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NCFM Member Tim Patten, Stop Aggressive Women and Avoid Domestic Violence

November 12, 2018

domestic violence

Clinical Psychologist’s and researchers have identified the poisonous behavior of aggressive women who resort to verbal assault through gossip, innuendo and character assassination used against other female friends and coworkers. But when women become verbally aggressive against the man, she is falling in love with or dating, the cultural equation is toppled and the relationship reels towards becoming dysfunctional. Female aggression can cause long-lasting harm and even lead to death to you and other young men, regardless of race, background or position on the gender binary.

In fact, when the toxicity of female aggression interacts with healthy masculinity, it often triggers an explosive reaction that can undermine your search for romance and love, especially if you have not learned how to overcome it. As Phillip Calvin McGraw, popularly known as Dr. Phil, the well-known American television personality, author and psychologist recommends; if you do not elevate your relationship out of this situation, you may eventually spiral into darkness and despair, and even have your life placed in jeopardy.

The fact is, while most men have at least some familiarity with physical altercations, including punching, slugging, and other such threats, few have been trained to fight back against the weapons used by women’s aggression and their verbal assaults. But men can learn.

Unfortunately, if any man were to so much as mention female aggression, in the politically correct world we live in, it usually gets mangled and misconstrued. It is not viewed as something that needs sorting but is viewed as a criticism and an attack on women. More often than not, your efforts to cope with the widely recognized threat of female belligerence will be labeled as misogyny, and as blatantly sexist.

This is not a great cultural value. If you said, for example, that soldiers should not be taught certain ways of defending themselves because some of these tactics might be discriminatory, most reasonable people would probably be responding by saying, you are being ridiculous. But when it comes to helping men deal with the bad behavior exhibited by members of the opposite sex, an altogether different logic applies. Society is apathetic.

In other words, even though research – like that featured at the British Psychological Society’s Division of Forensic Psychology annual conference in Glasgow – demonstrates that women are more likely to be verbally aggressive toward their partners than men, any effort to address this issue is dismissed as sexist. Because of this, men are left dangerously vulnerable and unable to navigate such situations.

But a growing number of individuals, including clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson, are increasingly willing to speak out, despite attempts to keep the issue under wraps. In a recent video interview with Anne McElvoy, Senior Editor at The Economist, Dr. Peterson went into great detail about the nonphysical but nevertheless aggressive actions that women regularly engage in. With the cover of political correctness blown away, Ms. McElvoy was visibly shaken by the realities he brought to light.

Like many people in our anti-male world, Ms. McElvoy might also have been shocked to learn about the extent to which females exhibit dangerous behavior towards men. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), women are to blame in 55% of homicides stemming from intimate partner violence and a recent Harvard study said that 70% of domestic violence is initiated by women. Despite this, feminist organizations and society at large tend to focus almost exclusively on men as the aggressor of domestic violence, ignoring or discriminating against victims of verbal female aggression who happen to be male.

Modern Romance

If you are like most young men, you’ve probably been attracted by the outer appearance of women– flashy painted faces, false eyelashes, and glossy hair extensions. At some point – and maybe even recently – you have spent or are spending a considerable amount of time and money seeking female friendship. Sooner or later, though, friendships become mesmerized by her manipulations and you begin to feel helplessly in love. You date her and yes, you encounter the ecstatic physical intimacy. Eventually, you are in a monogamous relationship, in what might seem like a dream at first.

Then one day, something shocking happens. Suddenly, she starts ranting, hurling abuse in your direction. She screams, “I can’t believe you did this to me! You call yourself a man! You’re just a child! I hate you! I’m done!” As a man, you’ve been taught – or, perhaps, learned the hard way – that you can’t say a word back, or else you’ll find her ratcheting up the volume and attacking you with a slew of morally righteous arguments, such as “You don’t know how to treat a woman!”

At that point, you realize that she is no longer the person you fell in love with – she is unrecognizable. You go silent and breathlessly consider every word you said or everything you did that day or sometime earlier that might have initiated this fit of rage. Your pulse races, wondering what you should do now. You cannot simply treat her like a man – you know if you fight back as you should, you will suffer any number of consequences, and you will invariably be seen by all as the bad oppressive and violent male.

If you are like a great many men, you will feel like you have little choice but to succumb and accept your lot in life. You hunch your shoulders and become a prisoner, a drone worker to her the all-powerful “queen bee.” She has relegated you to “disposable” status, knowing full well that others are lining up to take your spot. Not surprisingly, you feel vulnerable as well. You realize that anything you say will be used against you and that you are destined to lose any argument you might have with her. Your heart stops and you draw your limbs in like a frightened puppy who only wants to escape. Finally, you simply do your best to get through it, hoping that the hostilities end and your feelings of anxiety and dread will go away.

Possible Result of Female Aggression

Unfortunately, this kind of aggressive behavior is probably indicating a rocky roadmap for any relationship moving forward, including if it leads to marriage and children that come along. Heed this “red flag” as a call to action to avoid violence that may lay ahead. Female aggression will not just lead to your own emotional or health-related problems. Based on FBI statistics, nearly 500 husbands are killed by their wives each year, while over 4,000 infants annually suffer a similar fate.

Research suggests that these nonphysical assaults often set the stage for physical violence. Dr. Penny A. Leisring, a clinical psychologist, has found that nonstop haranguing can push a man to the breaking point. You may become violent and suffer societies consequences.

Furthermore, should you marry her and have children, but the marriage ends in a split-up; surveys show us that nearly 20,000 divorced fathers commit suicide each year.

Take Responsibility

To avoid such a fate, you need to be responsible, take a leadership role and make a change. Whether you are already in a committed relationship with her or risk being in one soon, you need to step back and consider where things may be heading. Female aggression represents a crucial life moment and the choices you make at this point will have consequences for your future for a very long time. It is true that her outburst will end, and sex is likely to return to the relationship, but male biology and the promise of what can only be described as a sexual addiction cannot be your only guide.

Instead, it is time to reach deep inside and harness your natural masculinity to make a plan that leads you away from this harmful relationship. Seek safety and freedom. You must place your hands firmly on the steering wheel and guide your life towards autonomy and healthy relationships.

To begin with, you must draw boundaries that aggressive women can never disrespect again and eradicate any thoughts of winning back the love and trust of someone who has abused you. You should ignore the natural urge to comfort her injured emotions. You must move firmly forward – by getting away.

To reach a better place, and to experience freedom and genuine joy, you must sever all ties with such toxic individuals. You must build walls and completely block this person from being part of your life, in the flesh or online, directly or indirectly. Unless you end all contact and interactions with her, you risk having her destroy your life.


Life has never been better for men and to make the most of your opportunities, you need to straighten your spine and critically evaluate your relationships with women. There is no hurry to marry so be al that symbolizes good and fully engage with life, meeting others. Integrate the lessons you learn from each person you meet in order to shape your future with the virtues of masculinity you inherited from your ancestors, which is responsibility, strength, willpower, and action. Over the centuries, these attributes have lifted millions out of poverty, created great civilizations, and inspired mind-boggling innovations.

After a short break from women – and, perhaps, discussions with those who can guide you along the way, including a life coach or those you’ll find at Men Going Their Own Way discussion sites. Men have no political or advanced education support but can straightforwardly learn from each other. Make your journey an adventure, explore the world and discover what makes you ‘tick’. Soon you will look forward to finding a great life teammate. There are women in this world that you can definitely partner with. Understand that there is someone who you will love and they will love you in return.

However, to choose correctly, you will need to make sure you remain fully cognizant of your vulnerabilities and the potentially deadly allure of the merely physical, sexual attraction and making poor choices. Only by knowing the person you with, can you shape the life you truly deserve.

About the Author

Tim Patten’s latest book Masculinity Is Our Future is also available in audio format. He has published the handy investment guide: MGTOW, Building Wealth and Power. And MGTOW Why I Cheat– 11 campfire stories for men’s ears only. All his books and articles are a celebration of masculinity and pay homage to the modern men’s liberation movement.

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NCFM Member Tim Patten, Stop Aggressive Women and Avoid Domestic Violence

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3 Responses to NCFM Member Tim Patten, Stop Aggressive Women and Avoid Domestic Violence

  1. Bryan Scandrett on November 15, 2018 at 12:01 PM

    “Because of this, men are left dangerously vulnerable and unable to navigate such situations.”
    On the flip side, no women at all are being taught to navigate personal responsibility.
    Just try and hold a woman accountable for any single thing.
    They simply cannot and will not accept it.
    The conversation is a two sided rant with her twisting every word back at you to say how you are victimizing her with your attack.
    Happened to me just last night.
    You can observe this more and more in the media as more and more men try to hold women to the same standard as men.
    Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm is a good example.
    His opening statement to Senator Sarah Hanson-Young in response to blatant man hate was just such and action and immediately she attacked him as a misogynist and threatened to sue him for workplace bullying.
    No such case existes in the realms of sane minds but not once did she ever accept responsibility for her misandry.
    She isn’t capable of it. She, like all women it would seem, to have no experience with it at all.
    Nor do they want any.
    Which is something they need to take responsibility for.

  2. Steve on November 13, 2018 at 3:25 PM

    Divorcing my abusive wife – after lots of effort to make it work – was, strangely, a huge accomplishment for me that today I am very proud of. I am so much happier. I got out before we had kids. After getting out of the fog of the abusive relationship, I studied up on what the hell was going on between us. I discovered she ticks most of the boxes for Borderline Personality Disorder. She was violent, dishonest, self-centered, and lacked empathy for me.

    • NCFM on November 13, 2018 at 6:16 PM

      Female BPD’s are like pissed off wolverines on steroids. And, they can never be trusted and seldom cured. Their fate and those who are engulfed by it are generally doomed…

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