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NCFM Member Chris Christensen sends blistering letter to DA who refused to prosecute a false accuser

November 16, 2019

false accusations

NCFM NOTE: The Daily Wire posted the article Kansas Prosecutors To Drop False Rape Charges For Fear Real Victims Won’t Come Forward. Long time NCFM member Chris Christensen wrote the following letter to the prosecutor who apparently thinks ideological claptrap trumps the rule of law. Her name is not released. She is free to abuse at will. We encourage all who read this to step up like Mr. Christensen and send a similar letter to the DA in Laurence, Kansas. His snail-mail address is below. Be civil. Thank you Chris for stepping up and sending you letter.


November 13, 2019

District Attorney Charles Branson
111 East 11th Street
Lawrence, Kansas 66044

RE: Your recent decision not to prosecute a female guilty of false accusation for rape.

Mr. Branson:

I am writing to you today to express my extreme unhappiness, disgust and shock regarding your recent decision not to prosecute a female for the horrible crime of lying about being raped.

Tragically men today in the United States, and other places as well, are under serious attack. Men are being persecuted, marginalized, diminished, ridiculed and maligned. Their special needs, concerns and considerations are virtually ignored at every level of society. Male suicide rates are sky-rocketing, men commit suicide at over 5 to 1 over women. And a big reason for male suicide, I might add, is being falsely accused of rape.

False accusation against men today is rampant and out of control. Because of destructive and prejudiced movements such as #METOO the United States has become a witch hunt society and men on every level are forced to live in an atmosphere of fear and suspicion. This has had many ramifications including a reluctance by employers to hire female staff because of all the potential trouble this can well bring. Men have become very leery about dating and even having any communication at all with women. Marriage rates are falling rapidly because men see that marriage is very bad deal for them. Men are consistently dealt with unfairly in biased and gynocentric divorce and family courts. They are frequently “divorce-raped” and destroyed financially. So, with all this movements like MGTOW are sky-rocketing.

Given this information your decision is particular tragic, disconcerting and disgusting. The act of rape is a heinous crime but the act of falsely accusing someone of it is equally heinous! Your decision sends a strong message that lying about this most evil crime is okay and permissible. You claim that persecuting a lying false rape accuser sends a message to actual victims of rape that they will not be taken seriously. I really doubt that, Charles, as we live in a blatant, paranoid, gynocentric, female-dominated society and enough people are brainwashed into believing a rape accusation with no evidence whatsoever. Your ruling is particularly troubling considering the wanton, careless, vindictive and cavalier attitude in which she made the accusation.

What about the victims of lies and perjury? When false accusation is proved the penalties are nothing more than a slap on the hand considering the damage that this can do. I believe the average time a women serves is two or three years whereas a man convicted of rape can spend anywhere from twenty years to the rest of this life. I don’t call this fair at all! I wonder in making this decision if you considered the victim at all, Charles? Did you consider how his life could be completely ruined? Did you consider how that even if his innocence is proved he has the stain of accusation on him, perhaps for life? Basically the perpetrator of this sickening crime got off scot free thanks to you. Because she was not dealt justice in this life I certainly hope she will get justice in the next. It’s my hope that her victim will take her to Civil court and extract a large financial penalty from her that will teach her an indelible lesson. Given this careless, biased, gynocentric and sexist decision, Mr. Branson, I would seriously question your abilities, judgement and intelligence as District Attorney.

Where is the justice for the victim?

I am originally from Nebraska and I have many family members residing in that state. I hope to move back to the Midwest soon as life in Los Angeles is becoming increasingly difficult. However, since Kansas does not seem to care about its men I will never consider moving to your state.

I am enclosing an article from the Daily Wire which I hope you will read that summarizes much of what I’ve said and makes addition points.

Most Sincerely,

Chris L. Christensen

national coalition for men

NCFM Member Chris Christensen sends blistering letter to DA who refused to prosecute a false accuser

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3 Responses to NCFM Member Chris Christensen sends blistering letter to DA who refused to prosecute a false accuser

  1. Dave Lewallen on November 18, 2019 at 4:13 PM

    Great letter Chris. It amazes me, how they are more concerned about hypothetical “victims” than real victims of false accusations.

  2. Phillip O Connor on November 18, 2019 at 2:02 AM

    If you think that is bad let me tell you a true case that happened in 1991 and the victim lied just so she could date a younger boy who was or is a drunk and a Drug pusher. My X filed 7 false charges against me and I finely decided I had enough, I left at 4 o’clock in the morning and took a bus to Oakland and didnt know what I was going to do but then I decided to apply for general assistant even though I have a Bank account.
    I found a place to to live for 22 days thanks to the county and looked around for more assistants. Well my X wasn’t too smart and she didnt know where I was and it drove har nuts. I kept a record of my activities and places plus times, so when it came time for her crap I have proof so she cant accuse me of anything like rape.! Well she did and I wasn’t around period, I never crossed back over the Bridge to her town but yet she files False charges against me but she made a mistake she didn’t get a Rape kite test,
    I figured out why but my dump truck attorney was appointed by the court and he let the DA throw me in prison under the False Rape accusation but in California your screwed! In 1990 they didn’t have the #METOO movement . So I did 5 years but in California you do half time so I did 21/2 years, but after I got out I did my homework on the computer and found out that I was RailRoaded into prison by the DA and the public Defender. In my County. Solano county during an election year does whatever it takes to see that the DA and the Public Defenders office put more people in prison even if they are innocent.!
    They threaten victims like the police in one town called Benicia they have a Cop there that threatens women like tell them if they don’t file charges they will take their kid away or throw them in jail under drug charges and they the victims or so called victims which they arent and the men are innocent of the charges. In my case I was innocent but she was threatened by the Detective on the case and he told her she have her son taken away and first off she had always been afraid of the police since she was little.
    Now I have proof that she lied and the cop was demoted to patrolman but our Governor is a JackASS and stupid he pardoned 3 Illegals which is really stupid!! I for one think he should get off his Butt and do his job instead of kissing ideologue ass!!

  3. Chris on November 17, 2019 at 9:53 AM

    About time false accusers are held accountable. I sincerely hope that the victim here goes after civil action. If every victim of false accusation did this , a clear message would be sent to the failing ideologically influenced judicial system. What happened to the impartial justice system ?

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