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NCFM Member Jim Jackson, “Women for SoAndSo” no “Men for Anyone” presidential campaigns

February 26, 2020

presidential campaigns

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of “Women for SoAndSo” signs at campaign rallies. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen any “Men for SoAndSo” signs. So I decided to investigate this sexism. I checked the official websites of the major candidates to find all of the gender specific merchandise available. I found lots of women’s stuff but little for men. (There is some “Latinos For Trump” merchandise, but I suspect they mean “Latinos” as a general term and not as gender specific. Warren’s campaign covered all bases with “Latinas With Warren,” “Latinos With Warren,” and “Latinx With Warren.”

Here is the list of women-specific merchandise from the campaign websites. I found nothing on the Sanders and Klobuchar sites. (Also, oddly I found a lot of LGBTQ products on all sites, but little for men.)

Are any of the candidates interested in getting men’s votes?


“Women For Biden” T-shirts


“Women’s Rights” T-shirts, buttons

“No More Gender Inequality” tote bags, stickers, t-shirts

“Our Voice, Our Choice” with Female sign   t-shirts

“Women For Mike” t-shirts, buttons

“Wage War on Wage Gaps” t-shirts


“Women’s Reproductive Freedom is an American Right” T-shirts

“Women for Pete” caps






“Women For Trump” caps, T-shirts, bumper stickers, signs, buttons


“Value the Work of Black Women” T-shirts

“I’m Running for President Because That’s What Girls Do” T-shirts

“Running for President. That’s What Girls Do” T-shirts

“Women With Warren” posters, T-shirts, tote bags

“Nevertheless We Persist” T-shirts, hoodies

“Black Women With Warren” T-shirts

“Latinas With Warren” T-shirts

“Persist” mugs

national coalition for men

NCFM Member Jim Jackson, “Women for SoAndSo” no “Men for Anyone” presidential campaigns

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One Response to NCFM Member Jim Jackson, “Women for SoAndSo” no “Men for Anyone” presidential campaigns

  1. Mark Sutton on February 26, 2020 at 1:27 PM

    Great article and thanks for doing that research. You are exactly right — men make up just under half of voters, why are we not cared about?

    You will also notice that most candidates sites, mailings, as well as that of the major parties, has a women’s issues section. No such section for men, and I think we need to change that.

    It is time for ALL candidates to be accountable to men’s issues!

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