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NCFM concerns about the Army’s persecution of Major “Kit” Martin.

March 7, 2016
major martin

Kind’a resembles Major General Mark Stammer… and the other aspiring officers persecuting Major “Kit” Martin.

NCFM concerns about the Army’s persecution of Major Martin.

Malfeasance in persecution of Major “Kit” Martin overwhelms justice. The military court refuses to release Article 37 transcripts to the defense. The chain of command has thus far refused to hold accountable prosecutors for blatant misconduct. Investigations involve reckless endangerment of Major Martin’s fiancé and her children. Defense witnesses have been prevented from testifying. All or much of which has been orchestrated by Fort Campbell prosecutor Captain James Garrett and Special Victim Prosecutor Major Jacob Bashore, who is, unbelievably, being considered for promotion to Judge.

Bashore is a central figure in the investigative thriller, “Three Days in August” by investigative reporter Bob McCarty.  The same prosecutor who railroaded another soldier, Special Forces Sergeant First Class Kelly Stewart, convicting him of sexual assault, based on a one-night stand and the delusions of a woman with documented mental health issues that Major Bashore successfully kept out of  Stewart’s court-martial.

One reader commented,

“This is a must read for every person who is deeply concerned about what the politicians and an increasingly politicized military brass are doing to America’s brave warriors. If you are not concerned, you should be.”

Another wrote,

“Anyone who wants insight into the way the military really handles sexual assault cases should read this story, it would be unfortunate if this was an isolated case but it continues to be repeated. A good soldier destroyed by the system.”

Consequently, On February 16, 2016, NCFM sent a letter to Army JAG Commanding Officer, Lieutenant General Flora Darpino at the Pentagon, opposing the appointment of Major Bashore to Judge based on the following,

  • Major Bashore has pending Tennessee state bar complaint filed by Major Martin’s defense counsel for prosecutorial misconduct.
  • Major Bashore, and others including Major General Mark Stammer, Captain James Garrett, and Major Jenny Sue Schlack-White, are the subjects of pending investigation by the Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General.
  • A request was made by NCFM to have the DoD IG’s Office refer their investigation to the United States Attorney’s Office, to open a CRIMINAL investigation into the actions of the above named people.
  • General Stammer, Major Bashore, Captain Garrett, and Major Schlack-White were the subjects of an Unlawful Command Influence and Prosecutorial Misconduct Article 37 hearing in September of 2015 that was denied. Presiding Judge Colonel Andrew Glass has yet to issue a written decision as required. Major Martin’s defense attorneys still do not have transcripts of the hearing, roughly seven months later. Fort Campbell officials have not complied with an NCFM FOIA request for related records including the transcripts.  The hearing produced irrefutable evidence tampering, badgering witnesses, and intimidating at least one civilian prosecutor to drop felony charges against Major Martin’s criminally convicted lying-bigamist ex-wife.

We have many questions:

  1. Why is Major Bashore still an Army prosecutor?
  2. Why has Captain James Garrett not been court-martialed for intimidating a Christian County Prosecutor?
  3. Why has Major Jenny Schlack-White not been court-martialed for her misconduct as well as her angry Facebook rant against a sitting United States Senator?
  4. Why has an involved Army Judge not released as written opinion on a related matter as required by law?
  5. Why are Criminal Investigation Division (CID) agents not being investigated for badgering and intimidating witnesses and their illegal seizure of Major Martin’s defense files and computer from his vehicle and at his home?
  6. Why has Major Martin’s convicted bigamist, vengeful, lying ex-wife not been held accountable for the plethora of crimes she has committed against Major Martin?
  7. Why is the Army afraid of transparency?
  8. Worse, why is no one in the chain of command stopping the malfeasance?

The legislative and administrative cure for the fictitious non-existent sexual assault epidemic is to court-martial all allegations regardless of substance and facts favoring the accused.

We believe, based on clear evidence that General Mark Stammer insisted on Major Martin’s prosecution for personal and politically correct reasons. Worse, we believe he dishonored himself and his soldiers to curry politically correct favor for promotion to Major General, a two-star. All of which, if true, is disgusting.

Real sexual assault is a serious crime. False accusations of sexual assault are a serious crime too but seldom if ever treated as such. In fact, many innocent military men, like Major Martin, are persecuted with vengeance by the military even when it is known the accuser has no credibility. Dubious accusations destroy lives and careers of innocent soldiers, those who take part in such destruction should be drummed out of the military.

Virtually all military commanders bow to political correctness for career survival.  If they fail to send one case of alleged sexual misconduct to court-martial, their actions are immediately forwarded to ARMY JAG Command and the Secretary of the Army for review and reconsideration.  Who wants that kind of negative scrutiny?  In their mind, it is better to send innocent men to Leavenworth than risk their own careers.

Judge Glass has been replaced.  Maybe someone noticed he was acting more like a cheerleader for the prosecution instead of a judge.

Major Bashore and Captain Garrett may be getting a little worried too. Apparently, in a recent court hearing Captain Garrett ranted and complained about the National Coalition for Men, a private investigator working the case, various government officials and investigative reporter Bob McCarty, the latter of whom has written extensively about the Major Martin debacle.

Could it be that Major Bashore and Captain Garrett are a worried that their ethical lapses, misconduct, and crimes will be exposed for the entire world to see?  Are they worried that their conduct in this case would result in their disbarment?  Are they worried that their primary accuser; Major Martin’s convicted felon bigamist ex, will be further exposed as the sociopathic liar that she is?

Are Major Bashore and Captain Garrett worried that their own admitted misconduct under oath, which led to their temporary ban from the case, will be revealed to the entire world?  Are they worried that the sworn testimony by Christian County Deputy District Attorney, Katherine Garber-Foster, who testified that Captain James Garrett hounded and badgered her to NOT prosecute Major Martin’s ex for Felony Bigamy; a possible violation of the UCMJ, the U.S. Code, and the Posse Comitatus Act, worry them?

Is MG Stammer concerned that his orchestration of Major Martin’s court-martial will be exposed, and that he will be demoted to Colonel, or maybe even latrine steward?

So, what is the Army trying to hide? Why is the Army frustrating the truth from the public?  Why don’t our leaders stand up for men in uniform and not sacrifice them for political correctness and promotion, what honor is there in that? More and more cases involve insidious corruption in the persecution of innocent military men.

A former Army JAG officer now in private practice familiar with the case said,

“The Army and those responsible for this travesty of justice at Fort Campbell were not expecting this.  They were not expecting that Major Martin would fight for his freedom; would fight for the truth, and now those in the process of facilitating this persecution, are fighting.  They are fighting to prevent the truth from being learned and at the same time, they are fighting to keep their careers and most likely fighting to keep themselves out of jail.  At his point, that looks more and more like a tall order.”

We hope someone honorable in the chain of command will resolve this situation in favor of Major Martin and hold accountable those that are persecuting him.

national coalition for men

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One Response to NCFM concerns about the Army’s persecution of Major “Kit” Martin.

  1. Michael Turpiano on March 7, 2016 at 9:27 PM

    Innocent service members like Maj Kit Martin, facing false accusations or wrongful convictions. These service members are victims of a corrupt military justice system that prioritizes securing convictions instead of seeking the truth. The brave men and women who have selflessly volunteered to protect our country deserve better.

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