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NCFM, from our Facebook page, “Boycott college women while in college”

October 24, 2014


denying me sex is sexual assault.Boycott college women while in college.

By Marshall Rottman
This is proof – They can consent the entire time, all the way through and still accuse you of rape afterwards.

Boycott college women.
Don’t have anything to do with them.
Don’t be alone near them, you could be accused of harassment.
Definitions: Sexual Violence. “denying sex”

Don’t date them, if you have sex you could be accused of rape in spite of their consenting at every stage – and if you don’t have sex the college may have bylaws like UoM where “denying sex” is defined as SEXUAL VIOLENCE Have sex with her – and even if she consents at every point; she could still decide it’s rape AFTER the fact. The woman in this article SHOWS THAT. Oh, but if you DENY SEX – that’s “sexual violence”…. No matter what you do in a relationship – you could be accused, punished and kicked out of school. F*** or don’t f***: still accused, punished and kicked out.

If you’re in college – stay away from college women, entirely.

Boycott them – or you run the risk of being accused of wrong doing no matter what you do.

Don’t even *talk* to them: absolutely anything you say could be conflated as “street harassment”…/what-is-street…/
Quote “Street harassment is any action or comment between strangers in public places that is disrespectful, unwelcome, threatening and/or harassing and is motivated by gender or sexual orientation or gender expression.”

Which includes the following: “non-sexually explicit evaluative comments” – You can’t tell a girl she looks nice, you can’t tell her that a paper she wrote was good, you can’t say -anything- to a woman in a public place aside from perhaps commenting on the weather, without it being “street harassment.”

Boycott college women. Stay away from them like they’re a plague. If you value your education, and you’ve got student loans, grants, god forbid a scholarship – Boycott college women. the most innocent and innocuous thing could get you kicked out of school on her whimsey.…/billNavClient…
California Yes Means Yes ( SB-967 Student safety )
“(3) A policy that the standard used in determining whether the elements of the complaint against the accused have been demonstrated is the preponderance of the evidence.”…
Legal Dictionary Preponderance of Evidence
“A preponderance of evidence has been described as just enough evidence to make it more likely than not that the fact the claimant seeks to prove is true. It is difficult to translate this definition and apply it to evidence in a case, but the definition serves as a helpful guide to judges and juries in determining whether a claimant has carried his or her burden of proof.”

The claim itself is taken as being true: and burden of proof is then placed on -you- the defendant, to prove the claim is false.

Every college campus which has a “Yes means Yes” policy, or Affirmative consent” -always- has in it’s structure a preponderance of evidence built in. Meaning if you’re accused of rape or sexual violence or sexual assault: you are guilty until proven innocent. You may not directly confront your accuser. You have no right to legal council.

Meaning, if you so much as make a girl angry – and she gets a friend to lie for her: you could be accused of being at a party you didn’t attend, someone else saw you there, she can claim you raped her – despite never having touched her – and unless you can literally PROVE you were somewhere else doing something else – you’re still guilty: because you were assumed to be guilty. That’s preponderance of evidence: your guilt is assumed.

It’s the exact opposite of the legal system which respects civil liberties: the legal system functions off of “Presumption of Innocence”, meaning innocent until proven guilty. Preponderance of evidence: assumes guilt until proven innocent.

Boycott college women.

If you’re anywhere in the general vicinity of college women – you could get kicked out of school for saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, not doing the right thing or perhaps just because you made someone angry.

Boycott college women.
Don’t date them –
Don’t be alone near them –
Don’t even TALK to them –

There is no interaction you could possibly have with a college woman: that could not be used against you to get you kicked out of school, should she happen to want, for whatever reason, to do so.

You think I’m joking? No, the links, directly to the university of Michigan and directly to stop street harassment, and directly to the Yes means Yes bill – are right up above. I’m not exaggerating – I’m not spewing hyperbole. The information directly from the horse’s mouth is right there – read it yourself: confirm for yourself. I’m not making this s*** up. I’m quite serious: if you have a lot of money and effort sunk into your college education – you have a lot to lose.

Boycott college women.
Don’t date them –
Don’t be alone near them –
Don’t even TALK to them –

Don’t have ANYTHING to do with college women: For any reason. At all. At any point in time. None of them.

National Coalition for MenBoycott college women.

Also see:

7 Responses to NCFM, from our Facebook page, “Boycott college women while in college”

Sam Foxvog on November 1, 2014 at 8:05 AM

I can’t see posts like this contributing to solutions. We need to find ways to build bridges with moderates – they’re out there. Saying that all female students are a certain way seems is equitable with saying all male students are a certain way . I think this post would be a good candidate for the wastebasket….


MikeK on November 7, 2014 at 11:53 AM

Would you go skydiving if you knew there was 75% chances the chute wouldn’t open? I bet not! The risk isn’t worth interacting with college women, heck women in general.


Paul Murray on October 27, 2014 at 7:08 PM

Preponderance of evidence is somewhat worse than you make out.

Courts base their decisions on the evidence presented to them. Many campus kangaroo courts simply refuse to hear exculpatory evidence from the accused.
If the standard was “clear and convincing evidence”, then an uncorroborated accusation would not be enough to convict even if there was no defence evidence at all. With a preponderance of evidence standard, and no evidence on the other side (because the court threw it all out), an uncorroborated accusation is enough.

The fix is in, kids.


Ivan on October 25, 2014 at 6:07 AM

Even better – Don’t study in American universities ! Let them loose money . Go to Canada . Its cheaper. Go to South America or Eastern Europa . Leave that Misandry place called America for good . Not worth defending if you are a straight Men .


Iarwain on October 27, 2014 at 7:42 PM

Better yet, go to Germany. Germany has dropped all tuition and fees at their universities.


Gratis Ptaka on October 25, 2014 at 6:07 AM

In the US, “yes means yes” is the next in a long line of laws and policies to destroy men that don’t tow the feminist/gynocentric line. The more men opt out of marriage, the more misandric the laws and policies will become. Hades hath no fury like that of a woman scorned. Women will gladly use the law to destroy men that refuse to live on bended knee.

Efforts are already underway to have this law pushed up to the criminal justice level. This law will spread to all campuses. For those who don’t think this can’t happen, remember that, through VAWA, you can now be removed from your home for yelling at your wife. No one thought that could happen either.

Next comes redefining domestic violence in terms of denial of monetary resources and the redefinition of cohabitation in terms of asset division and alimony. Both the former and the latter are being pushed and passed globally. Many a naive and ignorant man will learn these lessons too late. Tens upon tens of millions of men, in the US alone, through misandric laws and policies, have already been destroyed.

Don’t think the government will save you. The powerful, ignorant, cowardly white knights will gladly throw the lower status men under the bus. Why? To appease women, eradicate their competition and to get re-elected.

To women and many men, men are disposable utilities. Men are valued in terms of what they produce and provide for women – even when that means the brutally cruel sacrifice of men’s lives. We can’t have them opting out, now can we.

You ain’t seen noth’n yet.

The Truth Behind Feminism’s Two Percent False Rape Claim Figure


Michael Steane on October 24, 2014 at 7:36 PM

Also note that female college graduates are unlikely to be good marriage partners. Apart from the unduly high opinion of themselves, they are likely to have a debt from their college and a degree that doesn’t help them pay it off very much since it may be in a subject that has little or no value to an employer.


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