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June 20, 2019


The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is not only unconstitutional, it is one of the worse pieces of legislation ever passed by Congress. It deserves blame for a horrific increase in the misuse of restraining orders which are now given out like Halloween candy, the destruction and disenfranchisement of tens of thousands of wrongly accused men, denying tens of thousands of children the benefit of a loving father in Orwellian (even Kafkaesque) family court proceedings, the erosion of due process, driving an untold number of men to suicide, and financing misandrist government and nonprofit agencies, institutions and programs, including supporting radical feminist ideologies.

Three years before President Clinton signed Biden’s VAWA bill into law Erin Pizzey, founder of the first women refuge in the UK, explained in David Thomas’ book Not Guilty: the Case in Defense of Men (1993) the reason the women’s movement resists recognizing abused men:

“There’s a lot of money in hating men, particularly in the United States–millions of dollars. It isn’t a politically good idea to threaten the huge budgets for women’s refuges by saying that some of the women who go into them aren’t total victims.  Anyway, the activists aren’t there to help women come to terms with what’s happening in their lives. They’re there to fund their budgets, their conferences, their traveling abroad, and their statements against men” (Thomas, pp. 186-87)

Vice-President Biden takes credit for being the father of VAWA. You can read more about it here, Biden Babble and the Dancing Fool.

On April 19, 2019, in the United State District Court for the District of Columbia, Steve Chang,, (302) 930-0998, Gordon Smith, and others filed a comprehensive Federal class action lawsuit against VAWA, which is much needed and long overdue.  (#:1:19-cv-01241-TSC).  Click here to read the Brief.

There are tens of thousands of men, women, children and families who have had their lives devastated by VAWA and the laws it spawned. If you are one of them, if you’ve been victimized, click here for an easy to understand and complete one page “Personal ‘MeToo’ Statement,” which when completed and submitted as shown, allows you to become a plaintiff and join the Class Action.

Just print it out, sign, mail to the address supplied and you can join the lawsuit!

Contact Steve if you have questions or want additional information.

Steve, Gordon and others have worked diligently over several years and at considerable expense to make sure this lawsuit happens. As said earlier, the lawsuit is long overdue. If you can, please help. More Personal ‘MeToo’ Statements strengthens the case.

national coalition for men


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  1. Randy on July 15, 2019 at 4:05 AM

    A self-proclaimed “Activist-Feminist” California family law judge (female) signed a TRO style restraining order against me based on an incident that occurred 18 years prior. My mother used an old incident to request a contemporary TRO, amazingly, it was granted by the female judge without any notice to me. The old incident was instigated by my mother who got drunk and abusive with myself and other family members; but my mom just always blamed us (her family) of “Elder Abuse” and DV; she fell down hard chasing people around our property. Strangely, the judge did not care about the age of that incident, she issued an immediate TRO, after my mother had just hours before “kidnapped” my son from my home. I was not even the aggressor in either situation, old or the newest matter, my mom was the only aggressor. It was a vague as to time “incident” used as if it occurred two days ago, the TRO order should NEVER have been issued. It was issued for one reason only, a feminist judge granted it to an older woman by way of pure misandry. Honestly, when I was served, I thought it was a total joke. The TRO order was requested by my mother even though it was her who kept taking my son without my permission, she had just did it again. I told my mom to stop “Freaking Me Out” because I hate not being asked before she would just come and take my 6 y/o boy from my home, without notice. I tried to explain Troxel vs. Granville to my mother and to the police, but the cops had the “Charles Manson vs. Mother Teresa Syndrome” I was Charlie…my mom, mother Mary. The cops had no concern when they violated my rights (simply for being male) and they detained me. I was merely trying to get my son back. I have full Custody of my son, I always have had full custody; but being a person with a penis, I was taken to jail wrongfully. Perhaps, just to screw with me, I guess? I filed ex parte and was able to get the whole thing dropped, but it cost me $6,000.00 dollars in legal fees plus $2500 in bail. (+3 Printer Cartridges and a full Ream of paper)

    Thankfully, I dodged losing all my freedoms (DV = Loss of Rights, Guns, Jobs, etc.), and won the case only because I had researched and discovered the female judge was a “man-hater” who was “Known” by fathers throughout our county as a “no-win” judge. So I filed for a new judge; and this toxic female judge would NOT leave the case. By the grace of God, I was however able to trick that feminist female judge. I overheard at the clerks desk this judge was going on vacation and I begged the court clerk to put my case on the calendar at a date when that Toxic Feminist Judge was on vacation. The court clerk gave me the date I asked for (rare).

    The new judge was pissed off that I had been taken into jail custody when it was clear as hell that the grand-parent (my mother) was taking my kids whenever she felt like it even after she had been told not to several times; and standing up to confront her, and protecting my child were NOT reasons to arrest me. As mentioned , an 18 year old incident was the basis for the whole restraining order (TRO)… which I DID violate without conflict; because I knew the TRO was issued unlawfully by a Man-Hater judge. (I don’t care about any TRO, my son and his safety are very important to me, far more important than fear of going to jail). So, yea, I violated the order in good faith, merely to get my son back. I did not even speak with my mother that day, I just took my son and left her home and I went back to my home. I was arrested the next day. Bias? You bet. I again tried to explain to the cops the TRO was unlawfully issued, they said in California (VAWA) we “Must Arrest” regardless of the circumstances.

    Sometimes men just have to go to jail to enact some change in our misandry soaked legal system. I ALWAYS do what’s best for my children…the new judge (male) was so appalled that a father was taken to jail for trying to protect his son from an abusive grandmother that he suggested he would write a letter to the bar. My mother has always been extremely abusive, screaming, yelling , hitting my son, hitting me, hitting my girlfriends, threatening my wife, belittling my current wife, taking my other kids without permission, and calling my kids stupid. I always would just brush it off as a “Mother being Mama Bear” and over-protective…but in reality this is/was Domestic Abuse, it just happened to be a female perpetrator(my mom), so even cops turned a blind-eye (The Cops would joke about her aggression saying things like, “If Mamma ain’t Happy, Nobody Happy, huh?”). My mother was only slightly abusive to me when I was a boy, but she beat the shit out of my sisters. So I know how mean she can be to people she dislikes. My mother was empowered by the feminist movement, she was indoctrinated by feminism. She feels feminism is a green-light to slap, punch and berate people. My father left her before I was 2 years old (any guess why he left?). Unfortunately…the judge denied my respondent request for a restraining order against my mother, even after the evidence showed she was crazy abusive. A dozen witnesses testified against her, including past renters who she threw out on the street without as much as a 24 hour notice. The judge said, “Work it out with your Mom.” Had this been reversed male/female roles, I would never had been granted a TRO against my mother…even though the facts could easily be supported by 12 witnesses testifying about her crazy aggressive behavior.

    I love my mom…but she is a feminist who thinks the entire legal system was made just for her personal use and to abuse people she is upset with. Ironically, she may actually be correct in her beliefs of our legal system because its bias without bounds.

    I had and still have full-custody of my son. I no longer allow any of my four children to be around my mom…it’s very sad. I’m out $8,500.00 in legal fees, lost work and bail agent fees. How embarrassing, I was the victim the entire time, from TRO to Jail to Court fees to being saved by a real judge, not feminist. That feminist judge did not listen to my side of the story, at first and only hearing that she was able to get my side…and she never would have! I might have lost my son to my mom had I not got a new judge! Yea, scary stuff… I’m a basass Dad. My kids would be sad if I lost them.

    I will join this lawsuit, my pathetic family law case was Toxic Feminism at its worst.

    Sadly enough, being in California, I had another case from when my wife got totally drunk and I tried to stop her from driving a car while she was wasted-drunk. Yup, the cops tried calling me the primary aggressor in this case too. Which I kinda was…I simply was not going to allow my wife to drive and possibly kill someone. I was sober which was the only reason I was not taken to jail; had I drank a few beers…that would have been jail time for DV because my wife fought like a crazed bull to get to her car (she was bruised up); all just so she could drive to the store and buy more booze. Bias? Yes, in California it’s a disgustingly bias system against males, it’s dangerous to be a man in California. For example: I was denied a concealed weapons permit because of the second case…even though I was never charged, let alone convicted of anything! So, it has affected my life in a negative way, all I was doing in both of these cases was being a man who “protects” my children, and others from hurting themselves or hurting others. Yes…disgusting. I will fight with any MEN’S MOVEMENT, I am ready to MARCH THE CAPITOLS WITH A PICKET SIGN. Thanks NCFM you are saving civilization as we knew it…

  2. Kevin Robert Hayden on June 21, 2019 at 2:37 PM

    My ex-wife Leslie Etherington Hayden falsely accused me of abuse got a Restraining Order against me. I am a good father but ex’s lawyers encourage false acccusations. She has a hitting issue herself really. I haven’t worked a day from the divorce until now. 12/12/2006. I asked her to pay me back at my last Microsoft rate. No dollars. ever. her Family Law Lawyer said that was abuse to ask for money.

    • NCFM on June 22, 2019 at 10:10 AM

      Please file the petition to become a co-plaintiff. Call us to discuss you situation if you like. 619-231-1909.

      • Vnc on June 14, 2020 at 3:37 PM

        Will follow.

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