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NCFM Member Jerry Cox case update, false accuser Ashley Harris ordered to pay attorney fees

June 13, 2020

ashley harrisNCFM NOTE: Mariposa Gazette Editor Greg Little says below, “It might be a small victory, but it is a victory nonetheless…” True, but from our perspective the victory is much bigger. There may be other such cases where a female false accuser was ordered to pay attorney fees but we are not aware of any. If you know of any such cases please leave a comment and tell us about them. We pursued this not because the attorney fees are important but because we strongly believe false accusers should be prosecuted, but they seldom are. We include a larger version of the picture posted in the Gazette as a warning to other men who may be attracted to her. She is still free to abuse at will…

Jerry Cox gets small victory in case involving rape accuser



It might be a small victory, but it is a victory nonetheless.

The woman who accused former Mariposa County landowner Jerry Cox of rape has now been ordered to pay part of his lawyer fees in another matter.

That matter comes out of San Luis Obispo County, where Cox prevailed last year in a rest raining order case involving Ashley Harris. Harris is the woman who accused Cox of holding her against her will and raping her repeatedly.

Four- teen felony charges were filed against Cox by former Mariposa County District Attorney Tom Cooke. However, after almost two years, Cooke suddenly dropped the case, only saying he could not prove it in court.

Yet Harris persisted in her legal pursuit of Cox, filing a restraining order against him in San Luis Obispo County, where she lives. She sought a five-year restraining order against Cox, saying he was a danger to her well being.

But Harris’ case was rebuked by San Luis Obispo County Judge Erin M. Childs, who said she was not believable.

“She was an evasive witness,” said Childs in her ruling. “She would not answer questions directly.”

The rape charges date back to 2015, when Harris was staying at the Bison Creek Ranch which was then owned by Cox. Cox said he meet Harris on the dating site.

During the hearing last year, several witnesses told the court that Cox did not rape Harris. They said Cox treated her with respect and saw no indications of him holding her hostage or raping the woman.

Cox told the judge he had intentionally stayed away from his own ranch for several days because he was told by others that Harris was saying she had been raped before. However, Cox did come back to the ranch and took Harris to dinner at Castillo’s restaurant in Mariposa. He said when they came back to the ranch, Harris was visiting with other people staying there and he felt things were normal.

Harris claimed it was that night in which Cox held her captive and raped her at the ranch. All of the other witnesses said they did not believe that was the case.

Eventually, Harris left the ranch with another woman who was staying there. Harris told the court she and the woman went “straight” to the office of the California Highway Patrol where Harris told an officer she was raped.

But the friend, Darlene Windham, told the court they actually first went to a local bar where they drank beer. It was after that she said they went to the CHP office.

After being at the CHP office, officers from the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office were given the case because it was alleged to have happened in the county. Eventually, statements were taken by the local officers and that is what led to the 14 felony charges against Cox. Those charges could have landed him in prison for the rest of his life.

It took two more years before Cooke would drop the case. Though not confirmed, it has been reported by several sources that Cooke attempted to get officials in other jurisdictions to take over the case but to no avail.

During all of this, Mariposa County officials also pursued a major case against Cox and his property, which was 435 acres located in the Mt. Bullion area. Cox has lost his property in the receivership case, though his attorneys are continuing to battle the county on several fronts — including in federal court. So far, the case remains active in the federal court.

In the restraining order case, the judge said Cox “has suffered a cataclysmic blow to his income due to his relationship and resulting litigation” with Harris.

But the judge also said there were discrepancies in the report of fees submitted by Cox’s attorney, Marc Angelucci. The judge said “at a minimum” the fees were $2,000 but possibly “up to $23,630.”

Judge Childs also cited Harris’ “ability to pay due to her disability.” The nature of the disability was not included in the court filing.

In the end, the judge ordered Harris to pay $2,000 in monthly installments of $100 until it is paid off. Those payments begin July 1 and interest will be charged for late payments.

NCFM Member Jerry Cox case update, false accuser Ashley Harris ordered to pay attorney fees

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5 Responses to NCFM Member Jerry Cox case update, false accuser Ashley Harris ordered to pay attorney fees

  1. William Snow Hume on September 6, 2021 at 12:12 PM

    I would very much like to know, whether or not Mr. COX is a veteran of the United States armed forces, and if so, whether he ever served in the so-called “War on Terror”.
    I ask this, because I monitor a variety of unusual public events in which certain veterans are “targeted”. In this case, I see some parallels between the COX case and the situation of former Missouri Governor ERIC GREITENS.

    To a much lesser extent, I also monitor events that cause reputational damage to public figures and wealthy persons, often with impacts upon third parties. Needless to say, the TREVOR BAUER case — another “rough sex” case — had an impact on the Dodgers, and the impact might have been enough to affect the financial affairs of “brokers” in the “sports betting industry”.

    In none of the foregoing cases was there a civil suit, whereby the female “fictim” attempted to “shake down” the target for money. And that points to the existence of third parties who are “programming” the women to act as “honey pots”, so to speak.

    I would very much appreciate an answer to my question, about Mr. COX. He is welcome to contact me directly at my email address. WSH

    • NCFM on September 7, 2021 at 5:25 AM

      Jerry may or may not see your request.

  2. BG Davis on July 21, 2020 at 5:14 PM

    This case, and so many others like it, are a result of the “princess” status of women in the US. (This in turn derives from medieval chivalric notions of women as intrinsically better than men, semi-goddesses for whom knights were expected to fight and die. It is reinforced by Victorian notions of women as “the fair sex”: delicate creatures who deserved to be supported and coddled by men.) The effect has been to generate a poorly-concealed contempt for men in general, and a sociopathic willingness to use the courts to destroy them on a whim. The excesses of the ‘me too’ movement are a symptom of this. The notion that women have been oppressed is a clever scam designed to enable this sort of false charge, among other things. (Remember that ‘women’s lib’ was becoming vocal and visible at precisely the time when 50,000 US men were being killed in Vietnam and countless others wounded, maimed and crippled. The callous arrogance of the women’s movement of that period was a good indicator of the lack of humanity, compassion and sincerity.)

  3. salesh Prasad Mishra on July 14, 2020 at 2:03 AM

    This is a small stepping stone for men all over and their families.
    This also is the key to saving Western Civilization. If not the Legal system.

    These people smile while they destroy our lives. Openly mock us for trying to seek justice for the wrongs they knowingly committed en fervor.

    I don’t want my Children to go through this. And I hope more men support NCFM, and work to support themselves as well.

    We are hated men. Since we are the men that won’t give up. And care too much. And they hate people who have not lost what made this world great.

    Never let injustice roam free. Where there is one, many will follow. Its time MEN break that cycle for good.

  4. Richard J. Castine on June 14, 2020 at 11:43 AM

    I was convicted of sexual assault. while in prison, I passed three polygraph tests dening the charges against me. I have not been allowed to get the reports for theses test. I was told they are property of the prison sex offender program. How can I get these reports?

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