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NCFM Member Naomi Evans third update on paternity fraud reform legislation in Washington

February 19, 2015


paternity fraudFebruary 18th 2015 Update on Legislation to Stop Paternity Fraud Washington State HB 1524 and SB 5006

On February 17th the Washington House Judiciary Committee held a public hearing for House Bill 1524 re: Non Genetic Paternity Disestablishment.

In attendance to support this bill sponsored by Rep. Michelle Caldier (R) 26th district, was Naomi Evans, Andrew Evans, Allen Knight, Cedrick Day, James Childs, Shawn West, Abby Burlingame, Brandon Jones and Brandon Lyons.

Opposition testimony came from David Ward an attorney from Legal Voice (a Woman’s Right’s group in the Pacific Northwest) and Wally McClure from the Division of Social and Health services Child Support Division.

The full testimony may be viewed here at the 1:14:00 mark :

For those who are not aware, the Washington State House of Representatives is still slightly led by a Democratic majority, and although the issue of Paternity Fraud is not one in which most of us see as a “Partisan” issue, for the State House, this issue has had substantial “Conservative” implications within recent years.

Since our testimony in support of this legislation to free victims of paternity fraud, I have received word  that we were successful in gaining the support of at least one Democratic Representatives on the Committee,which holds 7 Democratic members and 6 Republican members; all of which we have recently met within Lobby Appointments in January.

It has been known to us who are fighting for this bill that all the Republican members within the House Judiciary Committee were supportive of our bill; so the knowledge of gaining support from even one individual across the isle is one of significance in passing this legislation.

However, it appears that we may have the support of other Democrats within the committee, some of which would like to wait for the already amended Senate Bill 5006 to pass the Senate and be sent to the House rather than work on two different bills.

At any rate, I have tried to stay on top of this and provide as timely knowledge of events and opinions as I am receiving them, so keep watching for updates….

Word on the Senate Bill 5006 has been verbally confirmed from a few Legislative Assistant’s of members of the Senate Ways and Means Committee (Where the bill is currently held) that the Ways and Means are in fact working on scheduling a hearing for this bill in the near future, but that they are possibly waiting for a new “Fiscal Report” on the amended version’s financial implications to the state, before such hearing is scheduled.

It is with this current knowledge that I have decided to work heavily on the Senate Ways and Means Committee to schedule a hearing and get this bill passed to the Senate floor for a vote as it has a longer period of time before the cutoff date of February 27th to pass this Committee, unlike the House Bill that may be allowed to die this coming Friday February 20th.

This is NOT in any way a “Bad” thing however, so please do NOT be discourage from helping. The Senate bill always had more of a chance to begin with as it is now in its second year introduction and has had more movement then the House Bill.

If you would like to participate in helping move this legislation forward in the Senate here are some effective ways to push these law makers:

  1.  For Washington Residents only: Follow the below links and leave a “comment” in support of both bills that will be sent directly to your local Legislators so they know how their constituents feel about this subject! It only takes a few seconds and is sure to get their attention!

SB 5006:

HB 1524:

  1. Email campaigns are ongoing. We supporters know that continued emails to specific Committees is what has gained this bill the recognition it has received and will need to continue such emails to pursue forward movement.  If you are so inclined, please email members of the Senate Ways and Means Committee to encourage their support in hearing and passing the Senate Bill 5006 onto the Rules Committee.

You can email the following list of members:,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sample or template email to these members:

Dear Chair Hill and Respected Committee Members,
I am writing in regards to SB 5006 re: Non-genetic Paternity disestablishment, which is currently held within the Ways and Means Committee.  This bill is extremely important to many Washington victims of paternity fraud, and as the cutoff date of February 27th is rapidly approaching, I would like to strongly urge the Committee to expeditiously schedule a public hearing and a vote of passage through the Ways and Means, so that this paramount Legislation may have a full vote by the Senate.  

Thank You for your consideration in this matter.
(Your Name, address and phone number)


  1. Phone Call Campaign:

Phone contact with these legislators is another great way to have your voice heard!  If you are interested please call the following members of the Senate Ways and Means. Your call can be short and sweet. (Please be nice to these law makers as they are our friends, not our enemies) It is as simple as saying “my name is ________ I just wanted to call and ask that Senator “so and so” please be aware of SB 5006 and its importance to me and other victims of Paternity fraud”….

Phone List for Ways and Means:

Senator Andy Hill (Chairman)- 360-786-7672

Senator John Braun (Vice Chair)- 360-786-7638

Senator Bruce Dammeier (Vice Chair)- 360-786-7648

Senator Jim Honeyford (Vice Chair)- 360-786-7684

Senator James Hargrove (Ranking Member)- 360-786-7646

Senator Karen Keiser (Assistant Ranking Member)- 360-786-7664

Senator Kevin Ranker (Assistant Ranking Minority Member)- 360-786-7678


“Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success”- Unknown

I want to thank all those who have helped in any way they could. I know there are many out there helping and I am eternally grateful!

Naomi Evans (26th district, Bremerton, WA)

National Coalition for MenPaternity fraud is horrible. You can help.

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