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NCFM South African Member Jason Dale, “Misandry will probably reach Mars before the first human colony does”

July 26, 2015


misandry on pluto tooIn fact, MISANDRY will probably reach Mars before the first human colony does. It might even set up camp on Pluto too, just for good measure.

However, for this particular episode of “mansplaining” brought to you by yours truly, I’ll keep things grounded on planet Earth. Africa, to be exact. The continent which many archaeologists and historians regard as the cradle of humankind.

I’d like to take you for a quick but sobering sojourn on the space-time continuum to an article that appeared in the Mail & Guardian online in November 2013.

This article was written by a man who appears to have been excavated from the same ideological graveyard as the likes of Adam Serwer and David Futrelle.

Chris Mcevoy doesn’t make any bones about it, gentlemen and ladies. He regards the concept ofmen’s rights as a “total whinge” championed by mostly “angry straight men”. He discounts the influence of Valerie Solanas and Robin Morgan on grounds of fringe insanity and yet proceeds to straw man the entire men’s rights movement by using Ferdinand Bardamu’s “defense” of domestic violence as a trampoline.

Double standards, anyone?

Mcevoy makes NO attempt to defend his position with facts, logic and reason – much less with compassion for the male half of the human race. Indeed, he obviates the need to even write a full length article with the following coup de grâce:

“Misandry exists. My only question is: Who cares?”.

Well, there we have it. It’s OK TO HATE MEN AND BOYS! Apart from the IRONY of this article being laced with the very same Misandry that Mcevoy attempts to trivialize, I also find it SHOCKING that this sorry excuse for journalism was able to find its way into the pages of a newspaper which “4International Media & Newspapers” currently ranks as the 14th MOST POPULAR NEWSPAPER IN THE WHOLE OF AFRICA (2014) out of a list of over 300 contenders (

If a picture is really worth a thousand words, try and consider the potentially STAGGERING CONSEQUENCES of a full-tusk “smugshot” of Valerie Solanas being the VERY FIRST THING that countless hundreds of thousands of impressionable Africans will see when they click on the link to the above article. Especially considering that the actual words that follow make a mockery of the rights of the very gender class which Solanas SOUGHT TO EXTERMINATE! (S.C.U.M. Manifesto, Valerie Solanas, 1967).

Now then, if there are any among you who believe that Misandry is simply a small “problem child” which only throws its toys out of the cot here and there in some developed Western countries, I can assure you that you are gravely mistaken.

Misandry is a GLOBAL problem which could have INTERSTELLAR consequences if the human race ever manages to take it’s problems with it to outer space…

Jason Dale

“Gentle heart, deep mind, warrior spirit” – Jason E. Dale (National Coalition for Men)

Dedicated to ending harmful discrimination against boys, men and the women who love them

National Coalition for MenMisandry on Mars? Maybe that’s where it came from.

Misandry will certainly travel wherever we go. It seems to be an integral part of our demise.

One Response to NCFM South African Member Jason Dale, “Misandry will probably reach Mars before the first human colony does”

bstewart192 on August 25, 2015 at 4:27 PM

This problem seems to correlate to the way all male issues are perceived by a lot of people–made even worse by the fact that some men seem to have the irrational tendency to hate their own sex, and thus themselves. Men’s issues are not only laughed at, mocked, trivialized, and ignored; they are deemed not to even exist. Conversely, every single complaint and accusation a feminist lodges against a male is declared completely true, even if there is no viable proof. I’d wager that most people have never even heard of the word misandry (though because of the feminist propaganda network, everybody knows what misogyny means), so Mr. McEvoy had best call it what he means: man-hating. Somehow a man-hater sounds a little less benign than one of those fancy-schmancy ‘ogony word. And there are plenty of people that have never picked up a copy of The Guardian in their lives. It’s sad that half of the population has been labeled rape apologists and woman haters. I personally don’t know a single woman-hater–not a single one. But many times have I had to passively listen while a feminist railed on about how bad men are and how women are slaves.

I guess I’m a tiny bit more optimistic–I’m hoping that Mars will be a man-hater-free zone and we can start all over afresh. Really liked your article.


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