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NCFM Adviser Charles E. Corry Ph.D., F.G.S.A., Radical Feminism — Flotsam and Jetsam From the Past 50 Years

June 4, 2018

radical feminism

NCFM NOTE: Dr. Corry’s 18 page history of radical feminism offers a terrifying view of past, present and future destruction. Be prepared to learn things about the USA you never imagined could happen.


For nearly two decades the Equal Justice Foundation has been pointing out that under current laws a man has to be functionally insane to marry, and a drooling idiot to sire a child. It seems redundant to state that no modern nation can long survive under such conditions.

Here are some of the reasons why this is true. It is past time to take a look at some of the flotsam and jetsam of these feminist-inspired “laws.” I speak of domestic violence and abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, child abuse, harassment, no fault divorce, child support, paternity fraud, manspreading, among others. All of these “laws” are so broadly written and ill-defined that virtually every human action or interaction can be found to somehow violate them.

And these “laws” do not define a “crime” in the conventional sense of the word. Instead, whether the accused is guilty of one of these “crimes” is almost entirely dependent on the emotions and feelings of the “victim.” For example, is it “domestic violence” or a lovers quarrel? Is it “rape,” or morning after remorse? Is it “harassment,” or simply a
disagreeable email? And so on…

With few exceptions, only heterosexual males and Christians (see Baskerville, pp. 216-257) are guilty of these “crimes,” which now include such things as a man sitting on a subway with his legs spread too far apart.

Worse, hearsay is often admitted as evidence, perjury is virtually never prosecuted. Due process, as well as presumption of innocence are quaint artifacts of the past.

In the process feminists, and the useful idiot legislators who kowtow to their demands in order to “protect the children,” “make it safe for women,” “stop rape,” among other agitprop so well known and developed by tyrants in the 20th Century.

Ultimately, feminist ideology is fatal to civilization and, with it, most females. But feminists of my acquaintance are too often narcissistic and self centered to care about the future. Fortunately, these viragos seldom reproduce, and when they do it is virtually always as a single mother, or in a lesbian couple, so their children are quite unlikely
to have the education and drive necessary to sustain this totalitarian movement over time.

However, while the feminist movement is running its course, the flotsam and jetsam in their wake continues to build in the form of destroyed men, children, families, and the women who depend on them.

A brief history

Over the past twenty years the Equal Justice Foundation has compiled a large number of articles by both men and women. These sad stories describe the progressive destruction of the Constitutional Republic provided us by the Founding Fathers, i.e., “dead white males” in feminist parlance, in order to bring us today’s socialist paradise.

Recently Prof. Stephen Baskerville has summarized and comprehensively referenced this destruction in
his book The New Politics of Sex. Interested readers should either review his work for further details; or the many articles, statistics, stories, and reviews compiled by the Equal Justice Foundation concerning these injustices.

Read the rest here: 

national coalition for menRadical Feminism — Flotsam and Jetsam From the Past 50 Years





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7 Responses to NCFM Adviser Charles E. Corry Ph.D., F.G.S.A., Radical Feminism — Flotsam and Jetsam From the Past 50 Years

  1. Janet on June 4, 2021 at 11:57 PM

    I would like to say first that I agree 100% on the feminist movement destroying America and Americans. By destroying “American Men” you destroy America. Just as by destroying American children, or American women you destroy America. But THAT IS THE GOAL! A nation won’t survive and thrive without any of those three. And we all know what kind of trouble America is in today….. But I do not agree or appreciate the way this article comes off like domestic violence doesn’t happen and/or that it isn’t perpetrated more often by men than women. Not to say that there are not a substantial number of moment that perpetrate. This rouse of false allegations also flows both ways as well. I personally have been arrested and had to defend myself against false allegations of domestic violence by former partners that DID ABUSE ME. In both cases there was physical aggression against me, my arrest and dismissal of the charges in court due to the truth coming to light. I refused to make statements against the male partner to police and they lied about my behavior in both cases. This is not a rare situation. I believe in the family unit the way God intended. And that the man, the woman, and children are equally relavant. I believe that a man bullying women because they physically can is unacceptable just as women bullying men because it’s MORE UNACCEPTABLE FOR MEN THAN WOMEN TO PHYSICALLY ABUSE IS BULLSHIT AS WELL. JUST BECAUSE SOME WOMEN ABUSE THESE PROTECTIONS FROM VIOLENCE DOESNT MEAN MEN DON’T AS WELL ABUSE THEM OR ABUSE IN GENERAL. I AM PRO AMERICAN FATHER, BROTHER, SON (I HAVE THREE).

    • NCFM on June 7, 2021 at 10:06 AM

      Correct. Domestic violence is not gender specific.

  2. Randy on February 26, 2019 at 12:09 AM

    Can we use the term “Toxic Feminism” to simplify the aforementioned narrative that clearly depicts real abuse of our legal system, by primarily Fem-Sexist women?

    • NCFM on February 26, 2019 at 12:19 PM

      Works for us! In fact, we should be using it as often as possible to overcome the counter imbalance of “toxic Masculinity.”

      • Randy on February 26, 2019 at 1:55 PM

        Here is a copy/paste directly from the US MILITARY Veterans Affairs portal that Male Servicemen are not supposed to see, this info is labeled “Women Veterans.” ~ Toxic Feminisim sure seems like a serious problem in our military ranks too! Ouch, can you find a way to screw someone over, based on the following?

        The U.S. Veterans Affairs References the following hashtag: #STOPivp (Enjoy 2019 USA)

        Intimate Partner Violence: Let VA Help.

        Intimate partner violence (IPV), which is often called domestic violence, occurs when a current or former intimate partner (e.g., boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse) harms, threatens to harm, or stalks their partner. While domestic violence does include IPV, it refers to any violence that occurs in the home. Domestic violence includes child abuse, elder abuse, and other forms of interpersonal abuse. IPV refers specifically to violence between intimate partners. IPV can happen to anyone. It can happen no matter your age, income, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, or disability.
        IPV is prevalent among women Veterans, active duty women, and women living in the U.S. overall. One third of women Veterans experience IPV in their lifetime compared to less than a quarter of civilian women. Women who have experienced IPV may have short and long-term health effects. They may experience short-term health effects such as physical injuries like stab wounds or broken bones or sexually transmitted infections. They may also experience long-term health effects such as obesity; problems with their heart, stomach, or digestive systems; difficulties with pregnancies; chronic pain; and other stress-related difficulties such as headaches. They may also experience mental health issues such as depression, substance abuse, posttraumatic stress disorder, and thoughts of hurting themselves.
        Emotional IPV is when a person tries to hurt his/her partner’s self-worth. It is common for emotional IPV to begin before the other types of IPV. Examples include:
        • Name calling
        • Controlling your money or spending
        • Keeping you from friends and family
        • Bullying
        • Stalking
        • Putting you down
        • Controlling where you go/what you wear
        • Trying to manipulate your actions
        • Embarrassing you in front of others to prove a point
        • Saying you are “crazy” or “worthless”
        Physical IPV is when a person tries to hurt his/her partner by using physical force. Examples include:
        • Hitting
        • Shoving
        • Punching
        • Hair-pulling
        • Choking
        • Slapping
        • Biting
        • Kicking
        • Restraining
        • Pinching
        • Using force in any way that intimidates
        Sexual IPV occurs when a person forces or tries to convince his/her partner to engage in sexual activities when the other partner does not want to or is unable to consent. Someone may not be able to consent if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
        Stalking occurs when a person frequently or continuously contacts, follows, talks to, or sends things to his/her partner when the other partner does not want them to do these things. Examples include:
        • Knowing your daily schedule
        • Showing up at places you go
        • Sending mail, e-mail, texts, or pictures
        • Calling or texting repeatedly
        • Contacting you or posting about you on social networking sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
        • Creating a website about you
        • Sending gifts
        • Tracking you via GPS devices in your phone or car
        • Gaining access to your email or social networking accounts
        • Using force in any way that intimidates
        • Monitoring your online behavior or cell phone communication (texts and phone calls)
        Threats of violence are ways to cause fear through words, actions, or weapons to harm the partner, their possessions, their pets, or their loved ones.
        Ask yourself these questions:
        Has your partner:
        • Emotionally mistreated you (e.g., called you names, tried to embarrass, or intimidate you)?
        • Tried to control where you go, who you talk to, what you can wear, or what you can do?
        • Told you that you are “crazy” or “worthless”?
        • Stolen or tried to control your money?
        • Looked at you or acted in ways that scare you?
        • Threatened you, your possessions, your pets, or loved ones?
        • Physically hurt you or tried to hurt you?
        • Forced you to engage in sexual activities?
        • Threatened to commit suicide or kill you if you left them?

        If you answer yes to any of the questions above or identify with any of the behaviors detailed above, VA can help.
        Some people experience only one of these forms of violence while others may experience more than one. IPV can be a single event or can last for many years. No matter what, no one deserves to be treated this way.

        Additional Resources:

        Women’s Health Brochure
        The National Domestic Violence Hotline
        Domestic Shelters
        Futures Without Violence
        Battered Women’s Justice Project
        Danger Assessment
        Domestic Violence Awareness Project
        National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence
        GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project
        DOJ Office on Violence Against Women
        Futures Without Violence DV Day Toolkit
        Click to Empower, Freedom from Financial Abuse
        Military OneSource Child Abuse and Domestic Abuse

        • NCFM on February 27, 2019 at 10:37 AM

          Amazing…we’ll post it on our Facebook page. Thank you.

          • Randy on February 27, 2019 at 12:18 PM

            Now that the U.S. Armed force adapted the “Victim-Shield-Law” policy for any one of the items listed above, men serving in the U.S. Armed Forces are in an extremely hostile work environment (I feel it could be considered Sexual Harassment, because Men are taught in separate, non-coed, hours-long “Diversity & Sensitivity Classes” taught by sexist female commanders, while similarly situated female soldiers are ordered to the Commissaries to do a little shopping, as was the case in my unit. Harassed simply based on these service-members being identified as a person of the male sex. I am almost 100% certain, Male service members have been lectured to death about how easy it is today for the Gov’t to lock men up, with the recent changes in UCMJ law. Male soldiers must know damn well that any accusation has an EPIC chance of becoming a court martial and conviction, which would immediately end their career, not to mention a 10 – 50 year Leavenworth sentence, and possible Federal Civil Commitment upon their eventual release from prison. Dang, doesn’t the Bill of Rights guarantee anything anymore? All I can say is, these 2019 male soldiers best walk with their heads facing down to the ground (unlike past pride-filled warriors), not look at one single female solder, and hope to God female soldiers haven’t read that huge list of things “The VA can Help”(women) with! Dang I’m glad I got out of the military in 2007.

            I honestly feel sorry for the men who serve our country these days…they have NO RIGHTS at all now. They do have the last-right to commit suicide I guess. These brave men are the victimms of a sexist system that their fathers, fathers never had to deal with, it is Sad !

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