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NCFM Member Jim Jackson, Vaginulary

February 7, 2018

VaginularyBy James Jackson

Women have fallen to coining bad puns that belittle men and show women’s deep hatred of men.  “Mansplaining,” “manspreading,” and “hepeating” are examples.  Women take the bad habits of a few men and overgeneralize to imply that all men perform these infractions all of the time.  This is pretty petty, and it is pure misandry.

Men have not responded with a similar list of words of women’s foibles.  Men aren’t that petty.  Men also have refused to tit-for-tat because they realize that taking the bad quirks of a few selective people of a group and “synecdocheing” them into the whole group is the engine that drives racism, sexism, and all group discriminations.  This is what stereotyping is all about.  Men have too much integrity to do that.

But, men’s silence implies that only men have such foibles, and women are complete angels, which, of course, is nonsense.  This implication adds to the ridiculous angelic impression we have of women and the hatred of men that we see everywhere.  Men’s silence may be contributing to more discrimination than words men may make up about women.

So, in an effort to promote equality, I will temporarily suppress my integrity and get in touch with my inner-pettiness to offer up some vocabulary about women—vaginulary.

Synecdouching—as I described above, this is women taking bad qualities of a few men and attributing them to all men and using a cute name.  Women douche away all of their own bad qualities and unfairly degrade all men.  (As I said, the puns must be bad.)  Examples of this, again, include women using words like “mansplaining,” “manspreading,” “manterruption,” and “hepeating.”

Feminism—the female version of mansplaining.  Need I say more?

Shoo Process—this is the elimination of due process for men.  Due process is a time-honored legal principle vital to a fair judicial system.  But women are successfully eliminating due process for men.  An example is the kangaroo court system that has been expelling men with little or no due process from colleges for alleged sexual misconduct.  Another recent example involved men accused of minor sexual mistakes who were fired or forced to resign their jobs with no due process, e.g., Al Franken, Garrison Keillor, Rick Najera.  Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and others have demanded all sexual misconduct (by men) receive “zero tolerance,” which is a euphemism for no due process, and all infractions—even minor ones—must receive severe punishment.

Herpocrisy—of course, everyone is hypocritical to some degree.  But women and feminists are really going overboard.  Maybe we should try to get “hypocrisy” officially changed to “herpocrisy” since all inflected languages, e.g., Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Portuguese, seem to consider their versions of “hypocrisy” as feminine nouns.  The big, current example of “herpocrisy” is the condemning and criminalization of all male sexuality, while women can be as sexual as they want in their appearance.  Did you see the Golden Globes Award Ceremony, where most all of the women wore black to protest against all perceived male sexual misbehaviors while these women simultaneously exposed breasts, shoulders, backs, legs, and midrifts in their sexual outfits?  Apparently, only women are allowed to be sexual.  Just clueless herpocrisy.

EmpowHerment—it seems giving women more power is women’s solution for all problems.  “Empowerment of Women” is the battle cry for any and all of society’s ills.  War, famine, disease, floods, governmental dysfunction, sexual harassment, chocolate aftertaste, paper cuts, high humidity, static cling, and litter box odors all will be solved by giving women more power.  As if women don’t have enough power already with chivalry, media bias, governmental bias, victimhood, sexual power, and the lace curtain.  We have created little over-empowered monsters who always want more.

OpHerverliebtheit—the fancy German word for “the state of being enamored with victimhood” is Opferverliebtheit.  Changing one letter gives us the coinage that fits women like a Handschuh.  (Sorry, that’s German for “glove.”)   Women do like to play the victim.  Bogus ideas like women earning 72% of what men make for the same work, only women are victims of domestic violence, legislators are biased against women, 1 of 4 college women are raped, and the ridiculous assertions that women are the primary victims of gun violence, or are two-thirds of the poor, or are the only victims of internet trolls, or are discriminated against in STEM jobs are all examples of women’s love of being victims.  They use their alleged “victimization” in order to get more power.

Shesearch—this is feminist research and scholarship.  Since it has a feminist instead of a scientific basis, it is pure cow manure.  It can be completely disregarded.  For examples of shesearch, see the listing for “OpHerverliebtheit” above.

NarciSisteric—Besides playing the victim, when it suits them, women also like to play superior.  They often tell us how much better things would be if women were in charge (of course, they are in charge—see “EmpowHerment”), and how men are competitive, violent destroyers and women are cooperative, compassionate angels.  Women good, men bad.  And women insist on being the center of attention with their brightly-colored clothing, noisy shoes, and choking perfumes.  Another example of NarciSisteric is the superiority involved with women telling men how to behave, or how to be men.  Women would never let men define them.

Lace Curtain—this is an old phrase but needs repeating.  The lace curtain refers to the censoring and blocking of men’s perspectives and opinions.  Women own the media and any men’s observations that do not agree with women’s or feminism’s are strictly forbidden.  So all articles on gender issues must be written by women.  Any panels on news or interview shows discussing gender issues must be composed of all women.  Any college speakers (men or women) who do not tow the feminist line are shouted down.  The lace curtain says that men’s opinions are not wanted, not valid, and not acceptable.  This results in people adopting a totally one-sided, biased, and distorted version of the truth concerning gender issues.

PackHers—it seems that women must do everything in packs.  They must all go to the powder room together and then complain that it was too crowded.  A woman can’t go to a bar unless six of her ugliest friends come along.  Women can’t seem to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment unless dozens of other women do too.  They can’t join #MeToo unless thousands of other women do too.  They also must join together in women’s political, professional, and social organizations.  Perhaps, this is why so few of them can think and do for themselves.  (It is odd that so many women’s groups have formed while women simultaneously have demanded that all men’s groups end.  Women say that men’s groups are sexist and instruct and promote the dominance of men over women.  This is pure projection.)

Jane—a prostitute.  All women are “Janes.”  Men who partake of prostitution have been nick-named “Johns.”  This is a very common man’s name, implying that all men are Johns.  But, of course, all women are prostitutes to some degree, also.  If a man wants to have sex with a women, he must pay for it somehow—drinks, dinners, movies, jewelery, flowers, gifts, marriage licenses, etc.  All women are Janes.  Also, consider that many women dress like hookers nowadays.  My local road known for its streetwalkers is not far from a high school.  I swear, when I drive down the road, I can’t tell the hookers from the high school girls.  They dress the same.  I’ll be lost if the hookers start carrying books.

Idol IX—this is the concept that all enforcement of Title IX is for the protection of women only, who we must idolize.  Even though Title IX is supposed to enforce gender equality for both men and women, it appears that it is only used to protect women.  For example, for the most part, women make up the majority of participants in all college extra-cirricular activities except one, athletics.  And, surprise, athletics is the only extra-cirricular activity in which the Feds enforce quotas, even though women have less interest in sports than men.  Also, consider the very strange justifications for using Title IX to force colleges to sponsor kangaroo courts that expel men accused of sexual abuse.

Talk Sick Masculinity—this is the very sexist and misandrist concept that masculinity is toxic.  It has become a very popular pastime to talk sick about men and masculinity.  We even have colleges sponsoring extremely sexist and hateful courses and seminars for men that talk sick about men.  These courses and seminars are basically feminist indoctrination or re-education camps.  They also exist on top of Women’s Studies courses and Women’s Programs that have long talked-sick about men to women.  Where is Title IX?

InTrudy—this is the female version of manspreading.  Women have lots of stuff—purses, shopping bags, makeup kits, extra coats, extra clothes, phones, tablets, etc.  Women often need extra room for these things.  So Trudy takes up two seats on the bus, with one for all of her junk, intruding on other passengers.  I recall a camping trip that included four women, another man, and me.  Six people.  The group campsite included three double-long picnic tables under the shelter—the equivalent of one table for each of us, right?  Wrong.  After the women unloaded all of their cooking gear and table service and food and coolers and assorted junk, I had to cook and eat my meals on a nearby log.

Well, there’s my quick list of “vaginulary.”  As I look over the words, some of them do not look that petty—some are quite serious and consequential.

Perhaps, you can add more words to the list.

James Jackson writes the “Self-Indulgent and Delusional” blog found at

national coalition for men


…and FeMEism and WoMEN StuDIEs…

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