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NCFM update on the Vladek Filler case and incredible court victory

February 2, 2016
vladek filler

Click on the picture for the Filler Fund website.

His character-disordered wife falsely accused Vladek Filler of sexual assault and lesser crimes. His fight for freedom from our legal system began in 2007, nine years ago, and it is not over…

Worse, Hancock County prosecutors, especially Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellett, knew or should have known the accusations were false, yet they vigorously and viciously persecuted Vladek.

Mary Kellett team 2

Click on the picture for the story.

So bad were Kellett’s indiscretions and crimes, the Board of Overseers of the Bar recommended she be sanctioned, and she was. It was the first time in the State of Maine an Assistant District Attorney was prosecuted. Kellett was convicted but never missed a days’ pay, spent a day in jail, or was disbarred. The District Attorney, Attorney General (Janet T. Mills), and even the Supreme Court Justice overseeing Kellett’s trial were all women, at least two of whom were or had been involved with feminist causes.

Vladek never gave up. In the over 20 years of working for equal rights for men I have heard thousands of horrific stories of unfair treatment, prosecutorial misconduct, kangaroo courts, and false allegations of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, mayhem and even murder. Of all those stories and people I have worked with, Vladek is a giant killer. He never gave up, never wavered, refused to be treated unfairly, and rejected the notion that justice was not attainable, even in the United States. Unlike Kellett and crew, innocent until proven guilty means something to Vladek.

Vladek filed civil action against 18 defendants, including Kellett and ADA Paul Cavanaugh, rightly claiming he was wrongly arrested, prosecuted and convicted. Cavanaugh and Kellett moved to dismiss the case. On January 27, 2015, Judge John A. Woodcock, Jr., United States District Judge denied the motion with some exceptions.

The 78-page decision is an extraordinary read. It clearly shows a pattern of deceit and corruption rarely documented in situations like Vladek’s. The decision is an absolute must read and shows damage to our judicial system by feminist jurisprudence and wrongheaded misandric ideology run amuck in our education, media and law systems. Furthermore, Judge Woodcock’s findings coupled with Vladek’s grit, and his skilled legal team, may lead to earthshaking reforms to our legal system.

Because of Vladek’s determined pursuit of justice, Kellett and ilk in the District Attorney’s office were rebuked and put out of office. NCFM played a small role helping publicize Vladek’s plight as well as filing one of two successful complaints against Kellett with the Board of Overseers of the Bar for the state of Maine, which led to Kellett’s prosecution and the eventual cleansing of the District Attorney Office in Hancock County Maine, to include the DA, Carletta “Dee” Bassano.

vladek fillerVladek’s saga continues. Justice is only partially served. The corrupt still need to be held fully accountable for their horrifically arrogant, salacious, and illegal acts. Vladek’s new life began the day he chose not to be silent about things that mattered. Free at last, he continues the fight for justice.

Click here to read Judge Woodcock’s scathing decision.

Click here for more background information.

Vladek’s attorneys Tom Hallett, Tim Zerillo and Dave Weyrens sued on behalf of Vladek. They did exceptional work. Click here to visit their website.

national coalition for menVladek Filler was persecuted by being wrongly and viciously prosecuted.

Notice too that Vladek Filler’s falsely accusing ex wife was not held accountable for any of her self-serving and vindictive acts, not even threatening police officers. But you’ll have to read, as they say, the rest of the story at the links above.

2 Responses to NCFM update on the Vladek Filler case and incredible court victory

  1. John R. A. on February 20, 2016 at 9:38 AM

    Vladek Filler really showed, and continues to show, courage and uncommon strength! Unfortunately, as a man I really feel like if “she” says you did it, then you did it in the eyes of our culture. Really scary!!

  2. Shane on February 10, 2016 at 3:12 AM

    The rights advocate at the UW of Wisconsin Law School said that my cases evidences are rare like the gentlemen in this story,they include instructions from my attorney to my exs instructing him to replace all but the signed portion of the judges file,2 sets of court records,un CC: letters from the guardian threatening me I could simply agree or they’d arrainge a witness, after filing 3 complaints with the Office Of Lawyer Regulation. The judge threatened me aswell and 8 months of hearings records disappeared. I was illegaly prosecuted 2x,they tried a 3rd which after 22 months on bond,2 arrests and 8 appearences they dismissed because they had no cause of action,I was following the judges instructions. I’ve been threatened ,criminalized and frauded openly. There has been so much and from what I understand have rare evidences that prove and link everyone which not only shows the pattern,it screams it- eventho my county was investigated and the FBI found these activities. While investigating 400 to 600 serial rapes and sexual assaults commited by deputies that the others involved helped cover up,I cannot find an attorney brave enough to help me. I have been threatened and both my kids abuses ignored.
    One of the factors in my case are 5 years of suppressed very detailed records aswell as the depsitions take 5 years prior to my divorce for the $1 million law suit my wife won,she was in an accident and has been taken advantage of by these criminals. Of course I was left near bankrupt because she claims they helped her hide these monies and fraud me. 420,000 disappeared. Her attorney and her were in one county blaming her boyfriend aswell as blaming me in our county at the same time. There is so much undeniable proof,documentation-theirs. The trauma of being retaliated agaist for filing the grievences has been horrific,disabling me. Where does one begin cleaning up the damage from the corruption. Mine isn’t the only case of this with the same people. They even falsified having hearings that never occured.

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