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NCFM Supports North Dakota Measure No. 6 presumptive equal parental rights

October 25, 2014


equal parenting creates healthy children.NCFM Supports North Dakota Measure No. 6 presumptive equal parental rights

North Dakota Measure No. 6 creates a legal presumption that each parent is a fit parent and entitled to equal parental rights.

Reputable science and common sense say children do best with both fit parents, which means Measure No. 6 is sensible.

In brief, Measure No. 6 will help North Dakota raise healthy children. There will be fewer teen pregnancies, better school performance, less crime, less bullying, fewer suicides and more children will grow to become responsible and productive adults. High conflict separations should diminish which will help relieve children of divorce stress, anxiety, and emotional dis regulation. Benefits are many with little of no downside .

Since that is all true, those who oppose children spending as much time with both fit parents must have other motives.

Perhaps this example will shed some light. I recently helped an attorney, a father, prepare for child custody mediation. His wife is an attorney. Both are fit parents loved by their well cared for children. Both he and she had attorneys, respectively. Their situation should have been resolved before mediation but her attorney kept agitating things, disrupted efforts to resolve differences, and nitpicked every small detail. The mother had already paid out over $60,000 in legal fees. Obviously, her attorney was not motivated to do the best for their two children or she would have done everything in her power to help resolve differences between the two parents short of mediation. However, the mother’s attorney knew the mother had resources. The attorney’s primary motivation appears to have been the money.

It is the money, period. Presumptive equal shared parenting helps deflate conflict. Battles will still rage around notions of “fit parent.” Temperatures will still rise with real and false accusations flying around like nasty mosquitoes in a North Dakota swamp. Nevertheless, both parents will be able to continue parenting their children and their children will have better access to both of their parents, which is, without question, in the best interests of the children. Reducing conflict means less money for all those who make money off families in distress, especially involved attorneys.

The state bar association is reportedly flaunting laws to illegally spend money to defeat the legislation. The money may be fueling a deceitful ad campaign “Keeping Kids First” which might be more appropriately labeled “Keeping Family Law Attorneys First and Kids Last.”

To no avail, the bar association’s arrogant, if not illegal, behavior has been brought to the attention of the State Attorney General, each county District Attorney, the Legislative Judiciary Committee, and Supreme Court. Of course, any attorney involved with those is also a member of the bar association — insidious corruption.

Neither Law nor politics should be misused as a mighty shield from behind which Family Law Attorneys can guard their avarice against rightfully angry parents throwing stones to protect their children.

child being pulled in opposite directions.North Dakota has an opportunity to help its children benefit from both fit parents. We urge you to support all efforts toward presumptive shared parenting, including North Dakota Measure No. 6. Doing so will not impoverish Family Law Attorneys, but they may have to drive Jeeps instead of Beamers. Everyone else will be better off. This is a great opportunity to stop pulling apart our children.

Please see:

National Coalition for MenEqual parental rights legislation could launch a national movement to reform the Family Law System toward really helping families and their children.

One Response to NCFM Supports North Dakota Measure No. 6 presumptive equal parental rights

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