there are many more victims than have been identified in the press. We would like to make them aware of this resource. Hopefully it will help erase some of the injustice…


I am excited to announce that the National Coalition For Men Carolinas (NCFMC) has launched a new online discussion forum for college students (and their families) that have been harmed by being falsely accused of sexual misconduct. The forum will be hosted on Yahoo Groups and is called The Sojourner.

We are optimistic that The Sojourner will be well received.

A copy of the official announcement posted on the The Sojourner conversations tab is pasted below:

Welcome, we are delighted to announce the launching of The Sojouner discussion group site. We wish to thank the National Coalition For Men Carolinas ( for their assistance and guidance in helping us to develop this new group site. The Sojouner is a forum for college students (and their families) harmed by false allegations of sexual misconduct to meet and talk with other persons that share their experience. 

We know your pain and want you to know that you are not alone. This forum is designed to be a safe harbor to express yourself. However, be forewarned that we will not tolerate and will remove obscenity, personal attacks or any other malicious postings.

If you wish to become a member of this group, please email us at:

We are here for you and wish you healing, comfort and wellness on your journey.

Please feel free to send this information to any person or persons that could benefit from joining this important online community.

Thank You and Best regards…

NCFM Carolinas Chapter

national coalition for men

NCFM Carolinas is a relatively new NCFM chapter primarily committed to ending gender discrimination on college campuses, especially the rampant discrimination against men.

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