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NCFM Adviser Gordon E. Finley, PhD., Narratives aren’t science

July 24, 2019


NCFM NOTE: How does junk science relate to men’s issues, women studies, domestic violence statistics, sexual assault data and false accusations? Think about it…

By THE WASHINGTON TIMES – – Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Of the many tragedies that have befallen our society in recent decades, in my view the one that most imperils our future is the replacement of society’s reverence for science and the scientific method with the progressives reverence for their own self-generated narratives — which are but words ungrounded in reality (“In defiance of science,” Web, July 19).

Were America to return to a reverence for science, the scientific method and technology, America would have a bright and prosperous future for ourselves and for the world. Should we continue with our reverence for political correctness, identity politics and kowtowing to “social justice warriors,” Antifa and its ilk, our future will be nothing but a rabbit hole of self-destruction.

Narratives are but words sans the required backbone of accomplishment, reality and truth required for advancement.

In words and deeds, the choice should be clear.


Professor of psychology emeritus

Florida International University


national coalition for men

NCFM Adviser Gordon E. Finley, PhD., Narratives aren’t science

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