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NCFM Dear Mr. Manners, Satan was a feminist, which way is it?

November 15, 2019

Dear Reader:


Mr. Manners

Some misguided people believe that in religion, a male Satan, has been characterized as the one responsible for the evil in the world. Feminism taught us that it is Eve (Adam’s main squeeze) who shoulders the blame. This thus has become a tenet of mainstream thought. Actually, Romans 5:19 says: “through the disobedience of the one man (Adam), the many were made sinners.”  Fortunately, other feminist ‘s such as Naomi Wolf, have clarified the matter. She observed, that in Greek mythology Pandora opened the box that let out all evil into the world. This thus proving that evil has been blamed on women.

Clearly, Satan the creator of evil in Christianity with its over two billion followers worldwide, is insignificant when compared with the zero adherents of Greek mythology, from over five centuries before Christ. It is also not relevant that Pandora’s actions were out of curiosity and Satan’s acts were pure evil. Plus, one might notice that Satan’s dental hygiene could be improved. Also inconsequential, is that few want to spend their life in the place where Satan resides, but for some reason inexplicable to Mr. Manners, many men say they would not mind getting into the beautiful Pandora’s Box.

However, there is an interesting point here that Wolf seemed to have missed. Wolf educated us that what happened in Greek mythology is more relevant to us today than modern Christianity.  In addition, feminists have also taught us that God being portrayed as male is sexist. Pandora is one of many Greek Goddesses. Doesn’t that mean then that not only have we been taught there is a female God, we have in fact been taught that in fact there are numerous female God’s?

However, let’s not be too hard on Wolf. Remember the Pandora (hell) she was given when she said   that 150,000 women died of anorexia each year. True, she was off by over 149,000, but why quibble? The criticism of this error obscured the larger point she was making.  Wolf noted a “certain resemblance” to the Holocaust, however in anorexia, “the emaciated bodies (were) starved not by nature but by men.”

The fact that anorexia is caused by men can be documented by simply watching any fashion show. In these shows, the audience made up almost entirely of heterosexual men, decide what women should wear.  Is it any wonder then that women’s fashion  emulates the male fantasy, Kate Moss minus 15% body fat?  However, men’s magazines still don’t get it.  “Sports Illustrated” continues to put fleshier women on their cover and “Playboy” the same in their centerfold.

Dear Mr. Manners.

I am confused. Feminist’s say all the time, as Naomi Wolf implied, in our sexist society women suffer because they dress to please men. However, when women wear suggestive clothes at work, they tell us, it has nothing to do with men. It is about women’s fashion.

This same conundrum occurs outside the workplace, where sexual harassment laws don’t apply.  For example, a feminist explained why women choose pantyhose that men don’t find appealing. She observed: “A reasonable point, if women dressed for men. We don’t. We dress for other women.” 1. In another instance a feminist agreed with the statement that women wear high heels because they are “pathetically desperate to appear sexier to men.” 2.  But then, who said all feminist’s need to agree with each other? While the first example is from feminist Gina Barreca in a conversation with Gene Weingarten.  The second example is from Gina Barreca in a conversation with Gene Weingarten.

Here is something else that is perplexing.  In the “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit issue, women are paid money to wear bathing suits. Feminists complain this is exploiting women as sex objects.  Yet when women pay for these same bathing suits and wear them on the beach, feminist are fine with it. In this case they explain, the choice of bathing suits has nothing to do with sex? Apparently, women simply wear these same small efficient bathing suits to enhance their aquatic skills. However, misguided sexist men claim women wearing these bathing suits has something to do with attracting men.  What am I missing?

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                               Confused.

Dear Defused:

Who are you to decide what you find sexual alluring about women? That’s for women to decide. In the best cases it  is decided by feminist’s you never met.  Are you implying, that beauty (and therefore sexy) is in the eyes of the beholder? What could be more chauvinist than allowing men to have opinions on such matters?


  1. Gene Weingarten’s column with Gina Barreca, in the Washington Post. Dec 13th 2013.
  2. Gene Weingarten’s column with Gina Barreca in the Washington Post Dec 19th 2014.

In case you are wondering, this is satire.

national coalition for men

NCFM Dear Mr. Manners, Satan was a feminist, which way is it?




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