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NCFM wrongful paternity case plaintiff Marcus Valdez thanks NCFM!

January 23, 2019

NCFM NOTE: This was NCFM’s first official victory as a law firm. If interested in the court decision see NCFM just won its first case as a law firm! County of San Diego v. M.V. – about wrongful paternity and child support arrears .

You are very welcome Mr. Valdez… and all who may benefit in the future from this work and Mr. Valdez’s determination to prevail. Thank you too NCFM VP and attorney Marc Angelucci, and all of you who support NCFM – you keep us afloat so things like this can happen. It’s your victory too.


My name is Marcus Valdez.

I’ve been dealing with a family law case- County of San Diego vs. M.V since 2013 that actually started in 2001 . This case was a very complicated case with unique circumstances.

The mother of the child (which I am not the biological father , that 2 DNA test proved) filed for an assessment of arrears in 2016. The court granted her this but gave me a chance to file my own motion cause I let the court know she closed the case in 2001 and had garnishments stop and the county did as she wished.

In 2017 the trial court ruled in my favor and stopped any collection of arrears. Which would have been over $83,000. The other party appealed. My Attorney at that time did not practice in appeals nor could I afford it even if he did. So he suggested I go speak with Harry Crouch at NCFM.

So I did and he told he would review the case and let his attorney review it. About a week went by and the NCFM called me and said they would take on the case pro bono.

Marc Angelucci was the attorney who would work on the case. NCFM has been such a Blessing to my family very helpful, honest, and professional.

I’m very happy to say on January 8,2019 Marc Angelucci called me to say all three appeals court judges ruled in our favor and the trail courts decision was upheld!

I pray the NCFM will be able to continue to help people like me in these very stressful situations.

Very Thankful!

national coalition for men

NCFM wrongful paternity case plaintiff Marcus Valdez thanks NCFM!

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One Response to NCFM wrongful paternity case plaintiff Marcus Valdez thanks NCFM!

  1. Marc on January 23, 2019 at 5:28 PM

    We are honored to have taken the case, Marcos!

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