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NCFM Adviser Francis Baumli, A Dirty Diaper is an Equal Opportunity Employer (or) The Beginnings of Potty Parity and the National Coalition For Men

May 8, 2020

dirty diaperOn October 7, 2016 President Obama signed into law the BABIES ACT (Bathrooms Accessible in Every Situation) which required diaper changing tables in all publicly accessible Federal buildings, with numerous exceptions.

Thirty years earlier, a judgement was officially filed in United States District Court that caused the Syracuse, New York airport to include diaper changing tables accessible to men. Other airports and businesses fearing expensive litigation began following suit.

NCFM adviser Francis Baumli, PhD and NCFM founding member Tom Williamson were two of three people primarily responsible for causing the judgement and sparking a global movement to include diaper changing tables accessible to fathers in various public and private buildings, including airports.

The Coalition of Free Men, Inc. (still our legal name, DBA National Coalition For Men and NCFM) managed the funds to hire attorney Karen DeCrow former President of the National Organization for Women to help convince the city of Syracuse to include the diaper changing tables.

Truly, A Dirty Diaper is an Equal Opportunity Employer, is thoroughly explained in an accompanying small book by the same name by Francis Baumli, PhD, or The Beginnings of Potty Parity and the National Coalition For Men, which you can read here: Potty Parity

The work shows how Mr. Baumli, a single father who often traveled for work with his toddler daughter became frustrated by having to change her diapers on the filthy airport floors with no privacy while mothers often had very comfortable if not luxurious sitting rooms with diaper changing tables and sundries.

The first 50 pages sets the stage and explains the relationships between various men issue groups, the main players and how they interacted to arrive at a point to hire an attorney to help champion their cause. It is well worth the read.

Laying the groundwork for the lawsuit and all that entailed begins on page 51 and there is an excellent summation near the end.

This is another example of NCFM’s work that has positively changed culture and society. Another example of how our commitment to end discrimination against boys, men, their families, and the women who love them is changing the world in the best interests of all of us.

Diaper changing tables may not be a glamorous topic, but at one time or another all of us needed one, especially when we are out and about with our infants and toddlers.

When you see a diaper changing table in a men’s room, please give a brief thanks to NCFM, especially if you are a father carrying a diaper bag. You can take it a step further by becoming an NCFM member and donating, which you can do by clicking on the Donate or Join button to the right of this article. Thanks, and may you never run out of fresh diapers…

It is a guess, but Obama had two daughters. Maybe he had to change a diaper or two on an airport floor. No matter, though I wager he did not know he should thank NCFM in large part for the opportunity to sign the BABIES ACT.

Mr. Baumli’s book is well worth the read, especially for any advocate interested in learning how to cause constructive cultural and societal change. Thank you, Mr. Baumli.

Harry Crouch, President NCFM


national coalition for men

NCFM Adviser Francis Baumli, A Dirty Diaper is an Equal Opportunity Employer (or) The Beginnings of Potty Parity and the National Coalition For Men

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