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NCFM Files Complaint with Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General, Asks for Investigation of Army Doctor Jennifer Pena, the Source of False Allegations of Admiral Ronny Jackson

June 4, 2018

NCFM has filed a complaint (click link to read) requesting an investigation of Army doctor, Dr. Jennifer Pena (we believe her rank was Captain), the physician to Vice President Mike Pence.  It has since been learned since the filing of the complaint, that Dr. Pena has resigned from her position on the White House medical staff.


penaOur complaint includes reputable news sources reporting that Dr. Pena made disturbing, if not false, allegations against Navy Admiral Ronny Jackson, the physician to Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump.  The allegations caused him to remove himself from consideration to become the next Secretary of the much-beleaguered Veterans Administration health care system.

Those news sources report that Dr. Pena bypassed the normal military chain of penacommand and took her allegations to members of the legislature, primarily Senator Jon Tester of Montana.  Tester then leaked the salacious and unverified allegations to news media sources.  The intense negative media coverage was enough for Admiral Jackson to remove himself from consideration.

It appears Dr. Pena was jealous of Admiral Jackson, and that she had previously been the subject of an investigation for sexual assault, filing a false sexual harassment allegation against a male colleague and for federal prescription fraud.  We wonder if the gender roles were reversed, would the outcome have been different.

News reports also reveal that the Secret Service conducted inquiries as to Pena’s claims and found no wrongdoing on the part of Admiral Jackson.

Over the years, NCFM has investigated hundreds of false allegations of all types.  In this example and if true, it would mean that the retaliatory and vindictive actions of ONE woman, and the vindictive and politically motivated actions of ONE legislator may negatively affect the health care of approximately eight million servicemen and about 800,000 service women, aside from wrongly besmirching the reputation of Admiral Jackson, and disrupting his family.

False allegations adversely affect millions of people every year.  Not just the falsely accused, but their families and friends, and in this case, perhaps the health and well being of approximately nine million veterans, both men and women. Moreover, in worse case scenarios death by suicide.

If a fair inquiry is convened and the false allegations proven, such egregious conduct must result in Pena’s expulsion from the Army as well as the expulsion of Tester from the U.S. Senate.  They may be subject to criminal indictment as well as civil liability.

False allegations are completely out of control and as this example illustrates, they come in all forms from the most unlikely places. Dr. Pena was Vice President Pence’s physician.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of false accusers face no sanctions, not even when the allegations are proven false.

Dr. Pena and Senator Tester’s actions are appalling.

Please, if you feel the same way, write your representatives, attach a copy of our letter to the DOD, and demand an inquiry and applicable sanctions. Perhaps some legislators, who ignore these problems or are asleep behind the wheel, may start to realize their constituencies demand action, before others take action at the voting booth.


Sources: .

national coalition for men

NCFM Files Complaint with Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General, Asks for Investigation of Army Doctor Jennifer Pena, the Source of False Allegations of Admiral Ronny Jackson



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