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NCFM Member Tim Patten, “Feminists’ Patriarchal Worldview Inspired MGTOW”

April 17, 2016

feministsFeminists’ Patriarchal Worldview Inspired MGTOW

The roots of radical feminism, as well as women’s and gender studies initiatives, can be seen in a 1970s BBC documentary, Angry Wimmin (watch on YouTube), which offers insights on the origins of the women’s movement. Among those featured is Sheila Jeffreys, an influential lesbian activist,[i] who speaks frankly about the movement’s mission as a “dedicated war” on men (Feminist Patriarchy Theory[ii]). Over time, the radicalism espoused by Jeffreys and others has had an insidious effect, promulgating widespread distrust of male virtues. Sweeping women’s rights propaganda has also altered the social landscape, undermining relationships between the sexes and transforming the once timeless ideals of love and marriage into relics of the past. The feminist patriarchy theory only divides the sexes and is fueling the popular phenomenon MGTOW, (Men Going Their Own Way).[iii]

In fact, millions of men have been forced to abandon hope of establishing and maintaining a genuine partnership or marriage with a member of the opposite sex. Evidenced and conceptualized by the wealthy and powerful Gloria Steinem who noted, “Society…encourages women to be victims every way.”[iv] Notions like this, including descriptions of women as “chattel,” are actively promoted by rebel feminists, strongly influenced by burgeoning women’s and gender studies programs that characterize a primordial patriarchy as an institutionalized and socially acceptable framework for male domination over women.[v]

The extreme to which many single-minded activists have gone is frightening. In recent times, radicalized feminists have launched genocidal social media campaigns, labeled with monikers such as “#killallmen,” “Control All Men,”[vi] “StraightWhiteMemes,”[vii] and “Kill All White Men.”[viii] Guised as satire, these memes connect with growing numbers of females who can’t help but resent men’s place in society. This is unrestrained hate speech and such propaganda engenders disturbing visions about harming and wielding power over males, going so far as to make killing men seem artistically relevant.[ix] This blatant male hatred is a catalytic agent for Men to Go Their Own Way and other movements such as the Red Pill[x] and Japan’s Herbivore Men[xi].

Recently multimillionaire feminist, Anita Sarkeesian said “There’s a toxicity within gaming culture, and also in tech culture, that drives this misogynist hatred.” Anita says “Everything is sexist!” Under the circumstances, it is not hard to see why many women have developed anger, resentment and contempt towards men, which can provoke desires and fantasies—as well as acts—of revenge. The relationship between the sexes has become a power play, where interactions are viewed in a harsh, zero-sum light. If women beat men by a wide margin on the playing field, the response is not “great job!” Instead, there are hostile taunts, such as “girls rule and boys drool!” Female empowerment has metamorphosed into an ugly vision of females overpowering males. Talk of “girl power” simply means pushing back against men. In retaliation, men are not pushing back, instead millions of men are discovering a lifestyle of freedom and success, away from women’s disgust of all things male.

Hell Hath No Fury

Not all women are feminists and admittedly, there are some who believe that patriarchy, a social system characterized by male authority, is an illusion; others, meanwhile, have no doubt that the widespread oppression of women is evidence of its existence. The fact that those on the very upper reaches of the economic ladder, men and women own or control the vast majority of the world’s assets, businesses and employees suggests there is no place or part of society that is not subordinate in some way to this particular structure—aside from a few matriarchal villages in Africa, perhaps, everything is patriarchy.

Whether accurate or not, something has clearly played havoc with the relationship between the sexes, creating a situation where, for example, marriage is increasingly a one-sided arrangement. While some women have embraced gender differences and are incredible mates, others have established fulcrums of male antipathy, moving them freely along a continuum that begins with caution and distrust, passes through resentment, and ends at hatred. Once she is offended; Hell hath no fury and her vindication is reinforced by lawful bias. Paternity fraud is rampant and women are divorcing at alarming rates meaning, men who are in love can easily find themselves in danger; they must develop a gendered lens so they can objectively evaluate current and future companions. Feminist’s male hostility has served to convince more men that bachelorhood is the appropriate alternative. Japan’s unique Herbivore Men,[xii] and MGTOW[xiii] ranks are growing daily.

The Modern Men’s Liberation Movement

Regardless, it seems doubtful that any of the women’s movements, densely populated with advocates and adherents who openly despise males, can help resolve the many important issues that men grapple with, including a pandemic of male suicides. Feminists are less interested in equality than in creating a new world order, where woman only come first. For a growing number of them, their focus has increasingly become oriented toward males’ demise through social and legal manipulations.

Because of these and other distorted perspectives, masses of men have made the decision to opt out, leaving the pain and destructiveness behind. They are embracing movements and efforts such as Japan’s Herbivore Men, where marriage apathy is endangering the global economy.[xiv] Feminist’s lopsided societal framework has systematically stacked romantic relationships against boys and men; thus the outgrowth of Red Pill and MGTOW, forums aimed at helping men understand that the benefits for males of marital bliss are almost nil.

The fact that the ideals of radical feminism have become so pervasive and entrenched suggests the only way things can improve has been to join hands with others who believe the modern world’s future can and will be incredible for men. Indeed, it is apparent that this perspective is gaining momentum. A hurricane of men’s liberation awareness—MGTOW, Red Pill and Japan’s Herbivore Men—is circling the planet, unleashing freedom and empowering men to define and follow their unique, and uniquely masculine, paths. It is a new day for men: knowledge and freedom are at their fingertips partially due to feminism. They now have the opportunity to design the kind of passionate life that they might once have only dreamed about.

Please consider petitioning congress by adding your name to Warren Farrell’s White House Council on Boys and Men[xv] (sign the petition here).

About the Author

Tim Patten is a retired software engineer and author of newly released MGTOW Building Wealth and Power. He also wrote WHY I CHEAT – 11 campfire stories for men’s ears only. Both books are a celebration of masculinity and pay homage to the modern men’s liberation movement.
















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2 Responses to NCFM Member Tim Patten, “Feminists’ Patriarchal Worldview Inspired MGTOW”

  1. john smith on May 14, 2016 at 3:59 PM

    Men have much to thank the feminist movement for. First, it has removed all moral, ethical, social, and legal obstacles preventing women from acting upon and enforcing their true nature. For the first time in human history women are no longer a mystery to men. We now understand them and, frankly, are disgusted by it. Personally, I wish I hadn’t been forced to learn this, but this knowledge is the only thing that allows me to survive and prosper in a toxic environment.

    Second, it has revealed all the Western civilization social conditioning of males from their birth to be propaganda to make men the willing wage slaves, pack mules, and cannon fodder for the ruling class and all women. When a man realizes this is true, it is an even harsher psychological blow than learning the truth about women.

    In this toxic stew of exploitation men are left with three choices: (1) Accept their chains and abuse for a woman’s fickle validation and the few crumbs from the feast table of the elites hoping to stay married and employed. This is nothing more than fearful, soul destroying, slow motion suicide. (2) Actually commit suicide as a result of a woman’s legally sanctioned destruction of his life or from sheer despondency at the bleakness of his future in the toxic stew. (3) Say no to all the propaganda, conditioning, and social expectations of women and the elites by embracing MGTOW philosophy.

    Women and elites live their lives for themselves on their terms. Both have abandoned the concept of noblese oblige by which they kept men their willing wage slaves, pack mules, and cannon fodder. MGTOW is the revolt of the beta males. We will live our lives the same way women and elites do; or our terms as we see fit.

    Professional poker players and sheep ranchers know that you can shear a sheep many times. But you can kill it only once. The sheep have seen too many of their flock slaughtered and many are making a break for the hills (MGTOW). When the remaining rams make the break (MGTOW going mainstream, as it will) there will be no more wool or mutton. And no amount of coaxing, begging, or shaming will convince the rams in the hills to return to the slaughterhouse.

    Feminism spells the death of Western culture. Europe will fall to Islam. North America will fall to Mexicans (who are not of Spanish descent, but in reality are Central American Indians, Aztecs if you will). Demographics is destiny. All politics is tribal. It is so obvious a blind man can see it coming, but a sighted Western woman cannot see past her whim of today. You asked for it ladies, your gonna get it.

  2. Mustafaaaa on April 18, 2016 at 6:46 PM

    Good article and I wish the author a good life & success.

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