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NCFM used in triple murder case article linked to the Army’s persecution of Major Martin

December 3, 2015

Major MartinNCFM NOTE:
If you are not familiar with Major Martin‘s persecution by the Army you might want to read the letter we sent to the Department of Defense (letter).

The newspaper that published the article below is a bit odd in that you have to pay $3.95 for a two day subscription to read it. We’ve been told that you can read five articles for free but could not figure out how, so we paid the $3.95. Regardless, the reporter did a decent job with the facts he had.

Below is an excerpt from the beginning of the article and an excerpt near the end having to do with NCFM.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to pony up almost four bucks or figure out the five free article thing to read the whole article, but it’s well worth it. There are other news reports from other media too which are worth seeing, click here for a partial list.

Since our initial letter was sent to the DOD we have posted several updates regarding Major Maritn’s situation. You can use the Google search box a the top of the this page to find them, just enter Major Martin and hit the search button.

Three of those closely involved with Major Martin are NCFM Advisers, two of whom are prominent attorneys, the other a retired homicide investigator and an extraordinarily competent  private investigator.

We are confident Major Martin had nothing to do with the murderers but the Army appears to be using the murders to further harass Major Martin, to include issuing a military no contact order to separate Major Martin from his fiance and her two children. We believe the Army now has the information from Major Martin’s computers confiscated by the Sheriff, computers which include critical information concerning his defense against the charges trumped up by the Army.

This case has bad military actors as strange or stranger as the civilian idiots involved with the Duke lacrosse case. Hopefully, the Sheriff’s investigation will shed enough light on the military charges against Major Martin to facilitate the dismissal of the charges by the Army.

If you have any pertinent information about the situations below please contact us at 619-231-1909 or – or Jacob Thomas at 270-887-3240 or

For whom was Calvin Phillips going to testify?

Calvin Phillips listed as witness for defense, Army in court-martial

By Jacob Thomas, New Era staff writer

Nov 27, 2015

A Pembroke man found dead inside his home Nov. 19 was listed as a witness for both the prosecution and for the defense in an upcoming court-martial at Fort Campbell, according to the defendant’s attorney and a military spokeswoman.

The body of Calvin Lee Phillips, 59, was found inside his home at 443 S. Main St. in Pembroke. He had been shot multiple times in the chest.

Phillips was slated to testify Dec. 1 in the case of Major Christian “Kit” Martin, who’s facing a court-martial on charges of sexual assault of a child and mishandling classified information.

While Phillips was on the prosecution’s list of potential witnesses, according to Lt. Col. Chevelle Thomas, Martin’s attorney Bill Summers told the New Era on Friday that Phillips was going to testify in Martin’s defense.

Authorities found Phillips’ body after tracing the license plate on a torched car found Nov. 19 in a field about a mile outside of Pembroke to Phillips’ house. The badly burned remains of two people who have yet to be identified were inside the car… SECOND EXCERPT BELOW…

Letter supports Martin

An organization familiar with the court-martial sent a letter regarding Martin’s case to the New Era in March.

None of the allegations contained in the letter could be verified.

The letter sent by the National Coalition For Men concerns gender-biased training and the court-martial case of Major Christian “Kit” Martin. The author of the letter alleges an appearance of unlawful command influence on the part of Martin’s commanding officer, Brig. Gen. Mark Stammer.

The NCFM is a nonprofit organization and the nation’s oldest men’s human rights organization committed to the removal of gender-based stereotypes, according to the organization’s website.

It remains unclear why the NCFM has gotten involved with Martin’s case.

However, the court-martial has since been postponed, said Lt. Col. Chevelle Thomas, and the investigation into the Pembroke deaths is ongoing.

According to the NCFM letter, Martin’s legal troubles began after he requested a divorce from his wife, Joan Harmon.

Meanwhile, Harmon is set to be sentenced for bigamy on Feb. 17 in Christian Circuit Court.

The letter also alleges Gen. Stammer either orchestrated or facilitated Martin’s pending court-martial.

Martin is described in the letter as a “highly decorated Apache helicopter pilot assigned to the 101st Airborne Division,” who has been deployed several times throughout his career.

The charge of mishandling classified information originated from documents and a laptop turned in to the FBI in December 2012 by Calvin Phillips and Joan Harmon, the letter says.

Harmon lived with Martin at his home in Pembroke for 10 years. However, in October, Harmon pleaded guilty to bigamy, or being married to more than one man at the same time, according to court documents.

The letter says Martin hired a lawyer and private investigator who discovered Harmon was still legally married to Carlos Guerra. Guerra lives in Springfield, Tennessee.

While the letter blames Harmon and Phillips for turning the laptop into the Army, Summers said Friday that Phillips was going to testify that, during the time Harmon lived at his house, they had had an affair.

The letter also claims an assistant prosecutor with the Office of the Christian County Commonwealth’s Attorney was approached by officers with the Judge Advocate General’s Corp — better known as JAG — regarding the dismissal of Harmon’s bigamy charge.

The laptop was forwarded to the Military Counter Intelligence unit at Fort Campbell for investigation, according to the letter. Martin then faced an Article 15 non-judicial punishment by his superior officer, Gen. Stammer, over the laptop.

According to the letter, Army investigators determined the laptop came from an Army intelligence unit in Maryland and was removed from inventory in 2007. The letter says Martin was never stationed in Maryland, nor was he ever assigned to a military intelligence unit.

Rather, the letter states, Martin was stationed in Germany and was deployed to Iraq continuously from 2005 to 2010, when he returned to the U.S. to attend the United States Navy Warfare College.

Calvin Phillips was an Army Veteran who worked in supply, according to the letter.

Additionally, the letter cites an email authored by Military Intelligence Special Agent in Charge Curtis Messer dated March 20, 2014, in saying no evidence was ever found showing Martin mishandled classified information.

The letter alleges Stammer either ignored or rejected “considerable, clear, undeniable evidence” exonerating Martin on the charge.

Moreover, the letter claims several JAG officers influenced or attempted to influence civilian authorities to drop at least one felony charge of bigamy against Harmon.

According to court documents, the prosecuting attorney against Harmon in the bigamy case was Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Katherine Foster.

A number of other prominent politicians and officials in the military also received the letter, including Maj. Gen. Gary J. Volesky, the commanding general at Fort Campbell; Brig. Gen. Stammer, U.S. Sens. Lamar Alexander, Bob Corker, Mitch McConnell and Tom Cotton and U.S. Reps. Duncan Hunter, Diane Black and Ed Whitfield.

Summers said a hearing for Martin is scheduled for Monday at Fort Campbell, and Martin’s court-martial has been rescheduled for March 15.

Reach Jacob Thomas at 270-887-3240 or

NCFM: if you have any pertinent information about the situations above please contact the us or Jacob Thomas whose contact information is above.

national coalition for menMajor Martin has distinguished and unblemished career and was awarded not one, but three Bronze Stars.

That is, Major Martin’s career was unblemished until his bigamist wife threatened to destroy it if he divorced her. She did, destroy it, by making one false accusation after another, all of which the Army believed but now must understand as false. The army chose to believe a delusional, vindictive, mentally unstable woman rather than their own highly regarded soldier. Talk about a corrupt system… all due to political correctness which has no regard for the truth.

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