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NCFM Win for Jerry Cox, false accuser denied and more political antics in Mariposa County

August 2, 2019

For those of you following Jerry’s situation you know that it involves several legal cases, including one involving Ashley Harris, the woman who over two years ago falsely accused Jerry of sexual assault. Her allegations cost Jerry $50,000 for a bail bond to get out of jail, his reputation, his business and facilitated subsequent assaults by Mariposa County against Jerry, including the ongoing outrageous effort to legally steal his over 400 acre ranch and business.

Jerry Cox

Ashley Harris

It took several weeks to track down Ms. Harris and serve her documents about a law suit filed against her, which a Mariposa County judge later prevented from continuing. In retaliation, she then filed for a restraining order against Jerry. She was granted a temporary restraining order which went to trial last week in San Louis O’bispo. She lost. We have ordered transcripts of the trial and will post them here after we get a copy. Apparently, Ashley was caught in one lie after another. The female judge was unimpressed if not appalled and denied Ashley’s request! It’s doubtful a male judge would have had the same courage, especially the ones in Mariposa County. Congratulations go to Jerry, his friends who testified on his behalf and NCFM attorney Marc Angelucci for the win! How rare is that? It’s like…well, a judge holding a female false accuser accountable. We’re still in shock…

Here’s a link to videos of Ashley being served for the lawsuit, one of Jerry’s witnesses explaining how Ashley’s accusations could not possibly be true, and the Mariposa County District Attorney explaining that Ashley lied:

That victory could hugely impact other related cases, including the lawsuits  on Jerry’s behalf since Ashley’s lies adversely influenced various actions or lack of proper action by Mariposa County officials.

Mariposa County Board of Supervisors. Merlin Jones is far right.

Additionally, it appears that yet  another Mariposa County Supervisor, Merlin Jones, may be inappropriately, if not illegally,  involved behind the scenes in Jerry’s case. We’ve heard that Jones may be one of the local politicos and public officials who regularly meet at a local cafe along with judges and county government officials, including their attorneys. One has to wonder if such meetings violate the Brown Act (open meetings). It’s hard to believe that while swilling coffee and picking pastry crumbs off their neckties they don’t discuss situations like Jerry Cox, which of course may be illegal on a number of fronts. Here’s what Nicole W. Little, publisher and Greg Little, editor of the Mariposa Gazette say about Jones after he publicly lambasted the Mr. Little and the newspaper…

He accused us of being lazy when it comes to the case of Jerry Cox, the local landowner who has a pending case against him — brought by Mariposa County. Should a supervisor who is a public servant of the county be publicly talking about such a case? We wonder what Mariposa County Counsel Steve Dahlem thinks of this tactic. Could it taint the case? Could it show bias? Jones claims we won’t even get the case file of the Cox case. We have a binder three inches thick with information from the court about the Cox case. Is Jones also calling his own county counsel lazy, as well, because Dahlem has been in the courtroom just as much as we have during almost every hearing that has happened.

Does Jones have more information on the Cox case that has not been revealed? Maybe Cox’s attorneys should call Jones to the stand to enlighten the public — and the courts.

Good suggestion. I’m sure Jerry’s attorneys including those from NCFM will be asking Jones and others a number of questions when they are deposed under oath. See you in court Mr. Jones. You can read more about it here:

national coalition for men

NCFM Win for Jerry Cox, false accuser denied and more political antics in Mariposa County


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