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NCFM Chicago Chapter President Tim Goldich, the Intrinsic Value Gap, Man Against the Wall

June 24, 2015


NCFM Chicago Chapter presidentNCFM NOTE: Beyond the discredited wage gap, the intrinsic value gap, Goldich’s best…

His fourth video in a series and each one gets stronger and stronger. So to is our movement because of many good-hearted caring men like Tim. The “wage gap” pales in light of the intrinsic value gap, the IVG, which contributes to the imbalance between men and women. This is a powerful video which all can benefit by. Please share it as much as possible. Send the link to your legislators, maybe one or two of them with actually get it…understand the reality and work toward balance instead of the superiority of women over men.

National Coalition for Men There is no systemic wage gap based on discrimination against women. Only feminists, politicians, and those who don’t really care believe there is one, which is way to many people.

The future of gender politics.

Click on book cover to read reviews and order the book.

The intrinsic value gap is much more than simply a wage gap, much much more…

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