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NCFM Vice-President Marc Angelucci, International Men’s Day and Valley Oasis

December 2, 2015

valley oasisOn behalf of NCFM Marc Angelucci, NCFM Vice-President, drove 100 or so miles to Lancaster, California to give about 20 dress shirts and men’s clothes to Valley Oasis battered men’s shelter. Valley Oasis also helps homeless and veterans get jobs, so the dress shirts are very helpful, they said.

For those who don’t know, NCFM has had a good relationship with this shelter for over a decade. They take criticism from bigots in the DV industry for setting aside a shelter for male victims. Carol Crabson, Chief Executive Officer, works with Harry Crouch, NCFM President and Fred Sottile, NCFM Los Angeles Chapter, and helped us form the task force on male victims within the Los Angeles Domestic Violence Council. Their former director, Patricia Overberg (deceased), is the one who advised Mr. Angelucci to file the lawsuit against California DV shelters for their refusal to help men and boys which resulted in a victory in the case Wood v. Horton.

Marc plans to do this every International Men’s Day on behalf of NCFM,  as well as resuming music events in Eaglerock, California. NCFM is considering expanding Marc’s idea to other places and organizations that help boys and men.

national coalition for menValley Oasis has been helping abused men and their families for decades.

If Valley Oasis can do that successfully so can other shelter programs.

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