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NCFM in the news about “yes means yes” and CA SB 967 misandric legislation

October 17, 2014


National Coalition for Men

NCFM in the news!

As readers of this website and our Facebook Page know, NCFM has opposed “Yes means yes” since we first heard of it. Several hundred mainstream articles have been written opposing the concept and related bills, especially California Senate Bill 967, and such articles are still pouring out.

Initially, NCFM was the only organization that submitted written opposition to SB 967and our NCFM Carolinas chapter, with the help of North Carolina Senator Burr, was able to submit written testimony opposing the parent federal legislation, the Campus Sexual Assault Safety Act, legislation that we’ve been told will not pass this legislative session. Read the letter we sent to the California Legislature for more information about this ill-conceived legislation.

Most likely our early written opposition gave the media reason to contact us. Then, NCFM Advisers Gordon Finley, Ph.D and Dianna Thompson co wrote an article from which 50 or more mainstream media articles have quoted them profusely, especially Professor Finley. For example, the Huffington post in the article California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Nation’s First Affirmative Consent Standard Into Law, “Gordon Finley, an adviser to the National Coalition for Men, wrote an editorial asking Brown not to sign the bill. He argued that “this campus rape crusade bill” presumes the guilt of the accused.”

Gordon was also on BBC and CBC shows. The BBC show was a panel discussion which you can listen to here:

NCFM President Harry Crouch was contacted by CBS News, NBC News, FOX News, I-Heart Radio, Al Jazeera, the German Press Agency, a reporter from Brazil, and several college journalists. Here’s a link to an interview on Robert Mangino Show, KDKA Radio Pittsburg: 141003-Harry-Crouch-KDKA-CBS-radio-Robert-Mangino-Show

Peter Allemano has been an NCFM member since 1993. Peter was interviewed by Globo TV, the largest television network in Brazil. Globo sent a film crew to Peter’s apartment to interview him about SB 967 which you can read about here: .

Marc Angelucci, Esq., NCFM Vice President was interviewed by a CBS television affiliate in Los Angeles. Steven Svoboda, Esq., NCFM Public Relations Director, was contacted by several other media organizations and routed traffic to other NCFM members though we were unable to fulfill all media requests. Steven was interviewed for an article by the Economist!

The exposure caused other pending requests and we expect more since the “yes means yes” assault on our college campuses is just beginning and much of the world still doesn’t know about it or, if they do, understand the implications and ramifications.

In a parallel effort our NCFM Carolinas Chapter is one of the best resources on the planet for in-depth information about “yes means yes” legislation, including being a repository for pending and finalized legal actions by falsely accused students. NCFM Carolinas also offers support for the falsely accused and their families. A Voice For Male Students, operated by NCFM College Ambassador, Jonathon Taylor, is another go to website for relevant information. Jonathan has also been interviewed about “yes means yes,” including by the Wall Street Journal. Save Services, a Maryland based organization, also has information and is actively fighting against such legislation. SAVE also has a comprehensive list of articles opposing such legislation through their group “Accusing U,” which you can find here:

All NCFM members and our allied friends and groups have worked in concert on many issues, including the “yes means yes” debacle. It’s only through such a concerted efforts that we are able to effect change and sound warnings when we first know about efforts to drive us apart rather than bring us together.

Please join the fight and oppose “yes means yes” policies, rules, and legislation. Contact us or the organizations immediately above to help make the world a better place for all of us and turn back the tide of anti-male propaganda and ill-conceived legislation. Most people are good, including your sons and daughters in college.

We could use your help. Since 1977 NCFM has been entirely funded by individual donations. Please give at or send a check to NCFM, 932 C Street, Suite B, San Diego, CA 92117. Thank you in advance for whatever help you can give.

National Coalition for MenSB 967 is horrific legislation which will prevent nothing and encourage false accusations.

Please do whatever you can to defeat legislation like SB 967.

One Response to NCFM in the news about “yes means yes” and CA SB 967 misandric legislation

Emelio Lizardo on October 20, 2014 at 6:22 PM

This is the Antioch rules come to an unholy life, as that crowd now has aged into power. This insane law pathologizes sex. It represents a deep misunderstanding of human sexuality.

Also, by targeting a group of people for it to apply to, it may be illegal under equal protection clause.

The cure is to begin accusing women.


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