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NCFM Member Mr. Manners, Men’s rights include all men regardless of sexual preference.

August 17, 2017

men's rights


Men’s rights include all men regardless of sexual preference

Michael Kimmel, PhD, who has built an academic career largely by riding on the back of feminist dogma, was one of the individuals featured in Cassie Jaye’s award-winning documentary “The Red Pill”.  In the movie, he observed that men’s bad lives are “not the fault of women and gay people.”

The film does discuss the harm dishonest and biased feminist’s do, although not specifically women.  The anti-gay reference is nothing more than an ad hominem attack.  It is part of trying to distort those seeking fairness for men as a hate group.  It might be useful to look at the history of The Coalition of Free Men to put this in perspective

The nonprofit Coalition of Free Men, Inc. was founded in 1977. Its purpose was to free men of prescribed roles, as feminism was doing for women. Obviously, same sex relationships fit that criteria. Upon joining the Coalition, I received the anthology “Men Freeing Men”. Unsurprisingly, it did discuss, along with other topics, the issues of gay and effeminate men face.

Later I attended my first men’s right’s convention near Madison Wisconsin, which the Coalition was part of.  As one would expect, they did have a speaker describing what he had to deal with life as a male homosexuality.

The organization now does business and is known as the National Coalition For Men (NCFM). NCFM advisor Warren Farrell, in his run for Governor of California 2003, was ahead of the curve in being pro-gay marriage. However, things had already changed by the time of Farrell ran for Governor.  Feminist’s rather than seeking equality, feminists had become more and more bigoted. Plus, male homosexuals have been categorized as part of the those oppressed by male heterosexuals. As a result, the experiences of male homosexuals have largely fallen off the radar screen, as part of the men’s rights agenda.

The reality is, men of different races, sexual orientations etc. share many of the same handicaps. Very often, discriminating against men means discriminating against gay men. Many issues discussed in the “Red Pill” are relevant to gay men. Take for instance the discussion of circumcision. Obviously, this is relevant to gay men? How about getting longer sentences for the same crimes, or having more money and research go into women’s health research than men’s?

What about domestic violence?  Exploring the internet, I found that gay men and heterosexual men both suffer from the fact that there is only one male domestic abuse center in the country for men. While there is no military draft, only men have to register. Who can predict the future? If the draft is reinstated, this government control of one’s life applies to all races, sexual orientation’s and political views, the only caveat is that the person is male.

There are numerous other issues, that are shared by both orientations. Feminist’s characterize organizations that refuse to carry some types of birth control for religious reasons, as part of the war against women. At the same time, as far as I could find, the one male birth control option men have condom’s, are absent from health care plans.  Condoms are protector against health risks for homosexual men and thus a legitimate health service.

What about homelessness? Even though far more men are shelter less than homeless than women, a feminist I knew was working for more homeless shelters only for women. Look at the disproportionate number of men you see among the homeless, can you tell which ones are gay?

The education system is also an issue. Studies have shown that teachers favor girls in school. Many gay people do not even know they are gay in their younger years. To teachers they are merely boys, the less favored sex among teachers.

There are more men’s rights issues that apply to male homosexuals. In addition, the contempt for heterosexual men based on misinformation, often spills over to all men. If you cannot honestly advocate for women and ignore lesbians, the same holds true for men’s advocates and gay men. However, mirroring the bigotry and contempt of lesbian feminist is not acceptable. Incorporating male issues of all kinds for all groups of men is.

NCFM NOTE: Mr. Manners offered the following in response to the  Washington Post Article,  article, On the stand in her groping case, Taylor Swift was every woman. And that’s what’s so sad, by Lavanya Ramanathan

national coalition for men


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6 Responses to NCFM Member Mr. Manners, Men’s rights include all men regardless of sexual preference.

  1. Tom W on August 17, 2017 at 6:03 PM

    Homosexuality is not in and of itself a sex discrimination (gender) issue since it covers both men and women. Where it becomes a gender issue is when homosexual men are discriminated against in favor of homosexual women. At that point there is sex discrimination. The author is correct that there are many issues on which homo and hetero men can unite. But there are also many heterosexual people who would be put off by any outright endorsement of homosexuality. Whatever you believe it just simply is not a sex discrimination issue.

    • Mr. Manners on August 17, 2017 at 6:59 PM

      Good points. You notice I did title the article “Men’s Rights are Gay rights.” I was most saying, the anti-male bias intended for heterosexual males spills over to gay men.
      Thanks for the feedback

      • Mic on September 7, 2017 at 12:31 AM

        Point to consider: Based on Mr. Manner’s,
        “the anti-male bias intended for heterosexual males spills over to gay men”.
        Perhaps it’s a coin flip on when/where this occurs, But in my locale, homosexual men are used in the same way black females are used as double minorities. Simply put, a black male homosexual is hired to preclude the hiring of any heterosexual male, but most often it’s to not hire a black heterosexual male, in this locale.
        (regardless of their support for men’s equal rights or not, these guys tend to walk the feminist road when employed in a feminist environment.)

        • Mr. Manners on September 12, 2017 at 11:27 AM

          Yes that could happen also. Preferential hiringspits all sorts of groups against each other

  2. Mr. Manners on August 17, 2017 at 4:05 PM

    A few more things I did not include. Feminist’s have called unwanted sexual glance, harassment in school. When heterosexual boys get unwanted sexual glances, guess what sex they are from? Hint, it is not girls. Thus many boys who might find such things innocuous, are being taught that they are experiencing that terrible thing sexual harassment, thus vilifying gay boys.
    Another example. Men are criticized for the sexual nature of women’s fashion. But it is gay men who are among the top designers. Thus rather than being given credit for their creativity, they are categorized for being among the exploiters of women.

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